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Category: bug fixes

02/22/06 02:02 - 28ºF - ID#30209

FIxing the mobile email a post function

Jenks, the email a post from your mobile function works again with the new code. Using this you can post from a non WAP/XHTML mobile phone to your journal including both text, sound, and images. The only requirement is that you can send an email from your phone.


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Category: estrip

02/12/06 01:22 - 21ºF - ID#30208

Site Updates

I moved the userpic upload and usersound upload buttons back into the control panel at the top of the page. This should make it easier for people to find and use them. Your profile is now an actual link under your userpic labeled (my profile). It is right above journal overview and journal dots.

Usersounds now work in IE as well. You can play them by clciking on the speaker icon that shows up under anyones userpic that has uploaded an mp3 usersound.
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02/08/06 01:18 - 24ºF - ID#30207

The Evil of Windows Auto-Update

Last night I upgraded about 50 files involved in the site code and it got really late so I left my text editor open with all the files saved so that I knew which ones to upload in the morning.

Then windows did its stupid magic. It auto updated my computer and decided that it was appropriate to do an auto reboot without my approval. Seeing as the files were saved it wasn't too much danger but I no longer knew what changes I had made from the total site code. This lead to me having to re-upload everything so if you have any problems or something seems out of the ordinary, go ahead and send me an email.

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Category: upgrade

02/06/06 01:46 - 26ºF - ID#30206

User Sound Upgrade

I am slowly going to giving out larger file space. The first upgrade is that your usersound is now allowed to be up to 5MB. Right now in firefox there is a flash player that plays the sound by displaying a little speaker button under the contact links, under your userpic. You can test the player using firefox by clicking on the speaker icon on my journal here (e:paul)

I will probably finish the IE player tomorrow. Until then you can still upload mp3 files on either system and as always you can get to them from your profile.

To upload a file, click on your userpic and click on the same little speaker icon. With the new system you are limited to mp3 files. You can still upload midi and wav files to your regular journal entries.

I will streamline this system better later.
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02/04/06 03:09 - 42ºF - ID#30205

Journal Overview/Journal Dots Updated

Under every user's userpic is the Journal Overview and Journal Dots link. I updated them and fixed them so that they are both finding the styles again.

Joural Overview is the title, link to and first 200 words of every journal for that user. Mine might take a while to load on a slow computer because I have around 2000 entries.


The journal dots are a quick and easy way to visualize you old entries and flip though all the old journals you wrote. The ones you visit get black borders so you know you already saw them. Orange ones are ones with categories. The red ones have not been categorized.


If you switch to month view you can see the journal dots listed in a per month fashion which gives you an idea of when you wrote the most.

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02/01/06 01:01 - 31ºF - ID#30204

e:strip Back in the Day

I was going through some stuff today when I found this old picture of estrip in 2003, when it was pretty much my journal and my personal friends. Wow, how much it has grown since then. Here we are more than 2 million words later.

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