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Category: moving

05/02/07 09:36 - 49ºF - ID#39125

so excited

two months baby!!!! im so excited to move! not that i don't love the blo. I've been thinking about how i really want to see the world, at least before global warming kills us all.

i can't wait to live in a sunny place and hike all the time. im excited to be around family more, and just start over in general.

it gives me that, anything is possible feeling...

p.s. cannot take fat-ass to az, must get in shape. must be prepared to wear little clothing. i need some adderall, or however you spell it.
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04/28/07 11:37 - 43ºF - ID#39071

i am le stupide, and i hate sports

why did i agree to come and do meds today and tomorrow???? what is wrong with me??? now, i have ruined the weekend. ruined it! i was up at 7 today, and will be up at 630 tomorrow, for goddamn fucking work. fuck me, but not that way.

i always get this job itch, where i feel like i need a new one after a while. i feel that coming on, and luckily i'm moving in two months and can fulfill that need quite soon.

umm, i don't think that whole facbook thing is even going to happen. im really just going to go with this whole being single thing and continue to enjoy life. looking back on all of the boy drama, it was so not worth it. shedding all of those tears for no reason. i wouldnt feel like they were wasted if the tears were shed for all of the dying children in africa, or something useful, but it was all wasted energy. so, moral of the story? have fun and hang with friends, and if they make you cry, you can yell at them and get new ones, and you won't be missing the sex.

ok. what are these funky new colors here? watermelon? it's kind of disturbing.

my mom is going to paint her new house crazy colors. like, my room pink and hot pink, and a red wall out in the hallway. a brown and blue and gold bathroom??? wtf??? im trying to get ahold of her before this disaster happens. i can't let it happen. she needs design help; stat. (e:hodown) thinks that it is funny. it wasn't funny having a white, green, and black sponge-painted room from the age of 11-20.
it's still not funny. sponge painting is like a perm; it seems like a good idea, but all said and done, you will regret it.

i was wasting time waiting for the bus this morning and went to walgreens. revlon has this new line of cosmetics, and the whole line is priced over 10 bucks. wtf??? who does revlon think they are??? they are certainly not stila or benefit. i say that they can shove it, becasue i am not ever spending 11 bucks on their eyeshadow, when i can buy much better stuff at sephora. plus, the packaging sucks. who is their package designer??? who will spend 15 bucks on one drugstore makeup item? if that person is you, you are getting screwed.

this could possibly be my longest post ever. you thought i was done? think again...

i've been holding back on saying this, because someone might want to kill my first born. but, i really hate the sabres. i hate that there are signs everywhere. i hate that such a useless thing takes in so much money. i hate that sports are kind of scary and violent. i never liked mullets,or the smelly hockey players who have them. i don't like the colors of the sabres uniforms. i hate the ugly oversized jerseys i see men and women walking around in. i don't like people yelling and cheering when i am trying to have a drink or eat something; it casues indigestion. why do people drop everything for the sabres? we know we are not going to win. buffalo never wins. thats why i love buffalo. its a town filled with fat crazy people and beautiful old buildings that everyone wants to tear down. can't buffalo just ride on the fact that we are a town full of alcoholic, fried food loving people? we never win the championship. and, if you are angry ant me for saying this, more power to you. maybe you can chanel your anger into something good, like cheering extra loud for the game today. or punching a fan of the other team, when they say the sabres suck.

next time i see you. don't mention them, or any other sports team. i don't care and i never did, and i'm sorry i ever pretended to care.

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Category: facebook

04/23/07 04:37 - 64ºF - ID#39017

facebook madness

so, i think i may be obsessed with facebook. oh, the voyeuristic ways of my life.

anyway. i get a new message from some random person every couple days. the last guy to message me turns out to be super hot, in his pictures. am i crazy enough to meet up with this guy? is that considered weird? desperate?

i just don't have much time aside from my school/work schedule to meet people in places beside bar, which we all know, is not the best idea. anyway, i called him,. he called me, we finally ended up talking. he can hold a conversation, doesn't appear to be a complete dumbass and could turn out to be super hot!

should i meet him?

this makes me very nervous. my palms get sweaty just thinking about it. i think i should just go for it though. the fact that i am 23, in my prime hotness years and have been without any interesting man news in the past four months is getting to be too much for me.

and if we do meet up, there will definitely be a drink or two needed before hand.

p.s. chicken and porn night at the pink on monday nights is quite possible the most fun thing ever!
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Category: event

04/15/07 01:01 - 33ºF - ID#38900

intersecting spaces! come everyone!!!!!

this is (e:tina) 's thang, so come to support her! last mintue notice!

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04/13/07 11:31 - 34ºF - ID#38881

people, calm down!

ummm, i am donating lots of clothes... but i may try and sell some as well. the move is going tocost me and i have to, ahem, buy a new car.

im not leaving until july. i want to be in az for july 4th, or do i? i don't know, beginning of july. im just moving out of my apartment and into the mansion. yup, im shacking up with the main men of (e:strip) , (e:paul) , (e:matthew) , and (e:terry) for a few months before i go. i need to have yard sale, and i will save money on rent.

i just hope i don't drive them crazy in that short while. i work a ton and have school though, so i should behave...

have a great night, i know i will, working my millionth overnight for the week, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Category: moving

04/12/07 11:39 - 36ºF - ID#38873

packing heat

so, i finally came out of my coma-like state and decided to start packing instead of just staring at the wall...

i don't have as much stuff as i thought,

but i have way more clothes than i thought. i hate getting rid of clothing. i have two huge bins full of shoes....might be time to get rid of a few pairs. or not. i have many pairs i've never even worn.

i found a great shade of red nail polish. some cute handbags and clutches i forgot about, and at least 5 tubes of lipgloss! it's like a store @ home!

im going to continue on this journey tomorrow, and who knows, maybe ill be ready to move the hell out!!!!!
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Category: funny

04/05/07 08:37 - 24ºF - ID#38763

alanis covers fergie's "my humps"

i hope you enjoy this as much as i did

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04/05/07 08:28 - 24ºF - ID#38762


i just ordered new sneakers online last night. im concerned this may be the beginning of something very bad, yet very good....

i think i want at least one more pair, but a diffrent kind of course. the new ankle/leg situation means no heels for a while! ahhhhhh! but, with this weather, i don't get out of the hoodie, jeans and sneaks uniform much anyway.

in other news, i have lots of time on my hands, and find myself watching the OC non-stop, instead of packing. i have so much to do in the next three months!!!!! ok, no more apostrophes, i promise.

i really do have a lot to do, and need some motivation. i may go to target tomorrow and buy a docking system for my ipod. maybe music will help. maybe, if someone had purchased those, ahem, flower spyro spekers from jbl, i would already have music. imagine that!

i have learned two things today:

bad chinese is only good once a month.

aint nobody gon' do the dirty work for you.

and i love the OC.


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04/03/07 01:56 - 54ºF - ID#38729

people piss me off

what's new?

i keep running into people i don't want to see. i try to avoid them and then they talk to me. better yet, when i am wasted. whatever.

seriously, i hate when art professors try to tell me my work doesn't make sense. sorry i didn't take the easy way out and create some dumbass paper square bullshit, and my work acutally suggests that i have some talent. sorry im not a dyke who's into georgia o'keefe.

now i have to spend many more hours cutting paper squares, and trying to create something that will please the professor, because it's all about getting the "A" right?

and why are the absolutely no hot men in my life? or decent men at all?

when i say i might go gay, i really mean it this time. but i doubt they are any hot chicks either.

i hate black paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Category: injury

03/29/07 12:39 - 37ºF - ID#38678

my ankle is a kankle!

i fell last night and twisted my left ankle.

was she drunk you ask? was she stoned?

nope, just a huge dumbass. i fell to my knees and rolled over. i lied there for a few minutes. did anyone help me up or see if i was ok? nope.

then i walked home from target.

now, im going to lie on the couch all day. in the hopes that ill be able to walk again tomorrow!
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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...