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06/30/04 09:24 - ID#29888

Events Module Upgrade


I have worked hard today to bring you estrip events, a calendar based journal sorting system. This system was requested by (e:keith).

Because I did not want to break away from the journal system until epeeps is developed I developed the events system as a journal based system.

Instructions on how to use it can be found here [inlink]info,15[/inlink]

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: info
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06/29/04 01:59 - ID#29887

Government Visits

I checked into the site statistics today and over the weekend someone coming from a US government domain visted 62 pages and downloaded 4.30 MB of information for a total of 348 hits. 4.30 MB is just about all the information there is. I wonder what type of hardcore reader that was.

My guess is that it is more like a machine. I mean who could read that much information in such a sort period of time. What do they want?

If you are just a casual reader, reading this from a government location, please go ahead and send me an email or start a journal and prove me wrong.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul
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06/28/04 10:19 - ID#29886

More appologies

I really appologize for the inadequecy of the hosting company that I chose. The entire customer sevice team has been moved to a foreign land and they forgot how to speak English, or? This type of service would be fine for hosting my own site, but its really aggravating to have downtime for this site.

Th best option would be for me to host it myself on my server but I cannot afford the required connection fees for hosting a site this big.

I am looking into alternatives currently, hopefully this will not happen anymore. I had wanted to move the site to a local hosting company originally but was concerned with privacy issues, etc.

Anyone know of a grant for online communities? Or have any ideas, that I may consider.

>>Posted By: paul
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06/28/04 08:09 - ID#29885

Sorry about the Downtime

I appologize about downtime today. The site was not working for about five hours this afternoon. It was once again a problem with our lame ass server host. I will be moving the site at somepoint in the future when I can secure some sort of funding.

>>Posted By: paul
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06/27/04 04:03 - ID#29884

Fahrenhet 9/11 Discussion Party

Join a live, interactive online conference call with Michael Moore
Discuss Fahrenheit 9/11
Plan local actions to defeat George Bush

Turn Up the Heat on Richmond (27 registered participants)
749 Richmond Avenue
Buffalo, NY
In the Elmwood district, come and share your thoughts with people who are ready to take our cause to others. Bring informaiton and/or signs for people to display in their yards. Pizza and drinks will be provided.
749 Richmond is between Dorchester and Potomac south of Forest Avenue north of Delavan street on the Elmwood side of richmond.
Monday, June 28, 08:00 PM

Register at:

>>Posted By: rachel
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06/26/04 12:56 - ID#29883

Updated Statistics

Since June 21, 2004:

217 Journals have been published.
51 visits to the spell check.
139 visits to the gallery searh
291 rss feed requests

>>Posted By: paul
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06/25/04 09:22 - ID#29882

Help Call 911

(e:jill) and (e:paul) are stuck in (e:keiths) epuffvest with erotaryphone that eunplugged. We have repeatedly called e911 to no avail, those damn Buffalo police. we even tried the old 875-1234 but they told us it was out of there juristiction cause we crossed the "line" of civilization. Send backup.


>>Posted By: paul
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06/24/04 09:14 - ID#29881

Updates Galore

Well, after all the AIM integration updates last night I decided to continue on with the madness. If you are logged in you can now also see someone's online site status on their journal. There are two icons one for aim online status. The AIM one is a link that allows you to chat directly with the user using AIM.

The other icon indicates the user's online status for the site. If the user is on the site you will see the little pen icon.

If the user is both on AIM and on the site at the same time you will see this.


I also changed the control panel to be icon based and moved the upload userPic and userSound functions over to the control panel, see below.


>>Posted By: paul
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06/24/04 04:59 - ID#29880

New Instant Messenger Intergration

In order to bring people together I had integrated AIM with the site. In order to use the features, you need to have AIM installed on your computer.

For those of you that do not know. AIM is a free chat program made by aol. It allows you to chat in room, person 2 person, exchange files, and now even play online games together.

In order to have your AIM online status show up on your journal, simply log in and click on the AIM image icon in your control panel found in the same spot as the login box, but after you log in. Just type your AIM userName into the form that comes up and you are set to go.

Now, when you are logged into AIM, other signed in users will see


under your userPic. Remember, this is only visable to othe rlogge din members. Non-memeber visitors of the site will not see anything. If you are not logged in to AIM, you will also see nothing under your userPic.

Also, if you go to the who page you will now see links for audio chat, the php chat, and the AIM chat room. The AIM chat room will take you to a chat room that is pre-set up for estrip.

Hopefully, this will work to keep you all in touch with each other, even when on mobile devices.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul >>Updated By: paul
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06/23/04 04:59 - ID#29879

New Show or Hide Entry Feature

When logged in to your journal you will now see a new icon at the bottom of each journal entrie. The icon is an eye. Clicking on this open eye will shut it and hide the journal entry from anyone accept you. This is a great way to store a draft until you are ready to publish it.

>>Posted By: paul
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