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12/28/06 04:48 - 40ºF - ID#30322

New Years and Journal Topics

Hey there (e:peep),

If you haven't written in your journal in a long time, the New Year is a great time begin again. There are some brand new features such as being able to include youtube and google videos on your journal, as well as, a handy dandy multiple media file upload utility. And don't forget you can always visit and use from your mobile phone as well. Just visit (on an old mobile phones) or (on a newer HTML capable) mobile phone.

For those of you that are serial writers, and we know there are a lot of you out there, do you ever login into and want to write, want to connect, but just don't know what to write about.

Well we are starting to create a list of topics to help you through those awkward moments of writers block. And we need your help.

With three low monthly installments of $49.99. ... just kidding...

We are hoping that each of you can take a little bit of your time and come up with some ideas to add to the topic collection.

Here are some examples:

Back on my first day of school...

How I like to stay warm in the winter...

This my favorite picture of myself because...

When I used to be...

If money wasn't an issue...

This a perfect day because...

The greatest accomplishment of my life is...

I knew this person, that was so underappreciated...

I am so pissed off at the world today because...

Add your ideas as comments on this journal or reply to the email that was sent to you about this.

On another note - we are having a new years eve party at the mansion. Don't forget to mark your calendars. Everyone is invited. BYOB.

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12/22/06 05:40 - 47ºF - ID#30320

New Google Video Feature

In honour of (e:kara)'s comment on my journal about the wii, I have added a new gvideo tag to your tag options in the journal entry box.

It works just like the youtube tag with the id of the video in the tag and makes a google video player. Here is the funny playstation 3 vs nintendo wii video. e.g.


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12/18/06 02:46 - 44ºF - ID#30319

Many Site Updates

Multiple file tracked uploads
I have created a multi file upload system for users with flash 8. If you have flash 8 you should see the new "NEW: select multiple media files to upload button" at the bottom of your journal instead of the old button.

If not your should see the old system. The new system lets you upload multiple files at once, and also reports the progress of the uploads without leaving page. It then puts the ocde in the journal and provides thumbnails.

Test it and see how it goes. Please upgrade to flash player 8 or greater if you do not have it.

Editor fix
I fixed the bug where the style buttons were not working on text in the first sentence of your journal entry. The tags used to get stuck at the beginning of the journal entry ifthe text you selected before clicking one of the style button was at the beginning of your journal.

Editor New Feature
Youtube support. Added a youtube button in the stylebox. You can copy the id from any youtube video into your journal, select it and hit the youtube button to have it display youtube videos on your journal. The id of a youtube video can be found in the url of the video when you visit it. It is the last bit of data after v= in the URL.


Logged in userpic bug fix
I fixed the bug where userpics were not going away when users were logging out. Thing is i had spelled remove as "renove" sometimes spelling means a lot.

Upgraded to surebert 2.10
This means I had to go through tons of javascript and update it. In the future it means upgrades will be easier and new features and just waiting to happen.

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12/02/06 03:19 - ID#30318


Estrip's file sharing service known as Gather now works with safari. I updated the look and functionality of it. You now have post-its that represent all the files you have uploaded which have not expired.


I will probably be adding file upload progress this weekend.

Estrip - You can now upload up to 7000k (~7MB) when uploading flv or mp4 formatted video files. I posted instructions for posting actual video files or a video player for videos hosted on youtube on the computer journal (e:computer,43)
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