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11/30/08 12:24 - 35ºF - ID#46891

Mobile Site Updates

I don't have all that much time right now but I decided to do some mobile site updates that make using the mobile site easier now that more of you are using it.

1. You are now presented with the login box, when trying to leave a commit from the mobile site, and not logged in. Thanks (e:fellyconnelly) for catching this. I had no idea what people meant when they were saying comments were not working.

2. The contact links now work. e.g. post it and email link.

3. The search box is more efficient and no longer has a default value. It also has a search button for phones that don't submit with the enter key being pressed in a form field.

4. I added a before/after journals section to the bottom of any mobile journal page that shows the previous and next 5 journals as links by title making it easier to jump around on a mobile phone. I may do the same for the main site at some point in the future.

5. Got rid of useless mobile nav links that were cluttering mobile nav. The TOS link, the defunct WAP site, epad. Limited messages view to last 10 so that it loads better on mobiles.
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11/10/08 10:43 - 37ºF - ID#46639

IE 6/7 support Question

Does anyone care anymore. If the new estrip was IE8, Firefox, Safari only and IE 6/7 users had to use the mobile site would anyone even care?
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11/05/08 12:31 - 52ºF - ID#46541

Thank You President Obama

We made it to 32 journals in 24 hours.

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