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Category: server

07/25/08 11:23 - 69ºF - ID#45145

The cost of estrip this month

Holy crap. My first FIOS bill from Verizon to serve estrip came today and it is $321!!

That is for one month and some weeks of service, plus setup fee, plus router, plus taxes. It looks like it will be about $115.00/month. So if anyone wants to/can donate that would be awesome as I pay for that all out of pocket. You can donate by clicking on the donate link above the userpics to the right.

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Category: server

07/03/08 02:13 - 69ºF - ID#44849

The move is complete

The new server is now running over at (e:fing)'s It should be much faster than before. Tell me if you notice anything weird.

Now that I pay $100/month for you all should entertain me with more journals or donate.
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