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01/30/04 02:06 - ID#29750

super 8: anything but a dead art


G l o b a l s u p e r 8 d a y

Squeaky Wheel (
175 Elmwood Avenue (b/w Allen and North)
Friday, January 30, 2004, 8pm
$5/$4 members, contributing filmmakers free

Featuring super 8 filmmakers from all over the world, with special spotlight on local filmmakers Kelly Spivey and Stephanie Gray

the luv 'n' sex show is right around the corner..
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01/24/04 05:30 - ID#29749

Birthday Party

Thanks to all of you that came out to the party, it turned out great. You can see pictures of it on the Southern Yankee journal.
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01/20/04 12:04 - ID#29748



Party's at about 9. We appreciate anybody who brings their own beverage/drug/plasticine or a fiver for the works! Happy New China Year! Paul will become a hairy monkey, maybe.

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01/16/04 09:08 - ID#29747

Radio Free Buffalo

DEMOCRACY NOW can be heard Monday - Friday 8 - 9 AM on WHLD-AM 1270.

You can check out the site we made at for more information. I also added a picture gallery form the Hallwalls fundraiser event.

If you would like more information about donating to the station and keeping Amy Goodman on the air, please contact use the contact information on that site.
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01/16/04 03:26 - ID#29746

userPic of the future?

This is just a glimpse into the future. Please record your feelings about it.

If the link does not work, it just means the server running it is not on and that you should try again later. It is usually on from 11AM-1AM.
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01/15/04 01:53 - ID#29745

Audio Work Call for Submission

Does anyone have audio work they would like played on our radio station or put in the radio achives. It can be in any audio format, as we can convert them. Please either talk to Paul directly, or email him via the email link under his userPic. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
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01/13/04 12:26 - ID#29744

Requests and Ideas is an online skillSwap group where people with web design skills, teach other novices in small groups for free. Their slogan is "Wake-up to free newmedia training, by the local webdesign community, for the local webdesign community."

I have been to real life skillSwap meetings and really like the idea of an online one but would like to expand the idea beyond web design.

In honor of the first week back at school for many of us, we would like to propose that you devote one of you journal entries this week to the concept of teaching.

Your journal can be a great place to teach people how to do something. It can be anything from cooking, to drawing, to origami, to plant care, child care, music writing, web coding, video gaming, exercising, to farming and gardening ,etc.

Hope to learn from you soon.
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01/13/04 12:14 - ID#29743


The new quickUpdate box provides you with both a styleBox and an image upload function. It is seriously the fastest way to publish a new journal entry to the web. Try using it instead of your update page next time!

You will still need to use the "write" page to edit your links, upload sounds, explore your image library, change you userPic, update your email, change your password and/or edit and delete old journal entries.

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01/10/04 09:05 - ID#29742

Email Change Form

I have added an user email chnage request form to the update page. You can now change your contact email address to something new if desired. However, you must confirm the email address by clicking on the link sent to you via email in order to confirm the new address. If you do change your contact email, you will be automatically prevented from logging in until you confirm a new addr.
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01/10/04 08:38 - ID#29741

Display Errors

Sorry about the major display errors that occurred on Saturday, January 10th. I had made some changes to the site that looked fine on Internet Explorer for PC and had not checked Mac or Mozilla. I think it should all be okay now.
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