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Category: poetry

02/25/06 03:58 - 31ºF - ID#26263

shme shmu part two

The Tale of the Shme and The Shmu
(The Tale, of which this is part two)

There once was a shme and a shmu,
(The latter is me, the former is you)
Always each other's proverbial walking stick,
On those days when things were thin or thick.

And sometimes, along came a gray, rainy day,
when things would not be going the Shme's way,
and she'd become one hostile and mad chick,
beating the Shmu senseless with a not-so-proverbial stick.

Lying in pain, the Shmu would sigh,
and pick himself up, with the roll of an eye.
and calm whatever anger he felt,
and play with the proverbial cards he'd been dealt.

Approaching the Shme, with the utmost care,
and listening to the Shme in dispair,
tragic tales of sorrow and plight,
slowly things would return to right.

On other days, the silly Shmu would misbehave,
his mind would shift to a mischievous brain wave,
and he'd have his laughs at the Shme's expense,
setting her ablaze (in the metaphorical sense)

Upon seeing her, in her angered rage,
The Shmu embarassedly returned to his age,
And he'd beg the Shme to excuse,
Thankfully, the Shme has yet to refuse.

A story of a friendship, similar to none,
And yet, a story which has only begun,
A friendship to last, through, through and through.
I hope we'll still be pals 'till we're both ninety-two.

(If you haven't killed me by then) - also written by Alyshah
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: poetry

02/25/06 03:55 - 31ºF - ID#26262

shme shmu

Tis the story of two,
A shme and a shmu,
A shme of who made men swoon,
A shmu who was a buffoon,

The shme got all the gets,
The shmu lost all bets,
The shme, trendy-dressed,
The shmu was just depressed.

The shme was par-none,
The shmu was no fun,
Of the spectrum, at opposite ends,
And yet one day, they became friends.

An odd pair, it's true
And always they'd argue,
Different in all ways,
but still friends after many days

Why would these two still be pals?
Despite there being better suited guys and gals?
Though different with every hope and fear,
They had one common appreciation: a cold pint of beer.

A appeciation that made their bond last,
With each argument that passed,
A friendship paralled by very few,
A friendship of the shmeshmu. -written by Alyshah- and he's a guy
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Category: in shape

02/21/06 02:13 - 30ºF - ID#26261

this is what i want my body to look like

in thee months. im wondering, is it possible? i don't really want to lose a ton of weight. maybe 5-10 pounds. i just want a nice ass, a flat stomach, and some tone in my arms. my legs are pretty ok, they just need to be worked out. oh, and those boobs are def fake, and mine are never gonna be that big, but im hoping they don't get smaller.


seriously, this picture is hot. i wanna look like that in my bikini this summer.

i also just want to feel in great shape. i already feel like i have so much more energy, after only a few weeks. i think im ready to step up my cardio. yay!

ohhhh. i have an interview at a salon tomorrow. it in williamsville, which is good, because thats where the good ones are. they seem pretty nice and flexible, and this would mean more money to add on to my crap nanny salary or byebye to nanny job for good. those bastards need to appreciate.

wish me luck...

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02/21/06 11:05 - ID#26260 pmobl

parking ticket hell

why did i bother to come here? i have a hearing and yet I've been waiting an hour. boo. waste of my day.
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02/18/06 03:45 - 13ºF - ID#26259

steppin out

while in ny for thanksgiving, i was on the search for the perfect, stylish and warm winter coat. i found it. you can see it in my user pic.

my sis had this long black bubble coat that had a broken zipper, and i was embarrassed somewhat to be seen with her because she had to "step out" of it.

well, turns out, my dream coat has the same damn problem now. plus the fact that its not pristine white anymore. more like dirty pissy snow. yay. and now that we really do have winter, and i really need the coat, its all fucked up.

its my sorta ghettoness coming out.

seriously people. email me, call about this hair stuff.

(e:jason), and (e:ladycroft), i have off this week, so it would be the perfect time. maybe we can have an (e:strip) hair doin' partay. lol.

everyone gets did up and crunked up. ho style. straight up.
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02/18/06 12:17 - 26ºF - ID#26258

hasheesh and haircuts

who needs a haircut? esp the dudes. anyone? i can do it. ill even come to you. and it'll be cheap too. jason, josh, i know you guys are always looking for a good cut.

need another job. need two more jobs.

big sis is all cracked up on hasheesh. hahaha.

im so over winter.

i really have pics that will end up here, maybe sunday. maybe not.

people who eat canned and frozen shit all day everyday groos me out. esp if it's filled with msg and sodium. ewww. stouffer's my ass. cuz thats where its gonna go.

p.s. i love you gymmy gym. lets get physical.
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Category: poo

02/14/06 10:00 - 33ºF - ID#26257

circus of people

i was semi-surprised last night with a trip to HSBC to see Cirque de Soleil! I don't understand how those people do what they do, its insane, and extremly entertaining.
after the show i felt so overstimulated, and exhausted, and still needed some time to recover today. just watching all that is work. wooo.

ok. for all of you who keep talking about dreaded feb 14th. its a freakin dumbass day. don't waste your money on a card. unless its for your mama. my mama and my sister are my vday loves. i remember one year, back when we was po', my mom went all out and bought a ton of lobster. needless to say, we would have been happy with wendy's, because the lobster all went uneaten. i think my mom still refuses to buy lobster to this day because of that. another time, we had a pumpkin pie; just a plain old frozen one, and she kept saying that we had to wait for a special occasion. a freakin frozen pie? anyways, two years later, on some random winter day, we're aloowed to eat it, and we take it out of the box, and its covered in mold. thats my mom. i have a feeling that (e:hodown) will soon be a complete clone of julie ho. scary.

ok. my point is, these little stories and what make my days happy. remembering how much love i have for the fam and how much love they have given me. thats what a valentine is all about. moldy frozen pies.

ps. i did weights with the trainer today. watch out. im on the streets, and im coming for your ass.
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02/10/06 11:28 - ID#26256 pmobl

piece of shit

can i start drinking now?
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02/09/06 10:15 - ID#26255 pmobl

to the gym

my honey got me a membership to the bac. in three months i hope to be looking and feeling good. like a hot bitch. i eat, sleep, and drink too much. its time to get my ass up and get motivated. nick makes me wanna do that, aww. i wanna look hot in a teeny bikini. i hope my boobs don't shrink. ps. "a fine balance" by rohinton mistry is by far the saddest book i have ever read. i need some uplifting literature.
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02/08/06 10:00 - ID#26254 pmobl

vday is for losers

how unimaginative. when you love someone, you show it everyday. i would be insulted if vday was my most romantic day of the year. so, it doesn't matter if im with someone or not. i believe my man feels the same. i don't want no half pint immitation. (e:hodown), i will gladly have you as my vday luvva! and momma and granny too! p.s. what a lovely pretty day!
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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...