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Category: events

10/26/05 11:48 - 44ºF - ID#30174

Halloween Party

Don't forget about the (e:strip) hallloween party this saturday at (MAP TO: 444%20LINWOOD%20AVENUE)


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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: estrip

10/19/05 11:32 - ID#30173

Comments Updates

Comments got updated today so that the email they come in is adressed from the person that sent the comment. So say (e:theecarey) sends a comment to (e:ladycroft). (e:ladycroft) can now simply reply to the comment in her email program and the repsonse will get sent to (e:theecarey).
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: artvoice

10/18/05 03:39 - ID#30172

Artvoice Award Arrives

We received an award from artvoice today for having been nomianted for Best Blog in Buffalo.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: halloween

10/18/05 12:59 - ID#30171

Halloween Party 2005


We are having our annual "(e:strip) Halloween Party" this year on Saturday, October 29th! 8:00pm until the sun comes up the next morning. Costumes are not mandatory, but appreciated. This event is open to everyone. don't forget to BYOB.

what: Halloween Party
where: 444 Linwood Ave. Back apartment. See you there!
when: Saturday, October 29th 2005 8pm

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: estrip

10/18/05 12:13 - ID#30170

Some Updates

Categories have been moved to a (show categories) link under your userpic. There is no reason to have to load them each time, especially now that people have began to use categories like subtitles.

It is right next to the journal dots. Has anyone checked those out. It is an easy way to go through your old journals and categorize them or just view them.

I also added a way to backup the entire media contents of your journal. Just click on the zip icon in front of your username at the top of your journal.

[size=m]Media Library Backup[/size]

It may take a while for files to compress and then it will ask you to download the archive. You will need winzip or something comparable to open the archive.

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Category: estrip

10/14/05 04:17 - ID#30169

The (show more) link

The show more link now renders the links in the main journal area as expected.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: estrip

10/13/05 01:08 - ID#30168


I changed the add comments link to be a normal end of journal icon. It matches the comment icon in the latest entries list. When you roll over it, it tells you how many comments there are.


It only shows up like this on journals that have not been cached yet or journals that get updated with new comments. Old journals will still look like they used to.

I forgot to mention that the comment icon has "abc" in it when there are comments present. If there are you can also roll over the the bubble icon and see how many before clicking. Thanks (e:uncutsaniflush) for reminding me.


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Category: errors

10/12/05 06:29 - ID#30167

Serious Site Drama, Please Read

For those of you that weren't online during the tragedy, we had a close call when I accidentally deleted from the face of the internet. Well not the media you uploaded or the site code, but all the text. E.g. the journal entries, the chat and comments. I usually backup ever single day but the last two I didn't because I was working so furiously on getting better, releasing the new sound systme and the new chat system.

This only affected about 30 journals, those since sunday.

Anyways, Luckily, I did have most of the data but there are a couple catches.
1. Comment for the journals since sunday are gone, that is unless you kept them in your email. In that case you can repostr them back into your own journal entries.

2. I only had your first drafts. This might be wildely different than the final copy you intended to publish, so check you journals since Sunday in case there is somethig that you edited out or in afterwards. Unfortunately, I do not have those changes.

3. All the dates are off. Maybe I can fix that, maybe not but the journals are at least int he correct chronological order.

This would probably never happen if I could afford my own server and could just backup with a tape drive or a firewire drive. Life would be much easier. Maybe somebody will donate again and help realize that dream. It has been about 4 months since any has.

An another note, private chatrooms are up and running and are as tech savy as the site chat is. You can get there with the (+) button on the chatterbox. It also acts as a standalone chat page for the site.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

10/11/05 10:20 - ID#30166

chat update 1 million and 1

I added an auto spell check to the chat that fixes the most common typos. It uses the same word list that the quick correct button does in the journal publish box.



I also made it so that when you drag images in, they are actually cached on the siteas mini-thumbnails that link to the originals so there is no need to worry aboutsomeone messing it it.

I updated the chat commands info. You can type help in the chat window to find out
what commands are currently avaible. I will update it as I add new features.


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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: rememberbuffalo

10/09/05 12:02 - 48ºF - ID#30165

Remember Buffalo Project

We finally decided on a name and as you can probably guess it is the Remember Buffalo Project. We bought the url but it won't be up for another day or so. In the meantime you can find the project info at

This is going to be a huge undertaking both technologicially and socially. We will need help from lots of people, the most important person right now being a grant writer. Does anyone have interest in volunteering to help with this. Does anyone on the site or anyone reading this have experience with grant writing? If so please email (e:paul) at

[size=m]Help Us Research[/size]
Right now interested parties can also participcate in the research end of the project by entering links into the link dump at

Also if anyone would like to be included in the brainstorming facilitation with Katie Kelly feel free to contact (e:paul).
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Location: Buffalo, NY



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