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Category: self-loathing

11/19/05 03:01 - 44ºF - ID#26223

the many reasons why i suck, and,

the funniest thing i've ever done. ok. so im just gonna give it to you raw, here we go...

1. i lost my license, just a few days before my planned trip to ny for thanksgiving. now, im not going. (who's inviting me over for some turkey?):O)

2. i lost a 20

3. i lost my most favorite little clutch

4. i lost the last little bit of my gange

5. i don't think I've ever thrown up so much in my life

6. i came up with the brilliant idea to have white russians last night

7. i then drank way too many

8. i lost my glasses

and the only saving grace to all of this, is possibly the most crazy/strange/funny/dangerous thing I've ever done.

yes ladies and gents, [size=m]i jumped out of a moving car.[/size]
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11/18/05 06:49 - ID#26222


where are you dude?
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11/18/05 02:32 - ID#26221

e:strip meet-n-greet

lets all meet out! im gon post around 5 and let ya'll know when and where.
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11/15/05 11:54 - ID#26220

i feel a glow just thinking of you.

i see (e:hodown) and my favorite city in just over a week. who needs turkey when you can party like a rock star!
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11/13/05 03:52 - ID#26219

u are wrong

5 people (e:paul)? try 18. i know its karma for missing the last one.
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11/12/05 04:28 - 62ºF - ID#26218

final notice

[size=l]party! woo![/size]

my house, tonight, 1000 hours. be there. if you aren't there, you suck

2527 delaware ave.booyokasha.
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Category: family

11/11/05 10:40 - 39ºF - ID#26217

a real entry, or an attempt at one

usually, i end up writing a couple sentences here, due to my lack of time, and or technology. posting from a cell phone can be a bitch.

do you ever feel like so much has happened, but really nothing has happened at all? this is how i feel. i guess that saying, "the more we change, the more we remain the same", or however it goes is really true.

truth is, with each passing day, i feel more and more disconnected from buffalo. my heart is somewhere else. im not sure what it would take to stop feeling this way.

for some people it is easy to live away from family, and i too have become accustomed to seeing my mother, sister and brother only a few times a year. however, this change makes everything seems so surreal, like eveything i do isn't actually happening, and im just wasting time until i see them again. i find myself having little thoughts, seeing things, that would make us all laugh, and wanting to call them up and tell them about it.

the solution to the problem is not so easy. either, i stay here, move to ny, where i don't feel i want to be, or, move to arizona.

this all probably seems so dramatic, but if you had a mother and sister like i do, you'd feel the same. honestly, the two people who have always come through for me, who i'd do anything for, and make life worth living.

p.s. this has nothing to do with anything in the entry, but i voted for the first time this tuesday. how exciting, and funny, and evil that the woman at the one polling place refused me a paper ballot. wtf? that bitch broke the law. ahhow, i ended up voting at 8:56, on a paper ballot at another polling place, and had to redo it, because i wrtoe on something i wasnt supposed to. possible the very last person to vote, but i was determined goddamnit. finished school, and voted. it's all in a days work.

p.p.s. come to my party! cindy will be there...
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11/10/05 12:16 - ID#26216

a new chapter

done with school. it feels weird and i wish i had my family here right now. i miss them so much. being lonely sucks. and so does having a broken car... come to the party on sat... more later!
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11/05/05 11:23 - 56ºF - ID#26215

Q:how much does this suck?

just got in my car to meet a friend. turned it on. its shaking. there is something very wrong with it.

i have two days of school left, and my car is sick. wahhh, I've been working so hard. who wants to give me a ride? ha. grrrrrr.

A: this sucks a lot.

onto the rum and cokes. cheerio.

btw, we will still party like rock stars.

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11/04/05 08:29 - 56ºF - ID#26214

congratulations partay!

my house next saturday. hopefully all those who showed up will bring themselves back and then some... we gotta top it off this time. next week, marks the end of beauty school for me, and the beginning of something beautiful!

[size=l]so, (e:strip) bitches, git yo ass there![/size]
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