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12/31/03 12:51 - ID#29738



Matthew, Paul, and Terry, are having a party on NEW YEARS EVE. WEDNESDAY night DECEMBER 31st. Everyone is welcome! BYOB. Hope to see you there.

see below for directions ->

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12/29/03 02:11 - ID#29737

Want to Help Out

We are ready to start advertsiing the site in order to gain more members. I would like to see numbers in the 100s by the spring. If everything works out I will then expand to new nodes for other neighborhoods around the city with the end goal being the development of a city wide journaling phenomena.

To do this I am going to both hand out flyers, as well as, hang banners around the neighborhood. If you have a house or public space somewhere around Elmwood, we could use your help. Also, if you have any other ideas or would like to help create the banners - please email them to us.

On another note, we would like to begin offerering free WIFI on elmwood. What we need are houses and businesses along the Strip to house the access points. Anyone have space to offer?
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12/29/03 12:00 - ID#29736

Elmwood Images


Terry and Sarah posing for the site.
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12/24/03 02:53 - ID#29735

Examples from the StyleBox

All you do is type the text you want styled into your stylebox and then click on the appropriate style.

Here is what they look like:
This is one of the new styles. This is one of the new styles. This is one of the new styles. This is one of the new styles.
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12/24/03 02:32 - ID#29734

Try Out The New Stylebox


So if the new audio and text chat wasn't enough, check out the new StyleBox, it allows you to simply input the text you want styled into the StyleBox above your journal entry and then click the style you want. The text will automatically be coded for that style in and inserted into your journal entry. The StyleBox and imageUploader are both avaiable in your QuickUpdate window. Check them out.

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12/23/03 10:27 - ID#29733

New Text and Audio Chat

Well, the secret is finaly out. The new v1.0 (E:Audio) and Text Chat is working. You can access it by clicking on the Chat button at the top of the page. Using this you can have free conference calls with your elmwood friends. You will need a mic to speak and speakers to listen. Alternatively, it lets those of you without sound capabilities simply text chat with each other.

This Audio Chat is running of the server. If the server is off the chat room will not work. However, it is on most of the time and is the same server the radio runs on. If its off its because I forgot tho wake up and turn it on.

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12/22/03 06:07 - ID#29732

Second Life Updates

Second Life Updates 3D Online World
Version 1.2 offers easier-to-use interface, virtual land auctions, Mac Version, and reduced pricing with a no-monthly-fees option for a one time fee of $9.95.

Anyone interested in starting a virtual elmwood 3D community? Email us if you are. My name is apfeljung in the world. IM me if you get there. I'll show you around.



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12/21/03 04:03 - ID#29731

Elmwood Craziness for v1.8

So we pushed ahead to v1.8. I know v1.7 only had a day but the code changes were definately significant enough for another version change. Now you can upload one image to a new journal entry without having to go through your image library. I also reconfigured the update page so it looks nice.

Don't forget to add your new userSound to your userPic!
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12/21/03 07:49 - ID#29730

Ver 1.7 Super Update

I could not sleep and decided to add one more requested feature. It is such an improvement that I am seriouly thinking about making it v1.8 tomorrow.

You now can add personalized voice and music messages for people who read your journal. Simply upload a wav, mid, or mp3 file up to 125k into the sound upload box on your update page. The user will then hear your file play when they click on your userPic.

Once you upload a file, your userName will have an "-S" next to it to alert readers that a new message has been added to your userPic. The system is the very same as with the "*" for journal updates.

I hope everyone enjoys this. Some people might just play music. Others, can leave political messages. I am seriously considering using mine as a sort of internet update as to where I am at that day. Kind of like an answering machine message.

More to come on this tomorrow. Simply click on the UserPics to hear a soundFile play. The Elmwood and Paul journals both have an S. I hope to see more Ss when everybody else wakes up. hahaha
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12/21/03 01:26 - ID#29729

More New Features and New v1.7

While it is still under development, the beta version of the elmwood journal search engine is being released. You can access it from the search button up top.

The search engine accepts boolean search functions and is actually quite robust. Instructions and examples can be found on the search page.
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