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12/28/04 10:06 - ID#30034

Resizing Photos for Upload using GIMP

Resizing photos for you journal is easy. But first you need an image editor. Seeing as not everyone has photoshop I will give the instructions using GIMP - a free opensource image editor found here .

The gimp is great. It is just like photoshop, looks very similar but costs nothing - not to mention it runs on every opertaing system. Mac and Linux users can follow the instructions at install GIMP or perhaps some mac or linux users of the site can post more detailed links and instructions in this journal entry. It will eventually be moved to the help files.

Here are the instructions to get the most current version (2.2) installed on windows.

1. Download GTK -
2. Download GIMP -
3. decompress (unzip) both files and run both installers. Make sure to install GTK first.
4. launch gimp and accept the license, keep clicking continue till the dialogues go away.

Here are the steps to resize an image using GIMP which will work with any operating system.

1. Once GIMP is running choose file-> open from the gimp menu and browse your computer to find your image.

2. At the bottom of the window where your picture opens find the drop down menu with percentages, click and make sure it is at 100% so that you can see your image at its true size.


3. Next to resize your image, select "scale image" from the "image" menu.


4. In the pop up window you can now set the height and width of your image. The journal cannot have images above 400px wide so you might as well set the width to 400. The height should automatically adjust. If not make sure to click the little chain betwen then. Then click the "scale" button


5. Last you have to save the file. Choose "save a copy" from the file menu. from there give the file a name make sure it has the". jpg" extension you started with and hit save.


6. Now a little box pops up asking you about the quality you want. the higher quality the bigger the file and the longer it takes for people to load on the web. Generally you want as small a file as possible without it looking shitty. If you click the "Show preview in image window" box you can see how the image looks at the current quality level and ajust it to be as small as possible without looking bad. Generally under 30k is good.


7. hit OK, after you do this you will have have a new resized image saved to your computer. now upload that image to your journal and you should have no problems.

Additional Notes: The GIMP is a full image editing program with hundred of tools and features. feel free to experiement with it. An easy tool to use is the paintbrush.. It looks just like a paintbrush and lets you paint on your image before you save it. Once I get the help system going I will add lots of other tutorials like this with video.

If anyone needs help with this feel free to contact (e:paul).

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12/28/04 02:19 - ID#30033

Estrip banners

While packing to move I also found some of the old estrip banners.



and the original default face.


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12/25/04 01:01 - ID#30032

Winter Colors 2004

I am just documenting the new winter colors for winter 2004 before I forget and only have half screen shots like last years blue winter theme. I also added code support for themes, so hopefully it will change a lot more and eventually I will offer multiple skins. In the mean time if you want your own look for your journal you can always use the API . Just click on the link at the top of the page. You can view my example at


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12/20/04 08:29 - ID#30031

New Draggable interface

The most important change is the new nav box. To use it click on the little green box between the "ttt" large print mode icon and the scroll bar toggle at the top of the page.

The navigational module allows you to explore a page without really have to scroll very much. It works with both scroll and no srcoll mode, both of which can be toggled from the nav box itself.

Almost all of the modules to the right are also draggable now, so bring them with you if you want.


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12/18/04 05:28 - ID#30030

Completed Elmwoodstrip.Com Poster.

Well, some people think that the humans on the last poster are weird looking like disappointed, sad, hopeless, and discourage. Well, just blame me. I was listening to melancholic music while I was working on the poster. Yeah, I don't wanna make a melancholic poster. So, I had to change it.
You guys can download and print it out. Click here->

Here is the completed version. Paul and I went to Kinko's to print it out.
It looks fine. Hum.. I like it a lot.. yea. yea. yea I made it.. that's why.


PS: I forgot to mention that I used Ajay's Ozon picture as the background pattern little bit. Well, Ajay, you can't even tell where it is.. but there is actually. ;)
Find it out, or ask Paul.. he knows where it is exactly.


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12/17/04 07:50 - ID#30029 Poster.

Well, just finished the poster for
Just want to know what you think.. this is smaller version.
Let me know.. I'm going to bed right now.


PS: I've just checked it with my PC.. the color is little weird with PC.
Mac is the way better. Just wanted to let you know there is a differency.


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12/16/04 08:16 - ID#30028

Updated Color Picker

I update dteh color picker and made the little tabs bigger, added a backgorund outline, etc. Hopefully it works better now. If anyone is having bugs still please contact me. I fthe color picker does not have a grey backfround behind the sliders, you need to empty your cache because your computer is storing the old one.

Here is what it looks like, although this one is from estripwest so the background colors are a little different.


>>Posted By: paul
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12/15/04 03:13 - ID#30027

Latest Entries Update

I updated the latest entries class so that it strips out html characters and quotes in the titles. I also added a mode to the (list all journals) box that lets you not only alphabetize but return to time sorting.

>>Posted By: paul
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12/09/04 06:12 - ID#30026

API update

Still not enough of you are taking advantage of the API. The API is a simple site extension for those of you who are web designers. It allows you to make your own site on any php enables server and have the content, userpics, stats, fav five, etc from your journals delivered too it. In this way you can simply upload media, write text, change you fav five and userpic at the site. And this could be replicated on your own site.

(e:soyeon) , this is totally for you. Here is an example page I made at my globat space using the API. It is not hard to use. (e:twisted) is also using th API for a site of her's. If anyone has questions about this please email me.


>>Posted By: paul
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12/04/04 04:26 - ID#30025

Improved Navigation and Gallery Mode

I have revolutionized site navigation with the control bar at the top right of the journal. There is now a camera icon between the nav arrows <--10 cam --10>. Even (e:soyeon) should be happy now.

The <--10 and --> arrows go back and forth, ten journals at a time. The camera switches to gallery mode. Gallery mode allows the user to view the journal as just images. If you click on any of the images, it takes you to the entry that it was contained within. From there you can use the <--10 and 10--> arrows to move around. At any point when using the gallery function you can switch back to journal mode, by clicking on the red x camera icon or by switching journals.

I also update dthe email the user page. I moved the link to right under the user pic so that it was easy to find as requested. The link also opens in a popup box and closes when you click send mail.


By the way I love my new camera icon. I hope you enjoy it just as much I do, you can thank Cinema 4D ver 9, it was the last usage before permanent my switch to maya. I will be adding a help link with a searchable help index in place of the old gallery link in the main bar. It is not complete, but the link is already there.

I also added a new icon for the preferences. All of the control panels hav been redone and open in little popUp control panel windows. This is the new preferences icon. It is very tiny in the control panel and replaces the old # icon.


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