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03/29/04 01:07 - ID#29805

Testers for the Image System

I have redone the code for uploading images, flash, and drawings. It now places your images into dated folders. The image library will not work properly now. I am currently divising a new system for it that will allow for smoother browsing of your old images.

However, in the meantime please upload images, flash, and sketches so that we can find out if there are any problems.

>>update: Luckily, I tested the Sketch system at school ,as it did not work on Mac Internet Explorer or Safari. It should be good to go now.

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03/28/04 01:44 - ID#29804

Please check out the new journal sketch

The sketch pad can be used to add diagrams and sketches to your journal. You can find a great example on Jill's journal. To add your own sketch simply click on the Sketch (beta) link in the control panel.


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03/25/04 02:17 - ID#29803

Something Is Wrong >> Now Right

The mySql serve ris going down or something. If you notice problmes please be aware that I have submitted a trouble ticket to the server admin.

>>update - This seems to have been corrected. If you notice any problems please email me.
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03/21/04 11:19 - ID#29802

Member Drive and PHP Chat

The site is now ready for more people. I will be continuously working on the site in the near future. But we are ready to announce it to more people. So tell all your local friends that have something to say or need a click-publish outlet for their work.

We are also going to start having flyers and banners printed in the next week or two. If you have any questions please email us.

CHAT - I am still working on the php chat, at this point you can use it although it is still uder construction. You can see the last two lines of the chat in the control panel. You can also type there. If you would like to see more lines - click on the Chat link on the control panel.

"When you're in a town all covered with snow you forget there is a world outside, nothing amazing happens here and you get used to that, used to a world where evertything is ordinary.

Everyday we spend here is like a whole lifetime of dying slowly but now (e:strip) is here. That's how we know there really is a world outside."

Slightly changed quote from flcl. Click on the userPic for the audio version from the anime.
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03/20/04 10:49 - ID#29801



downtown protest
march 20th 2004
lafayette square
buffalo, ny
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03/20/04 03:02 - ID#29800

Updates Again

As requested you can now see who else is online. The number of (e:peeps) shown under the login box is the number of people signed into the site. If you would like to check and see who they are, simply click the (who) link.

Doing so will take you to a page that shows the user_pics of those people who are signed in. Visitors are not included in this "who" list.

If you log off it will take your name off the signed-in list. If you do not log-off but do not use the site for more than five minutes. It will also not count you as logged-in untill you come back to the site and refresh any page.

There is a also a link to the chatroom from that page, so hopefully this will get people together. If the chat room gives you a blank window, it means the server it is runnng off of is not on. Simply try again later.
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03/19/04 10:01 - ID#29799

More Updates

I promise this updating will end soon and then you can get all comfortable again. I had the week off of school so I tried to take advatage of it. I hope you enjoy the upgrades once you figure them out.

If you are not sure how to update anymore, don't fret, there is a new control panel available to you upon login.

From the control panel you can do everything you could before but faster and better.

All new publications will be made through the quickUpdate box which is now listed as "write" in the control panel. The stylebox is on vacation while a new more high tech one is being developed.

While you can use the Edit/Update control panel to update and delte multiple historical entries. The easiest way to update an entry is simply to click on the pen icon at the top of each entry on your journal. then pen allows you to update the text, add new images, or new flash files to any previous journal entry.

The little trash can deletes a journal entry. Both features are only avaiable on your own journal and only when you are logged in.

Pleas email me if you have any questions.
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03/17/04 04:52 - ID#29798

Another Feature

The new trash can, inspired by the mac OS 8.6 trash can has been added to each entry. If you are logged in as the author of the entry you will see both a pen and a trash can next to your mail envelope.

The pen and trash can allow you to respectively delete and update.
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03/17/04 01:57 - ID#29797

Email Server Back Up

Sorry about the inconvenience. The mailing features, as well as, your email if you have one, now work.
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03/17/04 02:53 - ID#29796

Two Major New Features As of 5AM

BEST FEATURE - If you are logged in, every journal entry has a little pen next to the mail envelope that lets you updat ethat specific entry. It doesn't matter what moth you are on. This is a really handy feature and saves a bunch of time. However, you need ot be logged in to see the icon.

Also, I am starting a community upload section where other people can upload media for the site. I am starting out with start up sounds and banners for the top of the site. I really want to see one of the coop house!!

You can get to the community upload pages by clicking on the uploads link in the banner. It is red right now to notify that it is new.

UPDATE >> The email server is down today. I will post when it is back up.
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