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Category: estrip

01/26/06 07:25 - 20ºF - ID#30203

Pledge Drive Contrinued

This is about the RAM post [inlink]paul,4143[/inlink] I wrote yesterday. Thanks (e:jenks) and (e:uncutsaniflush) for donating to the RAM drive, you guys are awesome. Should I name it the jenks-uncut chip or the uncut-jenks pic!? lol

If anyone else can donate I would appreciate it. Just click on the donate button above the lastest journals list. You can donate with paypal.

In response to (e:ajay)'s comment about ditching the motherboard for one that takes DDR RAM. The motherboard I have already has 1GB of RIMM and dual xeons in it that I don't really want to pull out because they are working and happy in it. It also seems so sad to just get rid of it, it is a huge $450 piece of plastic and metal and has a lot of life left in it. I can't justify it environmentally. But definately, the next one will not have RIMMS.

[size=m]historical background[/size]
Here is a little history of the machine that is (e:strip). In 2002 I started working on my MFA at UB and was working hard on Virtual Reality and 3D. I was determined to have a really powerful machine with the latest graphic card and processors. At the time I bought the motherboard, it was the only dual processor motherboard I could find with AGP 8x which I needed for 3D at the time. RDRAM was also really popular and fast (6400MB/s) back in 2003.

Sadly enough, that mega fancy graphic card (ATI firgGL X1 256MB ) now lives its outdated life in a cardboard box because the server just didn't need to server web pages. Anyone want to buy it?

It felt really strange downgrading to the new consumer grade video card I got at compusa, but I figured the less complicated, the less that could go wrong and the server definately is not a graphics workstation anymore.

Slowly, I started to realize how expenive 3D is. It is a never ending cycle of buying the latest greatest hardware and software. I lost patience for 3D design and moved to web. By 2003 I decided to make (e:strip) as a class project for my Virtual and Online communities class. It needed a server and I decided I could repurpose the one that I was using for 3D. The problem is that I could never seem to afford the connection. I tried to host it at home with my adelphia connection but serving a site is against their TOS agreement and would have been a constant battle with home internet usage taking up the whole pipe. Sometime (e:matthew) can make Azureus take the whole internet down. So instead, each month I paid for it to be hosted elsewhere. When it was tiny in 2003 it only cost $7.99/month for the first couple months. As it started to grow I ended paying $40.00/month for a virtual server space.

Then just a month or so ago, Jamie Moses from Artvoice offered to let me host my server there and now whenever you type something or use the site, you are actually just using my computer which is living in their basement.

Anyhow, so I think it is a waste to just throw it out?!

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Category: estrip

01/25/06 06:26 - 31ºF - ID#30202

Site Transfer

The site has been transfered to the new server. I am still leaving the old one up for a bit just in case. Unfortunately, has not fully transfered everywhere. I believe in some places it has. In the mean time you can use which you will be automatically redirected to when you visit All three are the same web site. At least for now.

So play around with it and send me a site email if there are any problems.

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Category: webhunt

01/21/06 01:54 - 42ºF - ID#30201

Tk on the web

I was doing my usual search for the site robot hunt when I found this link to (e:flacidness)'s journal (TK) on

Elmwood Strip Journals and Lifestyle Info v4.0 Buffalo NY -
Anywho the reason I posted tonight is that some bitch who promised me she would be here tonight, didn't show up . . . Cindy lick a twat you ugly cum dump . . .

It looks like a robot found ever site with cum dump bitch and TK's journal was one of them.
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Category: estrip

01/12/06 02:02 - 39ºF - ID#30200

Some mini fixes

I think I finally squashed the bug where you would change pages and you mute preference would reset. The same bug squash should have also fixed the problme where the message box pops up on every screen, even after you close it. Now it should stay closed until you click on your post-it control panel again. If you roll over the post-it control panel it should display the number of messages you have.
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Category: feedback

01/10/06 01:48 - 35ºF - ID#30199

Theme Choice

I was wondering what you guys think about this. I record what theme everyone selects when logged in. Should I make it so that the theme you have selected is the one that shows when your journal is being viewed by others. On one hand I think it is a good idea, on the other, it might make the site look too dijointed if every journal was in a different theme. Right now, when you select a new theme and you are logged in, it displays your theme selection in the stats bar after hangman score. Maybe that is enough, people could always choose after reading that.

[size=l]P.S. Does anyone want to help with the help files or the newbie guide or am I all alone on this.[/size]

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01/07/06 03:53 - 29ºF - ID#30198

Help and Fixes

[size=m]Wanna Help Out Help[/size]
If more people are interested in working on the help files with (e:uncutsaniflush), we can probably get through them all in about a week or so if there were more people. If you are interested just tell me and I can make you a help admin. That allows you to edit help files directly from the help interface.

[size=m]Fixed Journal Dots[/size]
I fixed the journal dots and overview mode, both had been down for a while - I just didn't realize it was down. It was basically two lines that had to change and was a result of the date format switch I implemented about a month ago. I didn't realize till (e:uncutsaniflush) wrote about it on the news journal comments the other day.

In response to (e:uncutsaniflush)'s comment I would like to point out that you guys are in fact beta testers.

Part of this being a community is you guys aiding in and helping guide it's development by using it. I have consistently repsonded to people's feedback. The reason things change so much is because I am constantly adapting it to user feedback and because as the community evolves and grows the needs change.

I think in general the site has been extremely stable for about 3 years using window with IE or firefox or mac with firefox which is 99% of the computer based viewers setup according to statics. Even on linux it hasn't been that bad. In fact I think that it is actually more stable than most operating systems.
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Category: help

01/06/06 07:41 - 22ºF - ID#30197

e:strip newbie guide

So, the other day I was complaining about all the work for the site and trying to think about what would make it easier. Then (e:ucnutsaniflush) had the brilliant idea to write a newbie guide to get new people started. This is the perfect kind of task for other people to work on, because it involves no programming or technical savvy, just a little time investment for your fellow estripppers.

Maybe (e:theecarey) because she has excellent writing skills and she seems to be good at breaking stuff down. If anyone else is interested in working on it, you are all invited.

It would definately make it easier on the newbies and easier on me because it would answer many of the questions that people ask all the time.

The help files have lots of info, but I don't keep up with them, and I am not sure if (e:uncutsaniflush) (help admin) did either. A newbie guide would be an excellent supplement to that.

How should we do it? You can leave comments here. I guess the first task would be identifying what belongs in the help and what belongs in a newbie guide. I would like it one simple searchable, printable document. Does anyone else have ideas?
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Category: design

01/01/06 04:34 - 36ºF - ID#30196

Two new themes

I added two new themes today. They might still get changed some bit, but they are usable now. One is called Polluted River and is about the Niagara RIver. The colors came from a vector illustartion I made about the time I lived off of river rd in riverside.


The other is sand. It is about my wish to be out in the sun. Both have new icons in the theme bar at the top of the page. Sand is the sand dollar, and polluted river is the tire image from the pic above.

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