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05/31/05 11:32 - ID#30085 pmobl

Email Scam

Subject: *WARNING* Your Email Account Will Be Closed

We regret to inform you that your account has been suspended due to the violation of our site policy, more info is attached.

If you get this it is some sort of junk email, virus scam. Please ignore it and delete it.
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05/29/05 08:27 - ID#30084

Update Number 600

I have been updating tons of backend stuff that you never see, but I just added another update that is immediately useful to everyone. The epeeps and online guests list at the bottom of the top ten list updates itself every 20 seconds, so even if you don't refresh the page so that you can always know who is online.

>>Posted By: paul
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05/29/05 12:45 - ID#30083

Updated the user statistics page

You can get to the user statistics page by clicking on the # when you are logged in. This presents you with a table of all users, their aim online status, links to their journals, their site online status, how many views and how many entries they have written. You can sort by any coloumn by clicking on the column title. If a row is highlighted in red it means they are an unconfirmed user, if they are highlighted in yellow it means they are confimred by have written zero entries.

>>Posted By: paul
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05/25/05 10:44 - ID#30082

Many new speed fixes

You should find that (e:strip) is much faster today than it was during the beginning of the week. I added a lot of speed fixes by revamping any code left from 2003, and anything that was incompatible or redundant with the new server.

I also moved the RSS feed reader to a news link after help above.

>>Posted By: paul
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05/14/05 11:07 - ID#30081

Updated Cell Phone Functionality

You finally can log in on a cell phone and post without having to use email. You can also read entries, read an e-poem based on the journals called, "A Million Excuses" and see who else is online. You can also read the chat and read your (e:message) when logged in.

I will continue to add new features soon. You can get here at or


>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 05/14/05 23:08 >>Updated By: paul 05/15/05 00:18
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05/13/05 09:49 - ID#30080


Thanks to (e:scud) and (e:Drchlorine) for donating to the estrip fund. I am going to make a page with bricks that you can have your name on.

On another note I moved the address for wap to shorter addresses. I will begin to offer more service there soon. Right now you can check the latest entries and see who is online from any WAP enabled phone.

The addresses are or
There is no need for the www in either.


>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 05/13/05 09:59
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05/11/05 06:47 - ID#30079

Funding Cuts

Well now that I no longer have a job, paying $39.00/month on the server space for this not-for-profit project seems impossible. Maybe someone wants to donate some money? There is a nice green donate button at the top. What I really need is a place to relocate my server that has a really fast connection, or a job making $35,000/year. Willing ot work for server space, lol.

>>Posted By: paul
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05/10/05 12:48 - ID#30078

Some recent visitor statistics

Who would have thought so many people are still using windows with explorer. I guess it will never die.

[size=m]Operating Systems[/size]
Windows    91.5 %
Macintosh 6.3 %
Linux 1.6 %

MS Internet Explorer    64.3 %
Firefox    No 29.6 %
Safari    No 4.8 %

>>Posted By: paul
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05/09/05 01:58 - ID#30077

New Poetry Engine

I haver repogrammed the poetry engine to make it much more comprehensive. Check it out by clicking on the epoetry link in the search box.

On Collecting

she found one for an inexpensive stew.

we had a LEIN on the Semper LLC building before its new ownership ,

I have a long history of being unrealistic and impractical .

I got a bonus at Christmas when I'd only been here 3 months ,

I owned the house and I was married .

I have the qualities to do whatever I want to do in life.

>>Posted By: paul
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05/07/05 11:57 - ID#30076

Buffalo's Blue Bicycles

Workshop will be open Sunday May 8, 2005 from Noon until 3:00PM.

Blue Bicycles is very close to launching for the summer. However, we have one small gap left to fill. Please encourage friends & family to support Blue Bicycle. Join, volunteer or become a sponsor! Visit our website or feel free to contact me for more information.

We have a new website! Please visit:

Justin S. Booth MS

The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo 65 Niagara Square Rm. 607 Buffalo, NY 14202 (716)851-4052 Fax:(716)851-4309
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