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07/12/03 12:51 - ID#29676

New Homepage Feature

The journals are free as always but now we are thinking of offering webspace for our users own homepages. If you re interested in this service please contact me
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07/11/03 07:21 - ID#29672

The Powerbook is Dead

Let it long live in peices sold on ebay. The powerbook met a 40oz bottle of beer in an unfortunate accident and is no longer with us. This is the powerbook that was used to create this page. I am taking this as a message from "god" to give up on crapple computers. So I am on a little break while I wait for my new portable intel-powered openGL workstation. Fuck Apple anyways. I hate them and their lame ass hardware. If it wasn't for OS X I would have dropped them a long time ago. If you don't believ they suck, get this when my powerbook was in repair for defective parts last month they returned it to me without the battery and then tried to blame it on me asking me if I was sure it had a bettery in it when I sent it. I am moving onto Linux which is by the way the operating system this sit eis running on.
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