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05/29/04 02:11 - ID#29851

New Update For Email Postings

You can now include up to 5 attached images with each email journal posting. For instructions see the info journal's "Fav Five" list. Or Click here [inlink]info,7[/inlink]

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul
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05/28/04 09:00 - ID#29850

The Site Will Be Down Tonight for 1 hour

The site will be down tonight from 10-11PM EST. The ISP is doing some firewall upgrades. Sorry about the inconvenience. They really suck, there are is starting to be so much downtime, and they give me very little notice. Someday when, we have some sort of income source for the site, we can get a new server or move the supercomp to somewhere with a faster connection.

>>Posted By: paul
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05/27/04 04:12 - ID#29849

The News is for Everyone

Now anyone logged into the site can post to the news journal. Previously, only certain users had access to this journal. As requested by Rachel, I have moved the news journal (the former elmwood journal) to a more prominent location. This allow people to easily check out what is going on by clicking on the news link at the top.

It will also alert people to check for upcommming events or important site information when they see the news jorunal in the top ten list.

I would like to ask that the users please keep postings on this journal releveant to current events or site information. I will continue to use this journal to post information about updates to the site. For all other types of postings, please you your own journal.

>>Posted By: paul
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05/29/04 03:34 - ID#29848

I just asked Jeeves

I just asked Jeeves, "What is the elmwood strip?" and our site came up number three. We are moving to the top on every search engine. I guess the time has finally come.

I also wrote to Artvoice to ask if they could have either a link or an article/advertisement about us. It's hard to get things going without a budget, but one year after the inception, we are here still and stronger than ever.

If any of you have an ideas for advertising please contact paul.

>>Posted By: info >>Updated By: info
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05/29/04 12:38 - ID#29846

Nokia 3650 and Smart Mobs

Does anyone have the Nokia 3650? I would to test out uploading video from the phone to the site.

>>Posted By: paul
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05/27/04 02:17 - ID#29845

Google Searches Getting better

It really works, I typed in a journal entry a couple days ago that mentioned my name in it several tmes, and now it shows up number one under my name on google. Most of your jorunals already show up under your username. Try typing "your username elmwood strip" into google. You should come up now. I tested holly and matthew at least.

>>Posted By: paul
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05/26/04 01:35 - ID#29844

This is the New/Old News Journal

Rachel, requested that we resurrect a news journal now that the faq is on the front page. I think it is a good idea, and seeing as the radio is useless, I have replaced the radio link on the banner with the news link.

If we are playing the radio ever, we will simply update the radio journal to alert people. So if you are interested look for the radio journal the next time it is in the top ten.

You may notice that the news link is infact the old elmwood journal, just renamed news. I will be opening it shortly to allow all memebers of the site to post to it.
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05/25/04 01:20 - ID#29843

Sidewalk Chalk

We wrote on the sidewalks again. Some guys asked us if they could borrow chalk along the way. I said sure, so if you see anything other than the words "" on the sidewalk, it wasn't from us.
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05/20/04 05:42 - ID#29842

Elmwood Journal Moves

I am moving the elmwood journal off the fornt page so that new people visiting the site see information about what the site is about. Soon we will be adding a calendar for current events, and the elmwood journal will end up beng mostly for update information.
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05/18/04 04:25 - ID#29841

Requesting Top Ten Via Email

You may request the last ten journal entries via email. Simply send an email to last10 at Once again I wrote it that way to avoid spam harvesters. Please sue a normal @ symbol when sending the email.

Make sure to use the subject last10. The body of the email can be blank. In return you will receive a text version of the last ten updates in an email with links to the online versions. This means you can now read the site and still look like you are busy doing work.
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