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Category: estrip

03/22/07 08:06 - ID#38563

Work, work, work

I updated lots of the backend code today. The site should be even faster to load journals now, not that it was particularly slow. I added some more stuff to my caching routine so that it would be nice for the database. I really cannot wait for the day when I have separate web and database servers.

I have a whole bunch more tricks up my sleeve. I will update more after I get back from San Francisco on April 2nd. Either that or I will die in a plane crash and (e:strip) will exist like this forever!

The mobile site comments section now fits with the rest of the mobile site. Remember the mobile version of the site is not just for people with mobile devices but for anyone with a slow connection or really old computer should be using that.

I know the (past chatter) link is gone. It is because the past chatter page is going to get a makeover next week. Maybe tomorrow before I fly but I doubt that. You will have to live in the present, lol.

Wish me luck that I find an amazing job making a million dollars and never come back. Just kidding, I am not even looking.

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Category: notification

03/20/07 11:29 - 37ºF - ID#38527

Network was down for a bit last night

It should be all okay now. Just got a message from Jake at artvoice.

Hi Paul,

I was working on our router last evening. One of the T1 serial interface cables still seems to be faulty, but I think connectivity should now be stable until I can get that fixed. I'll let you know in advance if I expect any further downtime.

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Category: estrip

03/19/07 08:15 - 36ºF - ID#38523

Updates and problems

I updated a bunch of back-end stuff today. I also fixed the search and the surebert multi-file upload button glitch (e:imk2) was talking about. should be set to go now. If for some reason it cannot create the new multi-file upload it will automatically go back to the traditional file upload.

There was another problem with the server connection today but that wasn't my causing. I also couldn't ping artvoice for a while. I wrote them an email. Hopefully, it is resolved.

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Category: estrip

03/16/07 07:30 - 23ºF - ID#38494


I have ported over a bunch of changes from a port of the site I am working on at work. 99% of it is backend and security changes.

Fixed the RSS feeds too.
Message me if anything is out of the ordinary.
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03/12/07 12:22 - 31ºF - ID#38426

Couple Updates

There has been a change in the system that required me to change the ID of journal entries. Each journal has a new id that is longer, 20000 longer to be exact. The old ones will forward.

The estrip lite chat has been redone to optimize it for mobile phones.

I am going to update the inlines and elinks in the journal text this week. In the mean time they still link to the proper numbers because of the redirect system in place.
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03/08/07 12:06 - 12ºF - ID#38391

Site Concerns

Well, the database got corrupted a bit today. I think it is fixed now but it makes me wonder if the databases hardrive is going to fail soon. I have backed up the database everyday for over a year. So there is not much to worry about. Nothing has really changed about the structure. Maybe the server itself is dying. I has been on 24/7 since 2003. That is a freakin' long time. It wa only rebooted a couple times.

I really need to have the server here and (e:terry) has finally allowed me to move it home soon. I would like to build a more environmentally friendly server. I figure it will cost me and additional ~$2000/year but it seems so worth it in terms of my time - which costs money. It will also allow me to host commercial projects of my own. I am wondering if FIOS or adelphia is going to be a better deal.

Having the server at home means I will be able to develop a lot more cool stuff and not have to worry about something breaking at 3am when it is locked far away. I can finally stop living my life over a ssh connection to a terminal prompt.

I just hope it survives until I go ahead and make the move.
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