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05/16/03 01:04 - ID#29669


I worked a lot more to make the whole site have a common look. Although, I am not incredibly happy with the image it is set up to be easily configerable when I have a little more creative inspiration. For now my brain is zapped from too many SQL querries. I am going to go chill with my tortoise now. It feels really neglected and is tryiing to eat everything in order to get my attention.
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05/15/03 12:18 - ID#29668

Things you can explore

To the left you find the region known as the sideBar. On each page the sideBar has information pertaining to the function of that page. I hope to be developing a control system with more customizable options in the future. I w
I am really excited to finally see my code work in a useful manor. I developed the entire code for the journal system from sratch. I also made the 3D walkthrough v1.0 myself using Maya 4.0 and Director MX. It is the beta phase for something that will hopefully develop into a 3D chatroom in the future. The chat room, forum, and mail were configured by me but opensource projects.
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05/15/03 12:23 - ID#29667

Background Info

Well although there were a billion and a half problems most of them have been worked out. This page has most extensively been tested on a Macintosh running OS X and Safari. It is built exclusively with PHP and MySQL. All pages are completely dynamic, so the site remains extremely lite. It is currently on a Linux server in Alaska and seems to be ok. If you find any bugs please email me
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