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10/20/03 12:43 - ID#28533


So this weekend I made the plunge and decided to stay in Fredonia for over 24 hours. Craziness. Well anyway i found my way there suprisingly well without getting lost at all. That is until I got to the campus becasue I was supposed to meet MK at the outdoor amphitheater. It took me about a half hour to find it and i seriusly wondered the entire cmapus like walked off the campus and back , it was insane. But I foudn it eventually without anyone's help which felt good. Then we went to Wendy's where I discovered they have a Chicken Club. I never knew they had that. What craziness. I love bacon! It is my lifeblood. Well in actuality it is prolly preventing my lifeblood from pumping through my overly clogged arteries but htat is why they have prescription drugs right? Well after Wendy's MK had another class so i had a little over an hour to myself again so I decided I was going to go read in the amphitheater. On the way I saw Carly, and we talked for a little while, what are the chances of just happeining to run into her, pretty slim i would say so that was kinda crdazy. THen I decided to call Jen cuz she had called me and I heard a whopper of a story from her..

It turns out her friend at RIT is a crazy sex maniac who like i won't get into the details here but she basically had sex with her b/f and his roomate well his roomate was more of an outside contributor. I don't know but it was craziness but very funny. Also, Jen probaly got the job at Walden Books. Congrats JEN!!! And her and Gordon are more friends now then stalker/stalkee so that is good! She isn't seeing Tom anymore though, well she sees him but not in the we get action kinda way.

So back to Fredonia. I went by MK's class/rehearsal but they were facing the other direction so noone saw me. I walked around some more and then went back to the amphitheater to read and wait. Well i am liek the only person around and all of a sudden I hear a camera taking some pictures. I turn around and some kid was taking a picture, I believe of me. But they left. I don't why they were doing that. I was looking pretty collegiate though sitting there reading outside. Maybe it was for a brochure or something like that. Or maybe they juts thought i was incredibly hot. Or maybe they were taking a picture of some buidling, and not me but I would like to think it was me. So anyway then MK gets out of class and we go back to her room and I met her roomate Julie who was really nice and quite a tlaker. I think she takled for the entire lke half hour she was getting ready cuz swhe was going back to Buffalo for the night cuz she had a test in buffalo for teachign or something on saturdya. Anyway she left and then MK had to go practice. So I had another hour by myslef but this time I had AIM at least cuz I was in MK's room. So i talked to some people including MK's wants it to be her boyfriend guy. I pretended to be MK and sent him some Adina Howard Freak Like Me lyrics. BUt i think he found out it was me. Then MK got back and we wnet to dinner where on the way we met up with Chirs. It was craziness cuz we also saw the devil aka brad who i hate more than anyon ein the world. It annoys me though cuz generally people don't hate him and don't' udnerstand why I hate him. But after Brad walked away I was like "I hate that kid" , and Chris said he hates him too! How cool is that! Noone ever says that, so that was exciting that someone shared my hatred! I had a baked potato wiht cheese and brocolli for dinner but it wasn't that good cuz the cheese wasn't really melty which was sad, cuz unmelty cheesy is like the worst thing that could happen to a person.

Well after dinner me and MK's sister anne sat and talked for like fifteen minutes before we had to go meet her paretns before the concert MK was in. I was not super looking forward to the concert but it ended up being really cool. The concert was this group called the Swingle Singers. They do they the instrumental of songs but like with singing an

h do classical music and current music and all kinds of stuff. It was really neat and then MK's choir thing joined them for two songs. Oh by the way at intermission i went to use the bathroom and we all know I am not a heavy user of public restrooms cuz they gross me out, well anyway , there was a line! DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? A LINE AT THE MEN'S ROOM! CRAZINESS!!! I think it was mostly because the concert was filled with mainly older men and women, like seriusly the average viewer's age was prolly about 58 and that was only because me and anne helped bring it down with our youthfulness.Anyway i guess old men pee slow or something but that wasn't the wrost part after a while and realizing all these people were cutiting my in line i realized I was just standing behind two old guys who were tlaking and not in line so i had actually not been in line most of the time. Craziness.

Well after the concert everyone in chamber singers was in love with the Swingle Singers who were really good and were mostly younger like in their 20's and 30's i think. Well everyone really loved Tom, who was i bleieve a tenor and only 24 and considering half the chmaber singer guys are gay both all the guys and girls loved him. I felt a little out of place among all these chambers people because they are all quite a tight group and sing and i don't , well not well, and stuff but they were nice. I felt so wrong for not caring about the Swingle Singers that much even though they were good. Well MK got Tom's signature and she was happy.

Then some drama ensued because the Swingle Singers were going to hang out at some bar where you had to be 21. So we went to this girl's LIndsey apartment to see what was going on. And it turns out their conductor Dr. Lange i belive was his name had gotten the whole top floor of the bar so everyoen could go. At this point I was not really looking forward to spending the entire night with MK's chamber singers and their obsession with swingles but it ended up being pretty fun. I felt bad though because I was sitting right across from Tom which was prime seating and I could care less. But eh it happens. Oh and I totally called that he likes girls like a half hour before he mentioned it, quite to the dismay of Pat. Well at like 1:30 or :40, they decided to move on to BJ's which is a bar down the street from where we were. But you have to be 21 but lindsey works there and was suppsed to be able to sneak us in the back. Oh I almost forgot, this annoying girl I beilve her name was Carline like moved in next to Tom and stole him from conversation for the rest of the night and he was so not interested in what she said, possibly because at one point she aske dif the brititsh guards really don't ever move. Yes, i'm sure he had never been asked that before. Oh the swingle singers are from europe, mostly england with some germany and israel i belive. I mean i'm not saying I asked the most intelligent questions, at one point asking "do you have to wait for someone to die to get in since there are always only 8 members?". Well anyway Tom decided not to go to BJS but Jo one of the girl Swingles did, she was really cool. Anyway we didn't end upe ven getting in because lindsey couldn't get to the back door to let us in. So me and MK and pat went back to the school. Me and MK then just hung out in her room for the rest of the night i think. We took some crazy quizzes online including "are you an ass monkey and your blue nippples have traveled to japan?" Needless to say Mk wasn't one of those. OH i forgot, i said the dumbest thing ever. On the way out of the building where the conert was there was like this huge white wall of another buidling across form us but i didn't realize it was a wall and i said "OH MY GOD, it is so foggy out" and then i was like "oh wait , that is a wall" It was quite embarassing. After that Brad's paretns met MK"s but i stood a fair distance away wanting to distance myself from the parental units of Luciipher.

Sidenote, we went to Pat and Willy's ro
om so
l do M
K's hair. And willy is a harsh hairstyler but he gets the job done but anyway Pat was all like syaing his room was so messy when seriusly it wasn't especially after seeing MK's room. No offense MK. So anyway we went to bed aroudn 4:30 or 5 but i only slept like for 20 minutes here and there cuz I have a problem sleeping not in my own house and I ended up like really waking up and getting out of bed at 10 and had like at least like 2 hours before MK or anyone else woke up. But at least Jen and Jill were online for some parts of that time so I talked to them. And i was going to go shower since noone else was up and it would have taken some time but I forgot a towel and I coudn't find MK's cuz I didn't want to take one of her roomates. So then MK woke up and I showered but I used deep pore cleanser for my whole body basically becuase i remembered that even though I also forgot regular soap but eh it happens. It is surprising I forgot anything considering how much I packed. Mk thought it was a little excessive that I had three coats, three pairs of shoes and liek 6 tshirts and 3 or 4 long sleeve shirts for just staying one night. I guess it was a ilttle excessive but I didn't know what we would be doing or what I would need to wear to it. I slept in MK's bed and she slept in her roomie's since her roomie was gone. OH and the day befroe when i had an hour to kill while mk was in rehearsal I took like a million online quizzes and wrote down all the resutls. I remember i should be in Aladdin cuz I lie steal and cheat to get my way. My heart is yellow cuz i am not looking for love. I am a school girl in my sexual attitude in that I like to show my panties and giggle and check out ofther girls boobs in the lockerroom, i think that quiz was for girls but it didn't say so. Hmm what else, i don't remember.

So then on Saturday after showering and stuff we went to brunch with Mary and Randi. They are two of MK's suitemates. They are real nice and I had met them before. I had eggs and bacon and french toast sticks. Hmm i had bacon again. Maybe I eat too much bacon. Oh I also had a sald cuz they had a salad bar and I cannot resist a salad bar. They are heaven. You can put whatever you want on it in any quantity you want. It is pure heaven. In the cafeteria I saw the fourty year old man who lives in a suite in MK's old buiding. Why would you dorm when you are 40? After brunch me and MK fulfiled one of my life long dreams and went to the JCPenney's that is not in a mall that is a few minutes from her campus. I remember seeing it when I was coming home from somewhere when I was younger but noone believed me that there was a JCPenny's not in a mall. But there it was and we went in int. It was pure crazy life changing fulfilment. It was really small and hilarious and we spent a good five mminuets in it. Then we went to DandK and Big Lots. After that we went to Fashion BUg cuz MK needed a headband but couldn't find a good one there. Then we stopped at TOps for m ilk and I bought a roll cuz they looked good. Then we went back to her dorm and sat in her room and the online was down which was a little craziness. Pat is a freakin addict and hooked online wiht like thorugh the phone and reuglar aol cuz he coudln't waikt for it to be back up. Then some people came to her room and were looking at picutres form her Scotland trip! OMG I CANNOT LOOK AT THOSE PICTURES EVER AGAIN! WHY ARE THEY TAKING OVER MY LIFE! I HAVE SERIUOSLY SEEN THEM LIKE 56 TIMES!! Anyway then we went and watched About a Boy! and then I left to come home cuz I was supposed to go out to canada with katrina and amanda and some people for katrina's bday.

well on the way home i got so tired prolly since i only had like 2 hours of sleep. And it was dark and rainy and so i seriusly though about pulling into a rest stop and getting a motel room and taking a nap before continuing but it seemed a little ridiuclous since it was only a like 50 minute to like an hour ride. So i just kept on trucking. My windshield st
opped work
ing for a
well not
my windshield that was sitll intact but my windshield wipers. They just got tired or something and stopped working for a minute but then started working again. THis is the second time that has happend i should prolly have that checked out before it starts snowing. Eh , I'm lazy so we'll see.

Well I got home and was too tired to go out so I called katrina and told her i wasn't going but i felt really bad but there was no way i coudl make it through a night in canada. I took a nap for like an hour and then me and jill went to spot for some coffee. WE then picked up teres and went to JIm's Steakout but just teres bought food. Then i had them take me home cuz I was so tired. They were planning on having a huge fun crazy night and i didn't want to be a drag on that. Well it turned out they went to Pnk for like 15 minutes and the nTeres fell asleep and so they went home.

Today I went to Frisbees and bought a verve pipe cd and the New Radicals cd. I haven't listened to them yet but I hope they are good. Jill told me the Verve pipe will be a letdown but we'll see. I was thinking today that the movie Camp is good and people should see it. I also went to Vix today and there discounts are now 40-75% . I bought some tissues, chapstick and certs. and a bottle of water. The bills won today! WOOHOO!! it's about time they did some good.

Oh my gosh ,listen to this crazy story. This lady my mom knows, when her son was three while she was sleeping her son escaped fomr the crib and took oil, dish detergent and flour from the kitchen and spread it all over the floor all over the house so he could slide around. That's not all htough. He also threw all his dirty diapers, (this was in the days of reusable washable diapers) out their sixth story aparment building windowa nd also threw all the contents of his dad's wallet one by one out the window. What a crazy mofo of a kid huh? Well insanity. I guess he turned out ok in the long run thgouh.

Well I guesss this is all I have to say for now. it didn't get as long as I thought it would be. I hope that you all appreciate that I learned how to make paragraphs. Well i hope it works at least. Oh and I would appreciate if peole stopped spreading things about me that aren't necesarrily true. I'm not really going to detail that anymore. Ok chadios for now.
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10/06/03 01:01 - ID#28532

Tragedy for Fredonia

Lauren Miller, a sophomore at Fredonia College died this weekend in a car accident. While I never knew her, any friend of Marykate's must be a great person. It is terribly tragic for anyone so young to die. Please keep her in your prayers. To Everyone at Fredonia, especially Marykate, my heart goes out to you and while I know I can't possibly understand what you guys are going through, I'm thinking about you.
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09/28/03 11:23 - ID#28531

Gonna Update Even Though I Have Nothing

Oh my gosh! I love the song Have you ever seen the rain? It is really good. I had heard it before but forgot about it and then it was in some tv show today and it was so good!!! I am working steadily on my soap opera scripts so as soon as me and MK figure out a way to transfer stuff from my computer to hers and then onto a website, we will be the best online soap opera ever. And I can't wait to tape it. I'm always looking for actors/actresses. Well really who knows when I am going to tape but if/when I do, I will need lots of people. So I was thinking of taking this online journal in a new direction. I was thinking of being the gossip columnist. Sort of like the Dorothy Lucey of Good Day LIve but instead me and WWe'll see. I could keep everyone up to date on the latest celebrity happenings and local going ons. Hmm but for today I'll still keep it as about my ramblings. Last night me and Jill had a hankering for some Tully's but htey were closed due ot water damage or something. It was so crappy! I wanted it so bad. So then after debating where to go for like an hour we decided to go to Gabriel's Gate wehre there was another like half hour wait and then they sat us in the little table in a corner in the back. The waitress totally forgot aabout us and we didn't get our check for like six days. She proabably couldn't see us in the corner. But i did enjoy the free popcorn although they do have that at Tully's too. Then we went to Spot and I tried to get someone to go talk to the guy they love at a different coffee shop but they wouldn't. But that's ok cuz we all know I wouldn't talk to anyone either. THen on the ride to Hollywood Vdieo in complete silence we realized we had nothing to say. Like we had said everything there is to say. It was a little werid. But we still had fun, well i did, i'm not so sure jill did. I think she was quite not happy. And I told her she seemed not happy. And then when the cashier at Hollywood Video asked "how are you?" and most normal people give the customary ok or something liek that jill instead says "I'm fine but if you ask him, i need mental help". It made me look like an abusive b/f kinda. NOt that i'm abusive nor her b/f but i looked it. It was real classy looking. We rented some movie with Elijah wood, Mandy Moore and the girl from Run Lola Run. It was an ok movie, not too bad, not amzing but closer to good than bad. We were going to rent the Lizze McGuire and Amanda Bynes movie but decided that is when we are really desperate although secretly those are the movies we want to see most. I think this is the last entry where I talk about what me and JIll did the night before unless it is something exciting. I have prolly put most readers to sleep by now, well that is assuming anyone reads this.

Hmm what else.... I don't know what to do. I sometimes get these urges to just like scream and yell and just like clear the air on things but then I don't cuz I realize what will that gain me especially when I think like something has passed. But then it seems like it always comes up again later and if I could just have had it all out earlier i feel like it wouldn't come up again. If I just fully dealt with things then maybe I wouldn't have to relive them all the time. Who knows! Maybe it wouldn't do anything. I don't wnat anyone to read into that that I am mad at them, cuz that is not what it is. Grrr! I say Grrr a lot. Someone told me long ago, there's a calm before the storm, I know, its been coming for some time, when its over so they say it will rain a sunny day, I know, shining down like water, I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain? You know what today it was super raining for like five minutes while i had to be outside, it was insane.

So Bob, the pharmacist at work is leaving today. It is sad for two reasons. Well one is cuz he was a good pharmacist and they seem hard to come by lately. Secondly, he was part of my commun

ons project b/c we never have anything to say to each other really for some reason so part of my project was trying to have more conversation with him. But I guess that its too late now. Eh. The Bills lost in a terrible game today. People were coming into Eckerd during the game. What freakin losers. It was weird like one lady today told me that I was the most competent tech there and that she is so glad I work there, (and no this isn't the lady who told me if she were forty years younger we'd have a fling..ewww) and then like two customers later a lady told me she like gave me this rx to put on file and dtodl me this stuff last time i was there and that I had messed it all up and I was so bad. Hmm maybe she is crazy. That is what i think. There is generic paxil now. People are happy cuz they can get their happy drugs and for less now. Which makes them happy too. So I'm glad for them. Banana Rum is good. You should try it although I don't advocate drinking. I really want a JetCafe from Coffee & right now but they are prolly lcosed. That's too sad. Cuz i really want one. Also it is werid cuz I am there everyday and I don't want them to think I am a stalker or something. Although they prolly don't even notice I am there so much. IT's so funny that me and my friends always assume everyoen notices us and remembers us. Well actaully they prolly do b/c we always end up being loud and obnoxius and possible wrestling to the ground at the register. Whatev! I really want to read this book called Glitter something or other. No not the Mariah Carey movie, but a book about somle college students at OXford in england, It seemed interesante.

I saw the movie 13 at the movies the other day. It was crazy. When I was 13 the worst thing I did was light cigarettes on the kitchen stove and singe my friends eyebrows. These girls were crazy in the movie. And it is based on a real story sorta i think. Insanity.

I'm so sad that Vix is going out of business. I love that store!!! It is seriously heaven and OMG even biggere news they lowered the raised level of the Eastern Hills Mall food court. It is insane. That was what made it so cool!! Now where can we eat our abosorbant amounts of orange chicken from China Panda. Now we have to sit down low, like we're nobodies. Structure/Express is having a big sale and I recommend it. They had tons of stuff for $10. They say it is their biggest fall sale ever and I believe it cuz it is pretty big.

So Jen got a new roomate again. That is three rooms in three weeks. Insanity. Poor Jen. But at least she likes her roomates and they seem nice. She also has a stalker which is exciitng. Well not so much a stalker as a kid who likes her and follows her around and buys her stuff. You know what I just realized I only use the word kid to refer to boys usually not girls. If its a girl I'll say girl but if its a guy i'll say kid. Strange. Anyway, I can't wait to go visit Jen at crazy RIT. And i am going to Freodnia too soon hopefully. Craziness.

I keep buying cds like they are going out of style. Well actaully most of the ones I buy have gone out of style. Thank god for Frizby's used cd store on my corner. I bought Scream 2 sndtck., and MC Hammer cd, and a soul for real cd that has candyrain on it. Candyrain is an amazing song. I think the owner of Frisbee's definetely knows me as the kid who buys the cds noone else will and has the craziest collection. I also bought the Outkast cd this week. It was not so good. I may have already written about it, I don't remember. But i think they should not have made individual cds but stuck together instead. They are much better together than separate. Ok i guess I have written enough for this time, so i'll end with a line from whatever song is playing on my computer right now, "Hot Cha where are you? Everybody's eyes are closed, so hotcha where are you?"
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09/26/03 12:47 - ID#28530

Sideway Walk

So tonight me and Jill went to Coffee & , where they have the best drink in the world. It is a mocha Jet Cafe. The one worker introduced me to it when I was looking for a mocha shake and I am so glad he did b/c seriously it is the best drink ever and I am addicted and I recommend everyone go get it! After coffe & me and JIll sat in the car and sang the line "Too shy to shy hush hush eye to eye" over and over and over changes our vocies and our volume. It was just too much fun. The two guys Jill has a crsuh on were at Coffee & working which was good for her and I did my best to embarass her by saying their name out loud and doing the sideways walk. I'm not sure how often I am going to update this journal cuz I am losing interest a little bit. But we'll see
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10/14/03 02:25 - ID#28529

Time To Fill You All In

Well nothing too exciting is going on in my life but this weekend I went to Fredonia to visit MaryKate for a night. Me and JIll went and it was crazy because we didn't call her ahead of time and realized when we got there that we don't know where she lives on campus, abut as we pulled over in a parking lot to call her she happened to be walking by. What are the freakin chances of that. It was lucky we saw her there cuz she was on her way out for the night. What craziness. Then we hung out wiht some chamber singers. They had a cool thing called dance dance revolution or something like that where you cm pete dancing on these pads . I didn't do it but it looked liek a lot of fun. We got to meet MK's love interest. It is my goal in life to hook MK up. Well anywho i am prolly going back to Freodnia this weekend maybe unless MK is too busy to ever visit with me while I am there sinc eshe is always so busy. We'll see. And if i do go I won't leave until MK is hooked up. At Fredonia all of mk's friends say beast all the time n ow and it is annoying cuz Beast is teres's nickname so I always think they are talking about her. At Tim Hortons i met crazy whorish David and Pat's ex-b/f MinHo or soemthing like that. I like meeting all these people i have heard about even nif they do scare me a little. My unibrow is growing in nicely right now , i should prolly do something about that. Jill's boyfirend at Pano's is hitting on her more and mor eeveryday. He complemented her shoes the other day and gave her the heads up on the amvets sale that was today. Now that i think about it i don't think she went to the sale. She so let him down. Thats sad for him. NOw i would like to quote Reba "If you live with a man named Toast you are going to get the bong passed to you a lot" Classic friday night WB. The zach and kelly breakup just came on my computer. It is so sad. One of the saddest in tv history. I'll give you a brief synopsis "kelly what happend I thought you loved me" "I do love you zach, it wasn't supposed to be this way" then they dance and say some other things. It is very sad. I can't wait to have the SBTB dvds. Oh by the way they are coming out with the season 2 dvd of dawsons' creek in december. PHEW! I was so afraid they would not come up with the other seasons and i was not content havign only the first season on dvd. Yet i sitll do not have a dvd player. I really need to get on top of that. We have to make some videotapes. We are going to make one to send jesse and maureen. Then me and jill have to make a video to apply to win a trip to New Zealand for the premiere of Lord of the Rings III and getting to interview celebrities on the red carpet. HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE! I also decided i am going to send in a tape to try and get on Real World. I think it would be too much fuN! I would so tell everything about everyone in the confessional cuz i am kinda a gossip in case you didn't know. It looks like two new people signed up to have journals. One is named sebastian and one has no jname. I don' tknow who they are. This weekend is Katrina's bday , she is turning 20. She doesn't read this id on't belive but HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATRINA!
Today me and Jill went Vix shopping cuz they are going out of business. We hit up two vixes and i went to one earlier this morning. They had these cool animal head walking sticks at the Vix on Sheridan but they were still 5 dollars which is too much for me to pay for that. Hopefully we can wait it down unitl they are like 80 percent off. But they did have my favorite highlighters which i cannot find anywhere and they were 40% off which was nice. So i bought two and will prolly go back to buy more. I have to go meet my group at school for a project tomorrow. I don't really want to but i have no choihce. I have all these school things going on right now like major projcets and tests in every calss but i have no interest in doing any of them. So maybe i will fail. Driving by kenmore west today on my

Quality (another store that is closing, : ( ) to return bottles made me want to be a teacher again. I belong in a highschool setting, that is where I do my best work. Hmm i was going to ask patty for a raise yesterday at work but i got too nervous and didn't end up doing it. I have been having these werid shooting pains in my head lately. I hope they are nothing, i think it might be an ear infection starting or soemthing like that. So my copmuter is so dumb. The battery lasts like 30 minutes, i went to sit in my brother's drvieway to take advantage of his fast internet today but i decided to sit in the driveway since I have an airport thing so i don't need to actually plug my computer into the internet. I didn't want to bother them so i figured i could just download the song I wanted from my car in the driveway. Of course my computer died before that happened sinc emy computer is a cracked out lasts only 30 minutes wihtout being plugged in. Eh. Lately I am a little addicted to the song Everybody Hurts. It's good but sad. My friend Jen has a practical boyfriend, well he is practically her b/f well right now they just make out a lot but they are so going to date. His name is Tom. Teres is still dating Scott. She seems to like him and he seems nice enough from what I know of him. I really want some Surpass Antacid gum but i can't find it anywhere. I am afraid they don't make it anymore. That would be sad. It is seriusly my savior. My cousins wedding is next weekend and my parents are making me get her my own gift and i can't sign onto the family gift for the first time ever. I guess that comes with being 20. My Monday lunch crew has been torn to pieces. Nicole and Val and me met for lunch every monday at 1130 and they were best firends but now they are not and it is sad. ALthouigh I think they might make up and i hope so cuz they were best friends for like 10 years, you can't just end that in a day. But we'll see. I don't htink I will be going to lunch on modnays anymore cuz it would be awkward picking who to sit with or splitting my time between the two. I saw the movie Kill Bill the other day and it was really good except really bloody and violent and that is so not me. But i really want to see the sequel and stuff. It was done really coolely (that is totally not a word). I'm letting my facial hair grow a bit but i think i will shave it tomorrow. Most likely cuz i really don't like it. I need a hair cut too. I returned bottles today and made like 3 dollars but i spent a dollar on a lottery ticekt and a dollar on gummy bears so i only have a dollar left but still that is exciting. I am trying to spend less money so i can get an apartment next year with mk hopefully. I'm going to call maureen in england on wednesday. That should be fun. I hope she is doing better than she was before. I hope her roomates have gotten nicer. Well i guess this is all i have to say for now. So i'll write again some other time. Chadios
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09/22/03 11:42 - ID#28528


This entry has been deleted.
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09/21/03 03:33 - ID#28527

New Entry Time

So last night I saw an ad in artvoice for the Outkast cd at New World Records for only $9.99 and you get a free tshirt!!! Does life get better than that? I don't think so. So we went today so I could get it and by the way it is a super nice day and tons of people are out on elmwood which is nice to see. Anyway we get there and realize the cd does not come out until Tuesday so now I have to wait! GRR!! Also, 9.99 was the wrong price, it was supposed to be 14.99 but they will still honor the 9.99 price on Tuesday so I will go get it during my break at school! I can't wait!
Grrr. And I hate people that make no sense and do things that are stupid that they know they shouldn't. That's really as specific as I want to be in here.
On a better note, my soap opera's website is on its way with character descriptions and family almost ready. So get ready to read some great dramedy.
And tonight is the Emmy's! WOOHOO! I love award shows! Maybe one day that will be me organizing those award shows and meeting all the celebrities!!
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09/20/03 02:23 - ID#28526

Where does the coolness end?

So tonight, Friday night, what do me and Jill do? The only cool thing to do on a Friday night, we went to Spot on elmwood but not without first contemplating if coffe & or Spot was better for a good half hour. And how did we follow up this excitement? We drove around main street and elmwood just driving and looking for people doing exciting things! At least we went to a party at Niagara on Thursday so we weren't total losers for the whole weekend. And who knows about tomorrow night. Maybe we will surprise ourselves and do something crazy. Who knows! Do you think it is weird if three people hide in a shower at a party and wait for people to come in and go to the bathroom and then jump out and scare them. We we're going to do it but then we thought maybe it is weird and plus the shower was all wet and we were cramped in it. Maybe next time. Ok that's all for now. Oh wait, i forgot, thanks adrian and other kid with her who gave me and jill directions home after we realized we didn't know how to get home and couldn't get back into the building nor did we know anyone's name or room to page us in. So thanks.
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09/17/03 10:45 - ID#28525

Trash on Elmwood

Last night on elmwood near the corner of elmwood and allen there was an open dirty diaper! It was so gross! Jill almost stepped in it!! EWWW anyone else notice a lot of used diapers around elmwood lately?
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09/17/03 08:54 - ID#28524

First entry... well sort of

I decided to add another entry tonight. First I'll talk about the cursive concert last night. It was a virtual whose who of my friend's awkward past. Everyone she possibly ever had an awkward relationship or encounter with was there and they were all best friends. It was quite horrible but funny at the same time. We couldn't look anywehre without making eye contact with someone we shouldn't have. How insane as always! Cursive was actually quite good and I was surprised that I liked them so much. I think the cello defienetley gave every song a cool sound. I recommend you check them out. That reminds me: Everyone should listen to the song Lover I Don't Have To Love by Bright Eyes. While I am not the biggest Bright Eyes fan, frankly not much of a fan at all, it is seriously the best song ever. It will make you want to go out and have sex or make out with the first person you see depending on how slutty you are. I almost wanted to make out with my cd player when I first heard it. But seriusly it is the best song ever and everyone should listen to it. Hmm what else do I have to say. Oh yeah, can you believe JLo and Ben broke up. Is there nothing sacred anymore? Where is the world without JLo and Ben? I don't know but I am not happy about it.
Ok, new subject... I am writing a soap opera called Behind Closed Doors, well actually I started it in tenth grade and it has went through numerous changes since then, with a current major change on the way to simplify it yet keep it as exciting. Or knowing my laziness I won't fix it and keep it as is. Anyway hopfeully soon, Marykate will put a website together to showcase it, Our last one got taken off because of illegal files for some reason or something. So hopefully it works this time. I'll put the link on here when we have a website.

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