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Category: boys

09/28/05 10:43 - 67ºF - ID#26196


waiting for the excitement to start. i feel like i'm on the brink of something great, or at the least, something to make my life a little more, exciting, scandalous... something.

perhaps the best way to increase excitement would be a hot new young man? where might i find them? im going to the pink tonight, its definitely a place to find boys, but i think i like mine a little cleaner, hehe.

done with school soooo soon. ladies and gents, i shall soon be a licensed cosmetologist. oh boy. the sad part is, although i'd make a great stylist, i like doing makeup much more. either way, being a fulltime nanny isn't conducive to a very stylish life, at least during the day. this is why i will be doing the beauty thing on the side and returning to school. i think after a little while more in the blo, i will find a better location. i feel somewhat ready to go...

i just gotta get some stuff done before i get on my way.

here's some food for thought: i read in an article today that Japanese children in and around Tokyo ride the train to school; by themselves. mind you, the crime rate is much lower there, but how willing would you be to send your little one off on a 1 1/2 hour train ride to school?
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09/26/05 05:34 - 70ºF - ID#26195

best weekend ever!

so, i ran away to toronto for the weekend! it was probably one of the best times i have had in a long time. that city is crazy fun and filled with great people.

i stayed with my good friend nicole and it was pretty random, becuase i had no intention of going, and i just called her and told he i was bored and she called back and said, "come, we are having a huge party!." i went, and a huge party it was.

and if you know me, you know im always up for a good time; including cute boys, tasty drinks, and dancing. the only way to party is to break out your hottest shoes, some lipgloss, and get ur ass on the dance floor, and bring some friends along of course. if you need some help learning, i can show you the way. nobody does it better than a ho, right (e:hodown)?

anyway, i plan on returning in about a month, for party weekend 2005, part II.

we took some amzing pics, which i will post hopefully sooner rather than later, but i must wait for them to arrive via email first.

ur gonna love it!
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09/23/05 11:00 - 55ºF - ID#26194

dear e:strip,

by the time you read this, i'll be gone.

i have run away for the weekend, perhaps, never to return.

if i do, i promise to clean my home and do my laundry and go grocery shopping.

love, sarah
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09/18/05 08:57 - 69ºF - ID#26193

but maybe,

the full moon is tonight?

anyway. i cleaned my apartment today, it sparkles with the memory of my love.

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09/17/05 09:25 - 67ºF - ID#26192

full moon

there seems to be so many sad things happening in the world right now.

and old high school friend's father past away, somewhat suddenly. he's a genuinely good person, and i remember really liking him. he always made me laugh. we've lost touch, but he'll be in my thoughts.

terry has had a loss in the family too.

so many people i know are having heartbreak in general.

my point is, life is so fragile. don't waste time with the unimportant. don't wait to tell someone you love them. don't forget to call your mother, your sister.

be grateful for what you have. appreciate the beauty in life.

p.s. check out the "extreme abstraction exhibit at the albright-knox, there's only a few weeks left of it. and the gallery is free on friday from 3-10. im super excited for thenext exhibit, which is "chinese maximiliism", and im thinking of going back to check it out again next friday.
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09/15/05 03:17 - ID#26191

long days

almost done w/school, sort of. i have hours to make up. going to finish by xmas, go on vaca and come home and go back to school. i shall be in school forever. my life is just not complete w/o a degree. plus i need health coverage bad. no more waiting out awful cough/broncial illness. need to find meds...or brandy. on a happier note, this chick is going to ny for thanksgiving! muah (e:hodown)! back to work and school, cheerio
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09/14/05 10:01 - ID#26190


my last post made no sense. no more posting from phone!
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09/14/05 09:15 - ID#26189

bad bad sinus

I've been coughing for a week now and from the sore throat i feel alright. i must stay strong. by the way, i wasnt drinking at the party, although i seem to look crazy in every pic, i was sober sister. back to work now and coughing up nasty green phlegm. ps. sorry u didn't win paul. in my heart u will always be a winner!
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08/28/05 09:13 - 76ºF - ID#26188

perfect day and circus tricks

apparently julie's mom twirls batons, or did. i am speaking of my good friend julie. they couldn't afford the dance classes. screw dance, twirling things is way cooler.

went to the art fest today, saw lots of people. even sawonelady that i know, and she clearly looked at me,noticed me, and walked away.i've been trash talked, even though I've not done a single thing to make this person dislike me, hmmm.

going to pick up (e:drchlorine) from the airport soon, thank god. his place was cool, but not girly enough for me- and the cat, well its clingy. oh dear.

p.s. don't play frisbee with platters. it will not work out in your favor.
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08/28/05 11:24 - 75ºF - ID#26187

happy terry day!

happy birthday terry! today must devoted to your total complete happiness. what did you wish for?
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