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Category: bug fix

05/31/07 10:34 - 72ºF - ID#39485

Sorry about that multi image bug today

The multi-file image upload is back. I would have fixed it earlier in the day but I had to go get drunk at Thursday n the Square first. For future reference, whenever something is broken on the main site, you can always do almost everything from the mobile site. e.g. upload images, publish journals, read comments, chat, messages, etc

The bug
For the technies out there you might find it interesting that as of firefox you cannot use the externalInterface calls on flash objects from javascript unless the flash file is showing. It took me forever to figure that out. That is dumb as far as I am concerned. I can't even tell if it is a bug or a feature seeing as they don't mention it anywhere.

Anyhow, to get around it I move the 1px wide flash files around so that it is always in view in the newest version of surebert.sticker.js once, you see it, it can go out of view and still work. So much for that. The new version of surebert took advtage of this but I had forgot to upgrade to that version when I made the changes last night.

I know I keep saying I have all this updates coming but I really do I am just waiting on having a new powerbook later in June so that I can easily test all the operating systems at once. The key will be having 3GB of ram!

The newest surebert 1.56 forgoes the obfuscation and just strips comments, gzips and caches the js files. They just as fast and it is all automated. In the new version of estrip the css will done the same.

So it works again. Have fun.
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Category: estrip

05/31/07 12:53 - 71ºF - ID#39472

Some Updates

The journal area now stretches the whole way down past the user data.

I am now compressing surebert with gzip instead of javascript.

The themes and latest journal box is no longer pushed down in Safari.

Hopefully, in three weeks I will have a mactop and can do more testing in safari, although I think the site generally works in it.

Maybe I will opensource textBling tomorrow.
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Category: web

05/17/07 01:47 - 50ºF - ID#39324

Buffalo Wireless Org

I received this message on the 6th but didn't notice it until today. this seems like a fantsic community internet asset and I wanted to pass along the info.

Hi Paul,

I am writing because I came across your site a long time ago and recognized that it is an important community portal in the Elmwood area. Currently I am starting another community project in the area that I thought you might be interested in, based on your interests in technology and community.

Recently I set up the web site The site, and the list serve that I set up, are aimed at getting people together to create a community wireless network. As opposed to projects like Buffalo Wifi (, which just seems to provide free access points in areas convenient for businesses, Buffalo Wireless ( is modeled after projects that descend in some way from MIT's Roofnet project. Currently some of the most successful community wireless networks include Portland's Personal Telco Project and Seattle Wireless.

Basically, the project in Buffalo would aim to provide Internet access that is run by local communities and users, rather than large corporations. It would do this by the construction of a mesh network running protocols like OLSR ( As we start the project, we need users interested in having access to the Internet that they control. I have already contact the local Linux Users Group and have several very technical users interested in helping to set up access points (although more certainly won't hurt).

The primary thing that we need right now in order to get the network off the ground is to find individuals who are willing to share roof real estate on which to locate an access point, and especially those who are willing to buy the access points that we will install on their roofs. I am trying to spread the word in the Elmwood area in particular because of geographic density and the large portion of the population in this area that already uses the Internet on a daily basis.

If you are interested, please check outlink and sign up on the list serve in order to receive project updates. In addition, I would appreciate if you would spread the word to anyone in the area whom you think might be interested in helping out in any way.

Please let me know if you have any questions or advice for the project, and I hope to hear from you soon!


Justin S. Leitgeb

Email: justin AT

Buffalo Wireless
Personal Web Site
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Category: estrip

05/15/07 07:19 - 74ºF - ID#39293

Backdated Journals

Now that i have discovered all these journals from elementary school I can't think of a better place to put them than here. The thing is they were written in 1985.

I am debating how to handle this situation. The purist in my wants a system where they can be entered in for the appropriate dates back in 1985. Another part of me wants to write journals today, as I found the old ones now, and talk about it that way as part of my current existence.

It is such a hard decision. Does anyone else have old journals they want to migrate over?

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Category: bug fix

05/14/07 11:28 - 61ºF - ID#39280

Bug Fix

I fixed the bug that (e:mike) noticed when trying to go back or forward after clicking on a date in the date cloud. You can now safely travel through time.
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Category: estrip

05/09/07 08:20 - 82ºF - ID#39215

Fairy and the Terms of Service

Well posted 1 blog so far, seems you group is rather unfriendly.
What you cannot promote yourself?
Two unkind remarks already, maybe your group is not worth hanging around.

(e:fairyastara) ,
Sorry that you feel that way but maybe you should have checked the terms of service agreement before posting your first journal (e:fairyastara,39209) about a commercial service.

Let me demonstrate what you would have seen if your read it:

By becoming an (e:peep) you agree to not create and/or display (e:content) that:

1. is for commercial purposes, including but not limited to the sale of merchandise ...


I refuse to let people sell shit on the commercial free web space I worked so hard to shield from commercial influence. I myself spent thousands of hours working on this and have made no money from it. If you want to go ahead and talk about your life and spiritual beliefs people would take it a lot different than when you start out trying to sell something.

Just imagine it like this. A group of people in a club meet at Delaware park to talk about their lives, etc and someone they don't know comes up and says, "hey I sell crystal balls if you are interested." What do you think their reaction would be?
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Category: ideas

05/03/07 01:11 - 48ºF - ID#39136

New Date Selector Cloud

Well this is more of a pre-announcement but I am getting rid of the date drop down in favor of the date selection cloud. Months with more journals are bigger.

Here is an example from the development server showing my journal with the new style of date selection. Each month is a link. Looks like I was a much busy blogger around this time in 05.

I have lots of other updates coming soon as time warner can get my internet straight for more than 10 hours and I have some free-time from the big project at work.

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