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12/11/08 08:06 - 28ºF - ID#47031

IE Browser stats

On both the Buffalo NFTA Bus schedule site and on it appears that the use of IE6 is dying rapidly. I think Roswell might be the last stronghold. I can't believe we are using such outdated, insecure crap as our browser.

IE 6 is green, IE 7 is in blue ad IE 8 is red

this is only out of the small IE percentage. Firefox alone is now 57% of viewers. On the NFTA site though, IE is 77% of viewers, although, same ratio of IE 6 to IE7
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Category: estrip

12/09/08 11:17 - 47ºF - ID#47012

Mysql 5.1

There was some drama after the upgrade to mysql 5.1 yesterday night. I am not sure what happend. The upgrade seemed to go find and I updated and repaired the tables but then the blogs table crashed in the middle of the night. Its all fine now and has held up since then. Hopefully, it was just a freak thing and I won't have to downgrade.
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12/06/08 01:39 - 26ºF - ID#46985

Updated the mobile site again

I updated the estrip mobile site again.

0. Made the buttons way bigger on the iphone, which has enough screen real estate to handle that.
1. Made the login work better on the iphone. There was a glitch before trying to type in your password.
2. Moved the login right to the top of the fron page of the mobile site
3. made a mobile version of the send message, send email link on the users mobile journal pages that leaves you on the mobile site and returns you back to the site when you send a message/email. Previously, it used to regular sites page which sucked for the mobile. The new one give syou feedbakc saying the message was sent
4. Chnaged the message user and email user to text links instead of the postit and email link.
5. Added link to mobile nfta bus and metro schedules at the bottom of the front page

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