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09/05/10 10:59 - 60.ºF - ID#52666

can men and women be friends?

kinda irritated right now... this guy i've been friends with for about a year, we met through mutual friends.

anyway, i guess he likes me or something like that. i'm not interested in dating right now, and he just isn't my type. i told him that we wren't going to be hooking up and that he should care enough about me to atill want to be my friend.

he went off on me about how i don't like him because he isn't an MD or a professional athlete and he doesn't have tons of money. this is insane, i have dated a few drs and have met a few pro athletes. neither of the situations were anything major and he just seems so insecure and angry for whatever reason that he keeps bringing up these other men.

the fact is, i date who i like and most of the men i've dated are normal people who don't have tons of money. i am a normal person... not looking for a superstar, just someone who is a superstar to me! then he brings up how he isn't hot enough blah blah blah, this guy is a jerk.

i date who i like... and i don't want to date right now because i'm kinda heartbroken over someone and i have too many family things and work and school to deal with.

anyway, there is someone i'd love to date but probably never will. i'd rather have him as a friend then try to convince him he needs to date me... that is how you can tell if someone is genuine.

hey (e:paul), dancing last night was great!!!!!! tons of fun but so tired today! can't wait to get to blo and have a dancing night with you!!!!
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09/04/10 12:53 - 60.ºF - ID#52653

sunglasses=not a headband

why do people wear their sunglasses as a headband? i hate it. i even see people wearing sunglasses headband at night when there is no sun???

still miss blo, talked to (e:paul) last night which makes me miss it more. i can't plan a trip right now though because i am moving soon and starting a new position plus school.

anyway, i dread a winter trip, but that looks like what it might be...

going out dancing tonight... do i need a new fancy something???
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08/29/10 02:00 - 80.ºF - ID#52601

happy birfday terryberry!

Sorry I'm late, madness has ensued this week...

I have no photos of you because my evil hard drive crashed and deleted them all, I will however offer you a photo of (e:hodown), my cousin and a pony, three things all birthday boys wish for.

Miss you peach and will hopefully be seeing you on this or that side of the country very soon...

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08/22/10 07:58 - 70.ºF - ID#52529

favorite anna wintour quotes

"this type is too large, it look like it's for blind people"

"you need to go to the gym"

80 min massage= love of my life.

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08/22/10 02:27 - 74.ºF - ID#52518

anna wintour and the september issue

for those of you who know of vogue/anna wintour, the documentary 'the september issue' is most definitely a must see!

pretty sure (e:hodown) has been on me to watch this forever, but i forgot and then it was on netflix streaming last night...

the world of vogue and fashion is so intense, they make putting out an issue seem the world's most challenging task.

i recommend (e:matthew) watch this, he will be able to appreciate the beauty and madness.

anna wintour, insists she is not an ice woman, but the only person in the fillm i see her show a softer side to is her daughter. is an hour plus of her simply saying yes or no to the who's who of the fashion world and seeing her wishes put into action.

fashion really is wearable art, and to see the amount of effort these people put into their craft is inspiring, makes me think i need to find something i am passionate about.

i want to find something that i love so much it makes me feel alive... not that i don't feel alive, but that feeling when you first get off the ski lift and you head down the hill...

off to watch the rest of anna and her crew. then to get a massage, i love this sunday!
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08/21/10 05:03 - 82.ºF - ID#52487

just go

i need a trip, some inspiration, and escape, something.

(e:hodown) is coming along...

was thinking guatemala, but i think my final decision is jamaica. we can go relatively inexpensively...

there's a local culture there, and it's a jungle environment. the beaches are beautiful and the water is clear and powder blue. plus you can drink rum drinks out of a coconut. it's just what i need!

this summer basically sucked for me, and i have a feeling that now i am down things can only improve.

i'm very focused on saving money, work and school.

i guess maybe i am homesick, i miss blo, and the baby and my brother, and sister, and my boys. i'm going to come home and visit soon, maybe for my birthday... but soon for sure because i need that baby to give me hugs and kisses!

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08/09/10 12:23 - 71.ºF - ID#52401


momma ho made cupcakes. omg so good! the daughter of a patient at the hospital made them and i begged for the recipe and the moms made them and now we have cupcakes galore and i am going to have tummy ache!

ok, and i would also like to say, i like anything with rainbow sprinkles, them make all things prettier and better tasting. if you ever have some num nums that aren't quite right, you need to load it up with those rainbow sprinkles.

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08/05/10 12:27 - 77.ºF - ID#52366

tomorrow's to do list

since i always lose my little pieces of paper with lists, i decided to put my to do list here. that way it cannot be lost!

1. actually get up when alarm goes off loser!

2. work out

3. drink copious amounts of coffee, and eat yogurt and berries

4. print reports and timesheets for work

5. print fedex label for (e:hodown)

6. one load laundry before work, esp. scrubs

7. fold laundry you did four days ago, lazy.

8. go to kinko's to mail fedex package to (e:hodown) or be placed on sista probation

9. work

10. do not respond to texts from people who are on probation, even if they don't know they are on probation. you are still not liking very many people.

11. buy toilet paper and healthy lunch supplies for work friday on way home from work!

that should cover it. if i have time between jobs, i may treat myself to a manicure.

ok yea, wait there's something else

12. start twitter account because (e:hodown) has told you that you must. this to do comes with much spite. i really don't want to. i am so anti twitter and anti facebook.... poo.
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08/03/10 12:07 - 81.ºF - ID#52357

the food police

i am currently being watched very closely by officer julie(aka my mother). she criticizes everything i eat. last night she said, "you have gained weight and you need to watch it."

ok, pretty sure i am the the same size i was two months ago... when i was working out daily and watching what i ate. for some odd reason, i have been super hungry all the time recently and have been eating whatever. i haven't gained weight. i have lost a little muscle tone. i think it's because i work so much and eat lots of veggies and fruits in addition to the bad stuff.

(e:hodown) and i are so annoyed with this. my mother has been trying to control my diet and exercise since i was a teen. i have never been overweight. i actually enjoy eating food. being stick thin like my mother is not a priority to me, i have a womanly body and it suits me. also, i'm pretty strong and i have a lot of muscle.

i just don't get why other people tell me how great i look, but my own mother is so critical.

i just finished eating a whole pizza. yea, i did. and i don't care what she or anyone else thinks.

glorious 1st day off in two weeks, pool time!!!!!! nap first!
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07/29/10 01:57 - 74.ºF - ID#52324

pop champagne oooohh!

1.5% raise like woah! i'm a baller now. i have 4 jobs, i have a problem.

anyway. why can't people understand the difference between their, and they're????? and then there as well...

i'm here. waiting for my cuz to pick me up and take me to le gas station taco place, best ever!

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