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04/17/10 12:37 - 41ºF - ID#51411

The island and the vote? anonoman

Up until this point I have never deleted anyone because of anything other than posting commercial content, which I never hesitate to do. I am fine with deleting this guy because his postings are harassing which is against the TOS. However, I fear if you guys determine that you want to delete people based on a group vote mentality that everyone will get deleted at some point. I can guarantee at one time or another I have heard from just about every single person how they are so angry about what some other person posted and yet we all made it through because I don't delete people based on content.

This person is different based on the fact that they are not really a member of the community but more like a harasser, so go ahead and post your feelings here about it.

What makes it all so weird is that (e:theli) has not complained about it but maybe he is embarrassed? I have no idea.
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