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04/30/04 09:39 - ID#29832

Click-publish box fixed

I fixed an bug where the click-publish box published your journal but kept the information in there when you got returned back to it.

Sorry for an incovenience or confusion this may have caused.
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04/30/04 02:10 - ID#29831

I added the Click-Publish Box

There is now a click-publish box on your journal when you log in. This was Terry's idea and I really like it. It allows you to quickly write a journal entry when logged in, without having to open a pop-up window. It is also great on the sidekick.

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04/29/04 12:28 - ID#29830

Wikipedia defines Social Networking

The Wikipedia defines Social Networking as:

Social networking describes the process of connecting individuals via friends, relatives, and acquaintances�a person�s �personal network.� These networks can then branch out and allow friends to connect with people inside their accepted social circle, allowing for a perceived greater sense of security, compared to someone perceived as being anonymous and random.

Social networking has emerged as a phenomenon in 2003, allowing the newly-populous Internet to serve as both a buffer and a safety net for introduction to friends by friends once possible only in person.

This type of social interaction on the Internet is a logical extension of the blog and Instant Messaging phenomena: blogs allow for a more community of personal inquiry and thought while IM systems allow for only accepted users to chat. There are hybrids, however, such as the concept of FriendBlogs, which combines social networking with blogging.
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04/28/04 05:10 - ID#29829

I fixed the IE 5 Problem on a MAc

The IE 5 for Macintosh journal display issue has been resolved. It occured yesterday after the switch to XHTML compliant HTML. If you are have any question or are experiencing any problem, please contact paul via email.
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04/27/04 02:48 - ID#29828

Kimya Dawson Comes to Mohawk PL Tongiht

Tonight Kimya Dawson will be playing at Mohawk Place with the butchies. Everyone should go see her. It will be great. If you don't know who she is check out her web-page!2


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04/27/04 12:34 - ID#29827

Wedding Photos!


From Friday, April 16 at Buffalo City Hall.

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04/26/04 11:03 - ID#29826

Errors with no feedback

Why did nobody mention that none of the control panels were working on IE for Macintosh. I hope it is because none of you are using it anymore! That would be a fantastic step forwards.
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04/22/04 10:57 - ID#29825

This is from Chiabiscoot's Journal

This is insane. I feel for you Swati and appologize on behalf of all Americans.

04/22/04 17:35
Mr. Bus Driver speaketh for the masses -

I ride the shuttle to school and yesterday i wanted to bomb one of them, seriously! As another brown skinned person and i tried to get into the bus, Mr. Driver yells "what do you think you are doing?"
we assume it is a joke and get in. then he enters and proceeds to say "you guys are the targets man. You enter the country as students and then start terrorist organizations." So I ask him "Sir, which kind of people are you talking about?" he points at me "you kind"
and then his friend enters and they proceed to talk about security measures and sleeper cells on campuses.
I am in a hurry to get to school so I don't know what else to do except curse the bastard and want to plant a bomb in his ass.
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04/22/04 05:31 - ID#29824

Updates Info

I have changed a couple of things on the site.
login -
The login box is now located in the place where you control panel will appear once you log in.

chat -
I moved the last 3 lines of chat up to the top so that everybody would see it and know when other people were on. It works in a new way, where you do not have to refresh the whole page to update it, simple send some text, or click referesh and that tiny little window will update just itself.

BETTER NEWS: The full chat now auto refreshes every 5 seconds. You can click the numbers at the bottom of the full chat to change the number of previous lines you can see. Chat expires one month after it is typed.
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04/20/04 02:25 - ID#29823

Down Time Tonight

The site may expereince some downtime between 2AM and 5AM for updates to the database server. Please be advised your journal may not be available during that time. Sorry about the inconvenience.
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