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Category: artvoice

02/15/08 07:48 - ID#43350

Artvoice Best Of Buffalo 2008

Well, its that time of year when we normally lose Artvoice's Best of Buffalo contest but this year the category for Best Website is just gone so at least we cannot really lose, or do we pre-lose?

There is a category for best blogger and I selfishly voted for myself. You can feel free to vote for yourselves.


::Download Flash Video::

Like the sound of (e:Terry)'s new hack and kill game with the girl with the red hair in the background? Sounds like I am reporting at some battle ground.
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Category: artvoice

06/06/07 07:22 - ID#39552

Server Move

Moved the server from the upstairs to the downstairs of artvoice. TOok only a couple minutes and everything went smoothy. Thank you Jaimie Moses for letting us serve from you data center and thanks Jake for setting everything up.


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Category: artvoice

04/30/07 09:12 - ID#39110

We lost the artvoice best of buffalo

Same as always, we lost again. Maybe next year (e:lilho) will vote. The food was tasty again. I particularly liked the ribs.

I still can't upload anything on my time warner connection or even access my gmail.
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Category: artvoice

04/29/07 08:51 - ID#39094

Artvoice Best of Buffalo 2007

Be sure not to miss the Best of Buffalo party, Monday April 30 at the Town Ballroom (681 Main St) from 6-9pm, with complimentary food from Buffalo's best restaurants, and live music with the Skiffle Minstrals and the Steam Donkeys. quoted from artvoice

Ya, so we are nominated for best web site in Buffalo. Let's see if we win this year, of if it will have to wait till next year. Food is great though.

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Category: artvoice

02/20/07 12:22 - ID#38215

Artvoice Best Of Buffalo Contest

It;'s that time of year again when we lose the annual Artvoice Best of Buffalo Award ;(


Maybe this year we could win if everyone voted for BEST LOCAL WEBSITE instead of half of the people voting for best local web site and the other half voting for best local blog. is not a blog, it is a blogging website. As I said last year, if you vote, vote best local website for the site and vote a specific user's blog for best local blog.


Both are in the "People you Know Category" In order for your vote to count you need to vote for 30 Best of Buffalo Topics. Voting is much easier this year. I like the new look of the voting interface ;)

To sign up go to and sign up to vote. Get all your friends to vote too.
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Category: artvoice

05/08/06 07:14 - ID#30271

Artvoice Best of Buffalo

First of congratulations to buffalopundit for winning best blog. I appologize that (e:lilho) stared booing. Turns out she didn't even vote,lol.

I requested that no one vote for us as best blog being that we are a blogging community and not a blog. That put us in much steeper competition for best web site, which we also lost.

No matter what the party was excellent and the food was delicious. Escpecially the ribs from BW and the sushi from Tsunami.






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05/06/06 04:03 - ID#30263

Maybe we will win?

I was looking at the other competition for best local blog and I think there is a possibilty of winning. It all depends of how people perceived the meaning of blog. We are more of a blogging community.

I think we have a lot going over but I think we have some still competition from and

However, I personally voted us for best local website and I have a feeling lots of the readers did to, so that probably reduced our overall votes in the best local website category.

I honestly cannot believe, and buffalobarfly are on the best website list.

Well, best of luck. See you at the event.

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Category: artvoice

03/05/06 12:11 - ID#30211

Best of Artvoice


Well, it's been another year since we didn't win the Artvoice Best of 2005 contest. I hope maybe this year we will have a better chance. I think last year a lot of people voted online and then it seems like those votes went away at some point. Maybe someone else knows more details about how that worked.

Another problem is that a lot of you voted for best blog but we aren't really a blog, we are a blogging/community website, and they do have a best website award so it would be best to vote for that. If you want to vote for someone's individual blog that would seem more appropriate for the best blog contest.

Anyhow, I guess we should try again although the motivation of getting ntoiced so that we can get a new server has been resolved since Artvoice is hosting us as a result of meeting Jamie at the event last year.

The best way is probably to vote by filliing out a ballot in artvoice but you can also click on the image above to vote online
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10/18/05 03:39 - ID#30172

Artvoice Award Arrives

We received an award from artvoice today for having been nomianted for Best Blog in Buffalo.

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