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05/31/06 04:52 - 87ºF - ID#30287

testing IE 6

This is a post written from IE. It is not having errors on IE 6 windwos XP?


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05/27/06 11:18 - 59ºF - ID#30286

Impromtu Party Tonight and Updates

Bumper Sticker Party
First I need to give everyone their bumper stickers. How about tonight at our house. How about 8PM? 444 Linwood Avenue


New (e:strip) To Go Club
On another note I am thinking about making a feature this weekend to allow you to post a message to the "go" group, then anyone who has email or sms enabled for mobile phone and is also in the go group will receive a message saying where you are/are going.

E.g You send a message form your phone or computer saying, "I am going to spot coffee at 1:30" then anyone else in the "go" group gets that mesage on their mobile or other people can check the messages on the site. Think of it as an IM away message with real life meeting potential. Would anyone use this? If I collect the data over time, I should be able to start peecasting where people will be. So we could have peep advisories.

e.g. There is a 60% change of 3 or more peeps being at the pink this thursday night.

Would anyone use this. If not, I am not going to bother until we have more people.

epad update
I set it so you can quickly get to your epad at

I should probably update the functionality soon seeing as it is about 3 years old. I still find it incredibily useful for storing stuff on the go or when switching between computers. Just think of it as a secure notepad to go.
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Category: maps

05/26/06 01:26 - 69ºF - ID#30285

live yahoo maps replace google maps

(e:ajay) who works at yahoo wrote to me suggesting I use yahoo maps instead of the links to google maps that occur when you use the link tag in your journal. At first I was skeptical because I tried out the AJAX based maps and it was throwing some errors or conflicting with some of the sites other javascript. It also had this bug when you scrolled over it, down the journal, it would think you were zooming in and out on the map.

So I went to the yahoo API site, switched to the flash API and its all set. I love it, these are freakin' great. Now we have inline maps right in the journals. I will add some code so you can add other data to your map point.

Here is an example (MAP TO: 24%20LINWOOD%20AVENUE)
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05/24/06 11:01 - 60ºF - ID#30284

Let estrip read you the comments

You can now listen to the comments using flash by clicking listen under the comments or by tuning into the podcast. When I am done with work tonight, I will add the journal podcast.

Just subscribe to it in itunes under advanced->subscribe to podcast or use you other favorite podcast player.

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05/24/06 11:40 - 58ºF - ID#30283

Comments Podcast

You can now listen to the comments podcast. When I am done with work tonight, I will add the journal podcast.

Just subscribe to it in itunes under advanced->subscribe to podcast or use you other favorite podcast player.

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05/24/06 12:37 - 50ºF - ID#30282

New yahoo map lookup

Now you can look up both google and yahoo maps in the chat.

to look up a yahoo map:
ymap 1600 elmwood avenue

to look up a google map:
map 1600 elmwood avenue

Please read the two previous posts as I posted them all tonight
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05/23/06 11:55 - 50ºF - ID#30281

Has anyone tried journal months

I wonder if anyone has tried the (list by month) link under the userpics. It breaks down the journal by month. Each dot represents a journal. Orange ones have categories, red ones do not. If you are logged into your journal you can add a category to any journal. Ones you already viewed get a black outline. It is the fastest way to flip through jorunal entries.

Here is an example of what it looks like on (e:uncutsaniflush)'s journal.

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05/23/06 11:10 - 50ºF - ID#30280

The bumpster stickers are here!

After all the drama, the estrip bumpster stcikers are here and they arwe awesome. They are really bright orange, the picture doesn't do it justice. Like brighter than (e:jenks) orange shoes.


We should meet up this weekend so I can distribute them.

I remember when I thought no one was ever going to use the site in 03 (e:paul,117) - maybe now I can finally see 1000 peeps join the site.

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Category: bug fix

05/22/06 12:11 - 45ºF - ID#30279

No more transparent pngs in IE 6

I forgot to mention this. I removed my script for making trasnparent PNGs in IE. For example you may notice the conrol panel icons and theme icons have blue/grey backgrounds whereever they should be transparent.

It took to long for the browser to apply the filter required to all the little images and would freeze the browser for a second while it loaded which annoyed the fuck out of me. I am not going to make a whole other set of ugly transparent gifs to replace the pngs, so from now on IE 6 users will see the blue/grey broder around all pngs. Blame IE for sucking so bad. IE 7 has fixed this uberlame problem.

You could alread upgrade to IE 7 beta, although, I would just switch to firefox if I were you and wait for the IE 7 final to come out.
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05/21/06 06:48 - 47ºF - ID#30278

Updated autosave code / comments update

I totally rewrote the autosave system. It is used to save your journal to your local system. Autosave is on by default. To turn it off uncheck the autosave box above your jorunal entry box.

1. With autsave on, it saves you journal entry into a cookie, every 3 seconds.

2. It also autosaves when you leave the page no more warning, it just saves to be safe.

3. You can also hit the create savepoint button at any point to save to a cookie.


When there is a saved restore point, the restore savepoint button will get a red border. If you hit it, the old text is restored into your box over whatever is in there.

To remove a savepoint, click the clear savepoint button.

This should stop people from losing entries when they "accidentally" switch pages during writing or their browser quits.

I also updated the comments to show the 50 latest comments in the (more) link on the front page. When you click on the links on the (more) page they auto load the journals in the main window.

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