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Category: party

12/28/09 11:10 - 19ºF - ID#50678

New years party 2010

We are having a new year's party after all. 9PM 24 Linwood bring all your friends. Ball drop at midnight - sorry about the late notice. Hope you can make it.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: estrip

05/10/09 03:50 - 47ºF - ID#48640

Buffalo News Article I Missed

Somehow I missed this Buffalo News article that mentioned estrip.


This is the self-proclaimed "original neighborhood blogging community" of Buffalo - inspired specifically by the Elmwood Village strip.

A fairly sophisticated site, it allows for image, sound and video embedding, as well as a mobile/dial-up site for the blogger who just can't wait until he or she gets home to tell everyone about that squirrel fight in Delaware Park.

Blogging topics on this site are broad, including but not limited to animals (with such delightful posts as "A bird in the hand means poop on the car" and "Chinese death camp for cats") and Food ("Dave don't eat it!" and "Subway. Finger-licking Freedom").

Turns out, the Elmwood strip is a popular hangout in cyberspace, too.
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Category: estrip

03/30/09 09:40 - 32ºF - ID#48236

New estrip - new top info area

Here is just a glimpse of what it will be like in the new estrip when I am done - someday. I really wish I had more time to donate to it, sorry it is going so slowly. Not done with fleshing out the messages yet, but it is more obvious when you have messages showing you the number of new and the number of total messages. Then you can read them inline, by clicking the link.


I only have a few things left:

1. The new mobile site
2. Preferences section
3. Draw replacement
4. quickstart guide
5. help
6. stats
7. convert latest data into new database structure
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Category: estrip

03/20/09 03:36 - 36ºF - ID#48139

Work on new estrip

I decided to go with avatars and titles in the latest entries list. I think for people who are not familiar with the site content it will make more sense than the person's name or the date. The datetime shows when you hover over the title, the user's name by hovering over the pic. Both link to the journal.

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12/11/08 08:06 - 28ºF - ID#47031

IE Browser stats

On both the Buffalo NFTA Bus schedule site and on it appears that the use of IE6 is dying rapidly. I think Roswell might be the last stronghold. I can't believe we are using such outdated, insecure crap as our browser.

IE 6 is green, IE 7 is in blue ad IE 8 is red

this is only out of the small IE percentage. Firefox alone is now 57% of viewers. On the NFTA site though, IE is 77% of viewers, although, same ratio of IE 6 to IE7
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Category: estrip

12/09/08 11:17 - 47ºF - ID#47012

Mysql 5.1

There was some drama after the upgrade to mysql 5.1 yesterday night. I am not sure what happend. The upgrade seemed to go find and I updated and repaired the tables but then the blogs table crashed in the middle of the night. Its all fine now and has held up since then. Hopefully, it was just a freak thing and I won't have to downgrade.
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Category: mobile

12/06/08 01:39 - 26ºF - ID#46985

Updated the mobile site again

I updated the estrip mobile site again.

0. Made the buttons way bigger on the iphone, which has enough screen real estate to handle that.
1. Made the login work better on the iphone. There was a glitch before trying to type in your password.
2. Moved the login right to the top of the fron page of the mobile site
3. made a mobile version of the send message, send email link on the users mobile journal pages that leaves you on the mobile site and returns you back to the site when you send a message/email. Previously, it used to regular sites page which sucked for the mobile. The new one give syou feedbakc saying the message was sent
4. Chnaged the message user and email user to text links instead of the postit and email link.
5. Added link to mobile nfta bus and metro schedules at the bottom of the front page

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Category: mobile

11/30/08 12:24 - 35ºF - ID#46891

Mobile Site Updates

I don't have all that much time right now but I decided to do some mobile site updates that make using the mobile site easier now that more of you are using it.

1. You are now presented with the login box, when trying to leave a commit from the mobile site, and not logged in. Thanks (e:fellyconnelly) for catching this. I had no idea what people meant when they were saying comments were not working.

2. The contact links now work. e.g. post it and email link.

3. The search box is more efficient and no longer has a default value. It also has a search button for phones that don't submit with the enter key being pressed in a form field.

4. I added a before/after journals section to the bottom of any mobile journal page that shows the previous and next 5 journals as links by title making it easier to jump around on a mobile phone. I may do the same for the main site at some point in the future.

5. Got rid of useless mobile nav links that were cluttering mobile nav. The TOS link, the defunct WAP site, epad. Limited messages view to last 10 so that it loads better on mobiles.
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Category: estrip

11/10/08 10:43 - 37ºF - ID#46639

IE 6/7 support Question

Does anyone care anymore. If the new estrip was IE8, Firefox, Safari only and IE 6/7 users had to use the mobile site would anyone even care?
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Category: estrip

11/05/08 12:31 - 52ºF - ID#46541

Thank You President Obama

We made it to 32 journals in 24 hours.

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