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Category: party

12/31/13 01:17 - ID#58522

Party Canceled ;(

We are all pretty sick, so we are going to have to cancel the party ;( So sorry about the short notice but trust me you'd rather be out of a party and not get this horrible cold we all got.
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Category: party

12/31/12 02:13 - ID#57106

Party Tonight - 24 Linwood 14209

Just a reminder the New Years Party is tonight. 24 Linwood ave. Feel free to bring friends. Bring some drinks or food if you want. Ball drop at midnight, hopefully with a new ball this year.

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Category: party

12/28/11 01:04 - ID#55806

New Year's Eve 2012

Oops, I forgot to tell some of you there is in fact a new years 2012 party at the 24 (24 Linwood Ave). Its open invite, feel free to invite all your friends. Ball drop at midnight.
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Category: party

12/28/09 11:10 - ID#50678

New years party 2010

We are having a new year's party after all. 9PM 24 Linwood bring all your friends. Ball drop at midnight - sorry about the late notice. Hope you can make it.

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Category: party

06/02/08 11:34 - ID#44527

Party On Saturday Night

We are thinking about a party on Saturday night at our house. Is anyone/everyone free?

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Category: party

12/01/07 01:39 - ID#42352

e:strip Holiday Pot Luck

Please sign up in the comments of this post if you're coming to the (e:strip) holiday dinner, to be held Thursday evening, December 13th (two weeks away) at 24 Linwood. It's a pot luck, so when you sign up include what you'd like to bring. If you're not handy in the kitchen, volunteer for drinks or something purchased from the store.

We'll also be collecting canned goods to bring to the food bank, so if you're feeling charitable bring a little something for those who are less fortunate, there will be a box near the entry way for collection.

Hope to see you all there!
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Category: party

08/24/06 09:53 - ID#30312

Party On Saturday

So it's not the house warming party but its the annual (e:terry)'s 26th and (e:mike)'s 23rd birthday party and maybe my graduation party? Everyone is invited. Feel free to bring whoever you want, we have lots of space.


This saturday at 8PM at 24 linwood. It's at our own house now, so the front door is the right door for once. No more living in the rear!


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