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02/26/05 03:01 - ID#30051

Firefox Update time

Firefox has released version 1.0.1 with security and bug fixes. You can download it free here

>>Posted By: paul
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02/22/05 03:26 - ID#30050

E:Peeps at Allen Street Hardware

Don't forget to stop by Allen Street Hardware tonight at 10pm. Be there!

>>Posted By: rachel
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02/24/05 10:53 - ID#30049

Fake FBI email with vrius

I got this off google news, but figur3ed it would be good to spread the message to everyone on the site.

A computer virus that’s finding its way to inboxes is fronting itself as a message from the FBI.

If you get what looks like an e-mail from the FBI, beware, it may not be what it seems.

A mass e-mail infiltrating inboxes tells people they are being monitored by the feds and they’ve surfed illegal websites. But it’s a scam.

The FBI says the e-mail is fraudulent and the attachment contains a computer virus, so don’t open it.

Consumers who receive the e-mail can report it to the FBI’s Internet Fraud Complaint Center at

>>Posted By: paul
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02/17/05 12:42 - ID#30048

messages v2.0

Messages are now limited to 160 char but it counts for you. You could always send more than one but this prevents anyone from sending a 5000 message to your journal and messing it up, espeically if you were on dialup. Also if you have sms / text message forwarding enabled, a littl emini green cell phone shows up next to the send button, alerting the writer that you receive messages on the go.

>>Posted By: paul
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02/16/05 04:28 - ID#30047

messages update

So here's the deal, peeps kept asking me who wrote the letters, I was sick of answering so now if you are logged in when you write it the message gets sent from you. If you are not logged it it comes from "guest".

[size=m]The important part[/size]
If you do not wish to receive messages at all open your preferences ( the switch icon in your contorl panel) and select no where it says accept messages, The post it will no longer appear on your journal.

If you want to receive message sonly from logge din site members then open your preferences ( the switch icon in your contorl panel) and select no where it says accept anonymous messages.

I will soon ad speciifc IP blocking, I am just deciding on the intereface icon for it. Right now I think this will get the basics covered and remember you can also have messages forwarded to your cell phone!!

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 02/16/05 03:30
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02/15/05 02:58 - ID#30046

New e:message cell phone integration

I am pleased to announce:
As the first upgrade to the messages system you can now have your site based post it messages auto forwarded as text messages to your cell phone. To add your cell phone number and carrier simply click on the mini green cell phone in your control panel. After that any messages sent to you on the site using the new post it pad, should be automatically forwarded to your cell phone via SMS. No more waiting for messages, you can now get them on the go. Please keep in mind that cell phone messages are generally limited to 160 characters and we need more people to test it out. Also, the message sstill remain on the site so that if there si any problem you can still retreieve them

Under no circumstances will anyone get ahold of your cellphone number. The site simply forwards the message along without the end user ever seeing your number. Similar to the way the email system works.


>>Posted By: paul
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02/14/05 01:58 - ID#30045

Alt Press

I got an email from alt press today asking for a link to their site. I really like their publication so I added it to the homepage and the news journal link list. They had also posted a link to our site a while back.

The best part is that we share a vision of offering avenues of publication that are alternative to the mainstream media.


So, if you haven't already seen altpress, check it out at

Where can altpress be found?

Wherever is a cop is beaten up a poor guy. Wherever the bosses are cheatin a workin man alt press is there. As well as at Talking Leaves Book Store Erie County Public Libraries Spot Coffee 300 other locations in Erie County

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 02/14/05 12:59
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02/08/05 03:03 - ID#30044

New Easier contact with e:message

I have moved all the contact links AIM, YIM, email, and the new messages under the userpic. This will make it way easier to contact people on the site.


The old enmail link has been replaced by a blue mailbox, the post it allows readers to leave you a message. It is kind of like a comment but it is not associated with any particular journal and only you can read them! So I think I have satisifed everyone there.

Right now you can turn this feature on and off in your preferences and you can read and delete messages by clicking on the post it note in your control panel. If you roll your mouse over the post it, it should report how many messages you had the last time you loaded the page.

I will be updated the system shortly to include IP blocking, message forwarding, group (farm) messaging, etc.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 02/08/05 02:05
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02/04/05 06:35 - ID#30043


I fixed the prev and next buttons so that they actually work again. Now you can surf and journal from the beginning to the end.

>>Posted By: paul
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