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10/21/05 06:48 - 52ºF - ID#26210

chinese maximalism

im headed to the akag tonight, afterwards, who knows. i just recieved more bday gifts, so im sill in celebration mode. bring it on boys.

check it out ya'll.
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10/21/05 12:28 - 50ºF - ID#26209

my car, my school, and the booze.

lets see here...

1. last night was crazy and fun. as wednesday nights can be when wednesday becomes friday. i had off of school today and work today and tomorrow. how lovely. so, after a night of strange and random, yet nice surprises, i arrived home at one today. hmmm. i promise i was good, for the most part.

2. today consisted of a very hot, very long shower, tons of sleep, grocery shopping, eating, watching my favs tele shows, and then a few beers with the guys. im too full to drink anymore.

3. im done with school in less than three weeks! wow. i feel accomplished. 1000 hours of hard work. a year of struggle, but it paid off. i can tell you one thing; it is very hard to work full time and go to school. every morning i wake up and dread it. i have actually stopped waking up to the alarm, so you can imagine how frazzled and sleepy eyed i show up to work everyday. but, its all worth it. having a license is a cool thing!

4. im torn between staying for the stellar haloween party or going to toronto. here i will be with friends, really fun great friends. there i will be with one amazing friend, and someone i would like to see, who i know would like to see me as well. hmmm.

5. this is for (e:hodown). you are the best big sis and lil sis could ask for! thank you so much for coming and all of the lovely gifts that make me that much more stylish and a give me a little nyc flava. i love you.

and thanx to everyone who came and brought the fun and the booze. i still have a ton left, so stop by wheneve and we can have a cocktail!
i think im going to have a "sarah is done with school, and loves it party", cindy will be the quest of honor of course! you will all be invited.

p.s. the bumber sticker on my car, "keep abortion legal", is causing quite the stir. i often see people behind me with hands flailing and looks of anger on their face. (e:paul) and (e:terry) had some excellent suggestions for an even spicier slogan, while we were haeded out of pano's tonight. how about, "keep abortion fun", or "keep abortion funny!", or "fuck the babies". let me know what you think. (btw, it's just a joke, haha.)
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10/15/05 05:19 - ID#26208

last night, morning after

so, it is proven. there is life after the party. and what a party it was. my little apartment filled with many drunken high young people, some older, but not any wiser. at least not last night.

we were in it for the birthdays, and the party, and there was no crying. even when i fell down the stairs(on the way to pano's with (e:hodown)). yes, i fell, allthe way down,and have no recollectionof it. at all. aparently, icounted to 5 or 6 and was right back up again. i was wondering why my chest legs and feet hurt so much this morning.

anyway. thanx to everyone who came. if anyone wants to chill tonight, give a shout out, we'll be chillin ho style!
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10/14/05 04:44 - ID#26207



just call me if you don't know where i live..... 208-6906. i should not have done that. please, no scary people.

ok, im off to do a million and one things!
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10/14/05 09:23 - ID#26206

spicy mcnugget

theres this new girl at school, micole, and combo of crazy ghetto humor and loud piercing voice have made me a huge fan. yesterday, she gave me a nickname. spicy lil mcnugget, or lil nugget, or just nugget for short. i love it! my attitude is on par wit da sistas. i always had a little ghetto flava. (e:hodown) is on her way to the blo, and will be at le soiree! i love her, and parties!
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10/12/05 09:51 - ID#26205

to my nannu

you are one years old today! aint you the cutest little nannu there ever was! happy birthday nannu. love, the nanny
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10/12/05 12:14 - ID#26204

happy bday 2 u

(e:tina) n (e:southernyankee)! we gon party like its yo birthday! ya'll need to shake yo thang and put the (e:strip) in celebrate!! love you-muah.
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10/11/05 10:09 - ID#26203


today i have absolutely nothing to do. i mean, that is, nothing i have to do. what will i do?

i can hang out with the dudes. and go see my friend jess and her cute little dog. get the apartment looking good. and call my landlord again about the fucking heat.
p.s. the hipsters are getting to be a little much for me. :O(
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10/11/05 10:01 - ID#26202

e:tina's 21st and my 22nd bday! woooo.


WHY? (e:tina)'s 21st and my 22nd bday! woooo.

WHEN? next fri, the 14th

WHERE? so im scared to just put my address down, but email me through the site and i
will send you directions...

so, bring all ya'lls asses and some booze and come help us celebrate!
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10/11/05 10:00 - ID#26201

the possibilities are endless

well, now im really almost done with school and there will be a window of time in
hich i have many options.

option #1: stay here and work and go back to school.

option #2: move to ny and persue some sort of job as a makeup artist/go to school

option#3: move to az, do makeup, go to school, and never see snow again.

i guess i don't really have to decide all that soon, but all this is weighing heavy on my mind.

i can forget about all that tonight as (e:tina) and i heading out to the anchor bara nd then mowhawk place to see rainer maria. exciting!

next weekend is my birthday. woooo. im not supposed to know, because im supposed to be getting anything from my mother for my birthday, at least not anything major, but (e:howdown) told me today that they are going half and half to get my some professional shears. which, if you know nothing about, they are very expensive. that is fucking sweet. now i can do some serious cutting, so watch out.

p.s. the boys are kinda sick, aww. i brought (e:paulie) some warm chai.
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