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12/01/05 07:23 - 33ºF - ID#26230


i have to upload some pics, but im too lazy right now. also to lazy to clean my place. waking up for work at 6 doesn't help either.

i hope this weekend kicks ass, i miss my friends. but, we'll have quality time this weekend.

xmas time! who wants to come over and help me decorate and listen to chessy xmas music? funnnnnnnn!

ps. in six months, i plan to have long hair. long wavy hair. with lots of layers. i love long hair!!!!!!!! like anybody cares. but the short hair thing isn't doing it for me anymore.

pps. i want a puggle too.
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11/28/05 11:13 - 50ºF - ID#26229

dont want to go home...wah

at least i will be the most stylish (e:peep) when i do return, if they let me on the plane. i guess my story is that i was pickpoccketed, and had some money and my id taken.

i can't decide if ny is where i want to live. i do love it, but its so different. i guess my main concern would be ending up here and being lonely. i really don't like to be alone. so, all this comes down to, is getting a boyfriend or a little dog. maybe both. lol.

why do all of the women here look like models? thats intimidating.

i guess id just have to take my look to a whole new level, plus never eat. wait, the eating part, not happening. eh. oh well.

i completed my shopping extravaganza yesterday with some green cargos and a pair of boots. whoopee.

we also had the most delicious cuban food. they had this grilled corn with mayo and parm cheese and chili powder. it sounds gross, but it is seriously good.

i must go now and gargle salt water. the coughing has started again. it must be tradition for me to get sick on every trip, or most trips.

then pack, clean, eat? meet sista for lunch in the park. oh la la. :O)

oh, and for all the people who said bright eyes sucks in concert, the show was great. i really really liked one of the openers, "the magic numbers", and now own their cd. yay for music.
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11/25/05 09:55 - ID#26228

glorious day!

so, i made it to NY, minus the id, without any offers for a ride to the airport, and on little sleep. to all you, and you know who you are, who could've given me a ride, %&*@ you, i'll remember this later when you need a ride somewhere.

anywho. i got into JFK, had to wait in line for the ladies room, and made my way down to the lovely baggage carousel. waited for it to start moving. waited some more. waited. headed over to a worker, told me my bag should be in the jet blue baggage office. loOKed around, and found it. not it. someone elses bag, and im thinking, this bag sure does look like mine. not it.

some asshole ran off with my bag! wtf? so, they retrieve his info and call him to tell him he's got the wrong bag. he refuses to bring it back or give an address where it can be picked up. and about ten jet blue workers get on with "bag stealing crazy". finally, he gives his address. woo. the whole time, im thinking, "this trip is fucked". end of story, i get my bag delivered before we get home from the grocery store, and the delivery guy is nice enough to hide it so it doesn't get stolen(between two garbage cans, mind

apparently two sisters were injured by a float, and i believe i witnessed the ambulance heading away from the scene. the supershuttle driver headed us right into the parade. fun. however, i did get to see the wiener dog float and the tail end of the barney float. woo.

ok. now to the good stuff. today was fabulous. i boght some much needed winter gear. many great finds, only spent $120.

here's what i got:

1. white down coat. knee length. belted wait. detachable hood. ample pockets. the perfect coat. stylish, practical. so warm!

2. embellished green tee. scoop neck. geen beeds and applique. boho chic.

3. black cardigan. scoop neck. shimmery buttons. slight rouching at shoulders. fitted waist. and just a few dollars at goodwill. and it is banana republic, last season. amazing.

4. wide leg dkNY jeans. goodwill find as well. cheap and quality.

5. ann taylor black cashmere sweater. 2/4 sleeve. fitted. mock turtleneck. so soft. such a bargain.

6. red sweater off the shoulder sweater. wardrobe staple. 11 dollars. might wear it on Xmas.

7. cranberry peasant skirt. below the knee. thick-lined. cotton. sequin and velvet ribbon detail. the perfect winter skirt.

8. long sleeve lime greem polo. simple. mix and matchable.

9. camel skull cap. to go with white coat and camel scarve.

10. gold double chain necklace. with blue and clear gems. yellow gold is back. also a goodwill find. 3 bucks. show anyone?

but for real, NY is so the place to shop. i found so many great things, and things i need either on sale for a great price, or secondhand and quality. i bought a cashmere sweater for $4!

watch out boys. it'll be cold outside, but i'll be heatin' up the streets!

p.s. we had the best lunch at a noodle place in union square. Republic. curried duck noodles. yummy! im off to nap and then pregame before we head off to park slope for a show. what will i wear?

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11/23/05 06:18 - ID#26227

my last plea

i need a ride to the airport at 430am. please. anybody. otherwise, its everywoman for herself and i take a cab. call me if you can-2086906
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11/22/05 09:36 - ID#26226


anyone not going out wed night/not going to be wasted? i need a ride to the airport at 4am. i will love you forever!
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11/20/05 12:20 - 46ºF - ID#26225

tyty baby

what a weekend. i was just woken up to the sound of my phone which currently has the most annoying ringtone. argh. i need to just put it back on vibrate.

went out last night and did zero drinking. nada.

guess im going to ny. going. not going. going.

GOING. woo.

need bacon now.
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11/19/05 03:07 - 44ºF - ID#26224

fuck me

i lost my keys too. my house keys.
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Category: self-loathing

11/19/05 03:01 - 44ºF - ID#26223

the many reasons why i suck, and,

the funniest thing i've ever done. ok. so im just gonna give it to you raw, here we go...

1. i lost my license, just a few days before my planned trip to ny for thanksgiving. now, im not going. (who's inviting me over for some turkey?):O)

2. i lost a 20

3. i lost my most favorite little clutch

4. i lost the last little bit of my gange

5. i don't think I've ever thrown up so much in my life

6. i came up with the brilliant idea to have white russians last night

7. i then drank way too many

8. i lost my glasses

and the only saving grace to all of this, is possibly the most crazy/strange/funny/dangerous thing I've ever done.

yes ladies and gents, [size=m]i jumped out of a moving car.[/size]
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11/18/05 06:49 - ID#26222


where are you dude?
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11/18/05 02:32 - ID#26221

e:strip meet-n-greet

lets all meet out! im gon post around 5 and let ya'll know when and where.
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