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11/30/04 12:22 - ID#30023

New Updates and Preferences

(e:j3sse) made a request for a new preference to have the publish box closed by deafult. So if anyone else wants to use it, it can now be found in your preferences control panel ( the # in your control panel.) I also redid the add more upload entry spots on the publish form. to add up to five media files, just click the "Num Files ++" button and it adds entry slots without having to refresh the page like it used to.

>>Posted By: paul
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11/27/04 12:38 - ID#30022 pmobl

Talking Leaves Sale

This is a forward from (e:churchofjulie) .

I have a soft spot for the good people at Talking Leaves. They're having two Holiday Open Houses. It's 10% off on Books, Calendars, Cards etc (20% off if you're a member-which is only $5 per year).

Monday, Nov. 29 10am-9pm at the 951 Elmwood

Saturday, Dec. 4 10am-9pm at 3158 Main Street

After 5pm there will be snacks and drinks at the store

>>Posted By: terry >>Updated By: terry 11/27/04 11:44
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11/26/04 11:00 - ID#30021

Errors and Slow Downs

So the server was having problems and they never got my trouble ticket. It seems the trouble ticket system was down. Anyways, its all good now - so you can feel safe again and update quickly. This is what it looked like during the panick.


Try typing weather in the chat box now. Its really fast.

>>Posted By: paul
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11/26/04 07:53 - ID#30020

Sorry about the tech problems

Sorry about the tech problems on the site the last two days. It should be over soon.

>>Posted By: paul
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11/23/04 03:34 - ID#30019

epad update

Now the epad just shows up when you click on an inlink instead of notifying you that the text has been copied to the epad. The save/send feature works as well. I hope this raises awareness of the epad system. If it is actually used, I mayl update with new features shortly.

>>Posted By: paul
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11/16/04 04:42 - ID#30018

e:strip API beta

Using the estrip API is easy! Simply follow the instructions here to get you started. You can also view a live copy of the example page here . With this API you can add estrip content from your journal to your own PHP enabled website and design the website however you want. You can then update your journal at estrip and your site will update accordingly.


If you are having any trouble or need help using the API with your website feel free to contact paul.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 11/16/04 03:45
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11/14/04 07:59 - ID#30017

MSN Search and Google

Wow the new MSn search really like to cache our site, they visit it so much and so far have saved 30 pages of results from it but google
only has 26 full pages itself.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 11/14/04 19:14 >>Updated By: paul 11/14/04 19:15 >>Updated By: paul 11/14/04 19:15 >>Updated By: paul 11/14/04 19:16 >>Updated By: paul 11/14/04 19:17
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11/13/04 06:15 - ID#30016

Updated Stats and Appology

(e:matthew) warned me about this several times and I forgot to check into it. It is true that the media stats were not updating for a while, actually about a month. I am surprised no one else noticed besides (e:matthew). It was an easy fix. I had changed the name of the database that stored the statistics but hadn't changed it in the code that counts them as you upload. There are so many more media files than expected. You can always check on the (e:info) journal for the full site stats or on your journal for your own stats. Stats are located right under your fav five list if you have them enabled in your preferences control panel.

[size=m]Current Site Stats[/size]
Total Entries: 6237
Total Words: 1,075,819
Images Uploaded: 3105 *updated since fix
Total Sounds: 28 *updated since fix
total SWFs: 16 *updated since fix

Wow, that is a lot of information.

>>Posted By: paul
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11/09/04 03:05 - ID#30015

Snow Flakes And Web Cam

I am putting htis hear for historical record. today it snowed. I released the snow on the site too. The snow is the infant state of a new interactive menu system to be released at some point in the future.

The snowflakes themselves are interatcive, white ones can be shoveled by clciking. Clicking a red one turns off the snowflakes till you restart your browser. The orange one produces haikus. The Green one turns on flake animation. It also pauses it. Think of the green one as the play button. They are randomly placed each time. If you have them animating and you begin to type a jorunal, they pause for your convenience. The blue question mark "flake" is a link to a web cam. Because they are made of ASCII text they are very low impact. They work on safari, IE for WIN, and firefox!!


>>Posted By: paul
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11/08/04 10:06 - ID#30014

Libraries closing


Are you aware that all 52 libraries across Erie County will close their
doors after January 1st under Erie County's proposed 2005 operating
budget? This budget cuts support to the Buffalo and Erie County Public
Library by more than $19 million -- an 80% reduction in the System's
operating funds.
Please communicate your need for library service to your County
Legislator, State Senator and State Assemblyperson. For public official
contact information and a sample letter, visit
Keep checking the Library's website,, for updates and
information on future advocacy efforts. Your support is greatly

>>Posted By: hotmama
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