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Category: web

06/23/07 12:12 - 63ºF - ID#39784

Linky Dinks

Can some of you with access to other web sites add links back to estrip? I am playing with google analytics and want to see how it affects it. You could use the sticker code on the front page of estrip below the comments section or just make your own links.

Our current google page rank is 4. I want to know how much more it takes to make it 5.

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Category: web

06/11/07 10:08 - 72ºF - ID#39615

Safari For Windows

Safari For Windows just came out which makes it a lot easier to keep everything the same on all platforms. It is really time for IE to catch up or shut down their browser development.

The safari CSS problem at the top of the site has been resolved now that I could easily test it.


I also have not seen the safari quit bug in this build which goes along with what (e:carlonian) was saying about it not being in the latest apple build and means that it was most likely a safari bug.

I have noticed that safari is a bit faster than firefox but it is unfair comparing my highly customized, extension rich firefox to a default build of safari.

I wonder if we will see safari for linux?

Apparently, investors would have been happier with new hardware and 3rd party app development, instead of web devel for the iphone. It would be nice to not need one to develop though.

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Category: artvoice

06/06/07 07:22 - 59ºF - ID#39552

Server Move

Moved the server from the upstairs to the downstairs of artvoice. TOok only a couple minutes and everything went smoothy. Thank you Jaimie Moses for letting us serve from you data center and thanks Jake for setting everything up.


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