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Category: estrip

09/29/05 09:08 - 50ºF - ID#30158

Moved the login/control panel

The login and control panel have been moved up to the top left of the page in order to bring the chat up and make more room for it seeing as it is getting used so much. Also don't forget that you can post to the chat from your wap enabled cell phone at
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Category: estrip

09/29/05 07:39 - 51ºF - ID#30157

Wap access to chat

You can post to the chat now on a cell phone thanks to Sarah Ho's Request. You need to log in first at
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Category: help

09/29/05 01:26 - 54ºF - ID#30156

Official Greeter/ Helpers

I need a someone or couple estrip savy veteran peeps who want to be official greeters/helpers. It's not very demanding. You would ber interacting with people about question on how to use the site and possibly answering some emails. When you are online it will show some sort of status symbol like "official helper" so that people can ask you for help.

new icon maybe?

Typical interaction: People sign up but have trouble confirming their email. You would have a control panel to manually confirm them. They aren't sure how to add a picture to their journal or listen to sound, etc. A lot of times the questions are even simpler than that, such as, "What is estrip about?", "Does it cost anything?", etc

While the help files would be the most obvious place to get the answers, some people just like a little coaching. So help might have a link to helper peeps online if they still have a question about something and that helper would be you.
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Category: wap

09/28/05 11:45 - 66ºF - ID#30155

Estrip Wap gets Chat

I added chat to the wap site for (e:lilho). I will allow people to post to the chat after i go get a guiness at the pink. In the mean time read the chat at on your wap compatible cell phone.


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Category: estrip

09/26/05 10:56 - 62ºF - ID#30154

Two Questions

1. Does anyone want to be a sports writer? You don't have to already be a member of the site but I would like someone to cover local sports and sport issues.

2. When I get some time, I am going to totally redo the calendar interface as it apparently is not very useful. More work for (e:uncutsaniflush).

I am thinking about moving the calendar right off the page and making a calendar utility that other people can post to without even having a journal entry to associate with it. You will still be able to associate a journal entry with an entry on the calendar. I am also thinking about making calendar comments. After 2 years it has seen very little use other than upon its release. Does anyone have suggestion? Just leave them as comments.
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09/25/05 10:50 - 75ºF - ID#30153

Latest Entries Update

I have updated the latest entries box to display the number of media (images, sound, video) included with each entry. If you roll over the mini icons, it will tell you how many of that type of media are included in the entry. Unfortunately, some people with big names like (e:southernyankee), haha, make the icons pop over the edge if they add multiple media formats to one entry!! I might redesign a little bit but I am really busy with my day job work right now.

[size=m]peep count update[/size]
Posting to the chat renews your name in the peep count if you have timed out after 5 minutes of inactivity.
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09/21/05 09:27 - 67ºF - ID#30152

Comment Info Update

(e:theecarey) had made a point that sometimes it is not easy to now what comments have been made. I forgot to tell everyone a couple months ago when I added comments to the search box. Maybe it needs a better home. Either way it needs to be covered in the help file.

SO the point is, if you click on the search box and then click on the comments link at the top you can see the last 15 comments posted in chronological order with links back to the original journals they were posted on. You can also get there by visiting this

You can refine the search to a specific user and see more than 15 comments by using the forms provided. You can also sort by different fields by clicking on the field names.

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Category: estrip

09/19/05 12:29 - 67ºF - ID#30151

Embeded Media Update

As suggested, I moved all the embed video and audio media to links that you can open by clicking on the corresponding audio or video link icon.

This will avoid problems with linux when playing the files and also make the page load faster on slower connections. On the the media player page that opens you can either play the embeded media or download the link to play in another program. Here are some example media files from both parties.

For both type sof media I would siggest using quicktime or realplayer. There should be some help files on setting up quicktime to play 3gp and amr by default.

These audio files are from in the "tent" the other night. The first one is mobile amr format the other is mp3.



This mobile 3gp format video is a gruesome video of (e:lilho) beating the crap out of the pinata at (e:ladycroft)'s birthday party.


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09/17/05 01:31 - 63ºF - ID#30150

e:uncutsaniflush promotion

It is my please to announce that (e:uncutsaniflush) has been officially promoted to help admin status. He can begin updating and editing help as soon as he wants. Congratulations and thanks for volunteering. I totally updated the help admin system so it should be super user friendly now.


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Category: outage

09/14/05 04:32 - 84ºF - ID#30149

e:strip outage

Sorry about the inconvenience. The hosting facility had a problem that required them to reboot the (e:strip) server, it was out of my hands. We had about 4 hours of down time this morning. That was out first outage in almost a year. I hope that it stays all good, or I will have to move the site yet again.


We are looking into this and will get back to you.

Tina Support

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