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Category: tech

12/22/06 01:37 - 37ºF - ID#26353

this is my fav xmasgift ever...

jbl sypro speakers...


ps, best sis ever, why do i ever bother w/men?
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: terry

12/21/06 12:04 - 42ºF - ID#26352


where did you go last night, we loooked for you forever, but then we just left because we couldn't find you. sorry.

did you stumble run home? you are not supposed to do that yuong man!
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12/20/06 01:46 - 41ºF - ID#26351

a couple of really great things...

i get to see my sis in a dew days,

she is getting me a facial,

she is getting me an ipod sound dock w/speakers that look like flowers,

my friend nicole is in town,

im back in the game,

i still kinda love my job(enough though they over work me),

i get to go to az and relax in the sun in a few weeks,

my apartment is very clean.

  • warning: this optimistic mood may not last long, so we must enjoy!*

have a great day peeps!
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Category: music

12/17/06 09:09 - 46ºF - ID#26349

sexy love

can't get the song out of my head, or stop singing it in my head/out loud...

make it stop.
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Category: work

12/17/06 05:41 - 46ºF - ID#26348

overnights, everynight

apparently, everybody i work with gets to have some time off. well, not me. im looking at minimum 65 hour work weeks up until the new year.

the upside: lots of overtime and holiday pay.

the downside: missing out on lots of fun time.

i think the new year has many promising prospects, and things are definitely looking up.

if only i can muster up the strength to clean my godman apartment, and decorate for xmas. i need to get a tree and more lights. garunteed none of it will be red and green, more along the lines of green and pink and gold.

i managed to get some pretty sweet gifts, thanx to my xmas bonus and my first credit card, which i will probably regret having.

i did buy a few things for myself two... i deserve it right?

my wish list, not that i will be getting any of this, but:

  • an ipod sound dock
  • laptop
  • diamonds, or anything that sparkles or glistens
  • sunshine
  • a pretty dress
  • time with friends and family
  • camera
  • haircut
  • new scissors(to cut hair with)
  • any sort of artwork for my walls
  • perfect pair of jeans

actually the list goes on, but ill stop there. im such a product of this consumer culture. i do really want a sound dock for my ipod though, and a camera. maybe i will just buy those for myself. maybe not.

i think i shall nap more before the dreaded night of studying.

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Category: hodown

12/12/06 05:23 - 54ºF - ID#26347

funniest eva

my sister just called her ex, joshua, "jerkshua". she is so damn funny.
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Category: enknot

12/09/06 03:57 - 38ºF - ID#26346

happy birthday nemisis!

keep your friends close and your enemies closer! ill be watching you...

you were my first and last true nemisis (e:enknot) !
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Category: phone calls

12/08/06 02:03 - 26ºF - ID#26345

hey, it's me

have you ever recieved a phone call from someone, and they leave a voicemail saying, "hey, it's me."

well, this accpetable from a special few:

close friends
significant other

otherwise its just wierd, and kinda creepy.

i don't even call my mom and say, "hey it's me". that implies that you hold priority over others, and you are a VIP. sorry, but it takes a long time to get on my VIP list.

did they ever broach this topic on seinfeld? they should have.
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Category: bars

12/07/06 02:15 - 35ºF - ID#26344

the pink

its the grossest bar in buffalo, but somehow the most fun as well. how do you explain that? i don't even think I've been in bars in ny that gross.

p.s. i got terry home safe. pizza slice and all.

p.p.s. never thought i would, but i love my new ipod nano. mostly because i got it for free, just for opening a bank account. it is the new love of my life.

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Category: happy

11/29/06 11:50 - ID#26341

alls well that ends well

let me just say, i had the most most pleasant lovely little thanksgiving of my life. i could have been

a). the absence of my psycho family

b). overconsumption of wine and delicious food

c). learning that scientists and randoms are really the best way to celebrate any sort of holiday


d). that my sister is cool

now, i think all of these played a role. plus i think i love nyc 4eva. but, we'll see. thinking of applying to FIT, and various other institutions.

also thinking about my new nemesis. shes possibly the most crazy person i have ever come across, who seems to have a personal vendetta against the entire world. let it be known that her name begins with a K, and emotionally unstable people should not work with the disabled.

with the exception of two days in the lovely city, i have no life, and go from work, to school to a couple hours of sleep, and start again. but, it is pretty cool, because soon i will have lots of cash money in which to spend on you, or me, or me. or on bills.

i recieved my nano yesterday, and its so cute and silver, and i don't even have itunes on my computer, so i might show up at your house to see if you have any good music.

its a lovely day for another class, and then 10 hrs of work! enjoy the sun, you know it aint comin back once it goes.

next week, i shall annoy (e:terry) with my constant presence, and make him walk to the library with me, cook food with me, and have fun with me. he has no choice, he goes back to work soon, and there is much fun to be had...
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