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Category: mobile

12/14/11 02:12 - ID#55734 android app update

I updated the android app You can find it by searching the marketplace on you android device. The new version allows you to back out with the back button and return. I also saves the category, title, entry, pics selected when you leave the app without publishing so that you can come back to it as requested.
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Category: mobile

06/17/10 03:16 - ID#51927

Much Better Mobile Site

I really revamped the mobile site to work well on both the iphone 3g (iOS) and nexus one (android). If you get a chance try it out, should be much easier to manipulate with fingers than it was before. Sadly, the lame iphone cannot upload in the browser like the android phone I am posting this from.


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Category: mobile

12/06/08 01:39 - ID#46985

Updated the mobile site again

I updated the estrip mobile site again.

0. Made the buttons way bigger on the iphone, which has enough screen real estate to handle that.
1. Made the login work better on the iphone. There was a glitch before trying to type in your password.
2. Moved the login right to the top of the fron page of the mobile site
3. made a mobile version of the send message, send email link on the users mobile journal pages that leaves you on the mobile site and returns you back to the site when you send a message/email. Previously, it used to regular sites page which sucked for the mobile. The new one give syou feedbakc saying the message was sent
4. Chnaged the message user and email user to text links instead of the postit and email link.
5. Added link to mobile nfta bus and metro schedules at the bottom of the front page

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Category: mobile

11/30/08 12:24 - ID#46891

Mobile Site Updates

I don't have all that much time right now but I decided to do some mobile site updates that make using the mobile site easier now that more of you are using it.

1. You are now presented with the login box, when trying to leave a commit from the mobile site, and not logged in. Thanks (e:fellyconnelly) for catching this. I had no idea what people meant when they were saying comments were not working.

2. The contact links now work. e.g. post it and email link.

3. The search box is more efficient and no longer has a default value. It also has a search button for phones that don't submit with the enter key being pressed in a form field.

4. I added a before/after journals section to the bottom of any mobile journal page that shows the previous and next 5 journals as links by title making it easier to jump around on a mobile phone. I may do the same for the main site at some point in the future.

5. Got rid of useless mobile nav links that were cluttering mobile nav. The TOS link, the defunct WAP site, epad. Limited messages view to last 10 so that it loads better on mobiles.
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Category: mobile

07/05/06 12:33 - ID#30298

Updated Mobile Email Posting System

Now you can once again use your email or your cell phone's email for posting to your journal. Simply send an email to mobl AT from your phones email. Before you get started make sure that you specifiy your cell phone's email in your cell phone control panel - the little green cell phone in your control panel. That way the site knows where to expect you to send pictures from.

If you want to specifiy a security code, you can add it there as well. If you do, you must type that code in your email body in order for it to post.

Any attachments (images,mp3s 3gps), get added to your journal entry. The subject line becomes the title.

Additional Tips:
To add a category to a mobile email post add the keyword cat followed by a colon, then the category itself, then another colon
e.g. to add the category food type cat:food: anywhere in the body of the email

To make a journal not public add pub:n: to the body of any body of the email
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Category: mobile

07/04/06 11:21 - ID#30297

Sprint PPC 6700

I am going to recommend that anyone seiorus about the mobile web check out this phone. I paid $599 for it last year and right now it is on sale for $299. It is the Sprint PPC 6700 and has a querty keyboard, touch screen, 400mhz processor and super fast internet connection. The internet package is $15 on top of the cost of the phone plan so it is extremely competitive with other plans and abotu $30 cheaper than cingulars pda package.


If you order it please give them my name because I think I get a discount and like ten people I know have gotten before I realized that.

Paul Visco

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Category: mobile

05/21/06 02:05 - ID#30277

Treo 650 mobile phone with keyboard

I hate advertising for companies but I would love it if more people could use all the mobile features of estrip. While estrip WAP version works with just about every cell phone in existence, the regular mobile/dialup version is even better and works with about 80% of modern phones. People without web browsers on their phone can even send journals as email ot MMS. IF you have any questions please ask (e:paul).


But really the thing separating a phone digital reading phone from a nice mobile publishing device is the keyboard and the treo 650, although not the latest model, has one of those. I personally use the PPC 6700 which I think it is better, unfortunately it is really expensive. A treo 650 is only $199.00 with sprint right now. The phone was normally around $500 only a couple months ago.

Might be something to look into.

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