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09/22/03 11:42 - ID#28528


This entry has been deleted.
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09/21/03 03:33 - ID#28527

New Entry Time

So last night I saw an ad in artvoice for the Outkast cd at New World Records for only $9.99 and you get a free tshirt!!! Does life get better than that? I don't think so. So we went today so I could get it and by the way it is a super nice day and tons of people are out on elmwood which is nice to see. Anyway we get there and realize the cd does not come out until Tuesday so now I have to wait! GRR!! Also, 9.99 was the wrong price, it was supposed to be 14.99 but they will still honor the 9.99 price on Tuesday so I will go get it during my break at school! I can't wait!
Grrr. And I hate people that make no sense and do things that are stupid that they know they shouldn't. That's really as specific as I want to be in here.
On a better note, my soap opera's website is on its way with character descriptions and family almost ready. So get ready to read some great dramedy.
And tonight is the Emmy's! WOOHOO! I love award shows! Maybe one day that will be me organizing those award shows and meeting all the celebrities!!
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09/20/03 02:23 - ID#28526

Where does the coolness end?

So tonight, Friday night, what do me and Jill do? The only cool thing to do on a Friday night, we went to Spot on elmwood but not without first contemplating if coffe & or Spot was better for a good half hour. And how did we follow up this excitement? We drove around main street and elmwood just driving and looking for people doing exciting things! At least we went to a party at Niagara on Thursday so we weren't total losers for the whole weekend. And who knows about tomorrow night. Maybe we will surprise ourselves and do something crazy. Who knows! Do you think it is weird if three people hide in a shower at a party and wait for people to come in and go to the bathroom and then jump out and scare them. We we're going to do it but then we thought maybe it is weird and plus the shower was all wet and we were cramped in it. Maybe next time. Ok that's all for now. Oh wait, i forgot, thanks adrian and other kid with her who gave me and jill directions home after we realized we didn't know how to get home and couldn't get back into the building nor did we know anyone's name or room to page us in. So thanks.
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09/17/03 10:45 - ID#28525

Trash on Elmwood

Last night on elmwood near the corner of elmwood and allen there was an open dirty diaper! It was so gross! Jill almost stepped in it!! EWWW anyone else notice a lot of used diapers around elmwood lately?
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09/17/03 08:54 - ID#28524

First entry... well sort of

I decided to add another entry tonight. First I'll talk about the cursive concert last night. It was a virtual whose who of my friend's awkward past. Everyone she possibly ever had an awkward relationship or encounter with was there and they were all best friends. It was quite horrible but funny at the same time. We couldn't look anywehre without making eye contact with someone we shouldn't have. How insane as always! Cursive was actually quite good and I was surprised that I liked them so much. I think the cello defienetley gave every song a cool sound. I recommend you check them out. That reminds me: Everyone should listen to the song Lover I Don't Have To Love by Bright Eyes. While I am not the biggest Bright Eyes fan, frankly not much of a fan at all, it is seriously the best song ever. It will make you want to go out and have sex or make out with the first person you see depending on how slutty you are. I almost wanted to make out with my cd player when I first heard it. But seriusly it is the best song ever and everyone should listen to it. Hmm what else do I have to say. Oh yeah, can you believe JLo and Ben broke up. Is there nothing sacred anymore? Where is the world without JLo and Ben? I don't know but I am not happy about it.
Ok, new subject... I am writing a soap opera called Behind Closed Doors, well actually I started it in tenth grade and it has went through numerous changes since then, with a current major change on the way to simplify it yet keep it as exciting. Or knowing my laziness I won't fix it and keep it as is. Anyway hopfeully soon, Marykate will put a website together to showcase it, Our last one got taken off because of illegal files for some reason or something. So hopefully it works this time. I'll put the link on here when we have a website.

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09/17/03 08:35 - ID#28523

I'm just starting this and don't know what to say today but I just wanted to put something up. I'll add another entry later tonight or tomorrow.
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