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Category: events

07/30/06 05:23 - ID#30308

Movie Invite

I got this as a site message otday.

Hi there!
I wanted to invite you and your readers to see the documentary The War Tapes (the critically acclaimed Iraq War documentary filmed by three NH National Guard troops) tomorrow (August 31st) at 7pm. The movie will be opening on Friday, but there is a free sneak preview tomorrow at the Market Arcade. To get a better idea of the movie, please check out the reviews section of The War Tapes site:

Here's the invite:

The groundbreaking documentary film "The War Tapes," is opening in Buffalo this Friday -- but you're invited to a free sneak preview.
The War Tapes
Free Sneak Preview
Monday, July 31st
Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre
639 Main Street
Buffalo, NY

This extraordinarily important film is the first documentary to chronicle the war through the eyes of those Soldiers who lived it. Director Deborah Scranton and Producer Chuck Lacy gave video cameras to a group of Soldiers from the New Hampshire National Guard prior to their deployment, and this film is the result. Awarded "Best Documentary" at the Tribeca Film Festival last month, this film is a must-see for anyone who seeks to better understand the war, and its impact on the men and women sent to fight it.
Check out the Trailer here: or on the Apple trailers page. You can also read some of the many great reviews that the movie has received here:

To get your free ticket, please RSVP to buffalo AT . If you can't make the screening on Monday, the movie opens at The Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre on August 4th.

Hope to see you there!

Alex (

Theatrical Releases:
Clips and Outtakes:
Press Reviews:

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Category: events

11/05/05 10:39 - ID#30178

Anyone wanna go to Artvoice Film?

Got this message form Jamie Moses. Does anyone want to go with us? We are going to go on Sunday Night!

Hope you can make it to see the Artvoice documentary film "On The Run: the race for mayor 2005"

It plays tonight, Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. at the Market Arcade Cinema on Main St.

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Category: events

10/26/05 11:48 - ID#30174

Halloween Party

Don't forget about the (e:strip) hallloween party this saturday at (MAP TO: 444%20LINWOOD%20AVENUE)


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Category: events

09/09/05 09:20 - ID#30147

Artvoice and Mini Update

[size=m]Artvoice Best of Buffalo Party[/size]
On another note, who wants to go to the Artvoice Party on Monday from 6-9 to see if we won the best blog in Buffalo contest. I really hope we do, somehow it would justify a lot of the hard work, even though the real satisfaction is in seeing how much you guys all publish and visit the site. Here's to 11,000 entries which is just aorund the corner.

[size=m]Mini Update[/size]
I fixed the publish box bug. It should now stay open as long as its not empty, including when you return the page from uplaoding a media file.

Sorry about the delay, it was only a one line change but I was so freakin' busy.
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08/31/05 10:08 - ID#30144

Who wants to go to Artvoice Absolut?

Anyone want to go to the Artvoice Absolut party on Septemeber 12th to see if we came in as Buffalo's #1 blog site? It is Monday from 6-9PM. Maybe a bunch of us should go, it could be fun. I have a feeling that Buffalo Rising will win because they have more connections. I wish we wern't up against blogger blogs. I can't wait for them to release their new site. (e:zack) says it will be awesome.

I think we are probably once of only a few commercial free community blog sites in the country. Maybe that will count for something.
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08/03/05 10:54 - ID#30136

Virtual Reality MicroTheatre

A good chance for you to check out virtual reality as part of Infringement Festival '05. A festival within a festival featuring works of virtual reality fictionand drama; 3D stereo graphics; artificial intelligent characters.

Coit House: 414 Virginia, at Elmwood
Two Shows Nightly at 6:00 & 8:30
Thursday, Aug 4
Friday, Aug 5
Saturday, Aug 6

Suggested Admission $4

(e:paul) made some of the characters and environments for The Trial The Trail

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07/30/05 10:53 - ID#30134

Buffalo Garden Walk 2005

Sorry for the late notice, but for those of you that have never been, the Buffalo Garden Walk is one of Buffalo's premier free events involving over 200 private gardens in the city. Basically, you can walk from garden to garden using the maps that can be found online in PDF format (an unfortunate only choice) at or by going to one of the Garden Walk headquarters located at Richmond/Summer Senior Center at the corner of Richmond and Summer Street; The Coit House at 414 Viriginia Street, or the Buffalo Seminary at Bidwell Park.

Here are some los res captures of the maps to give you an idea where these gardens are located for the full size map in PDF format click here


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07/26/05 11:43 - ID#30130

10,000 Entry Party

Well, we have almost made it there. Right now we are 8 entries away from having 10,000 journal entries written for the site..

This Saturday night we will be hosting a party to celebrate 10,000 journal entries at Le Mansion de PMT. You are all invited. Please feel free to bring as much alcohol and food as you want. We hope to see you all there and to meet those of you we haven't met yet.


We are also looking for some people to organize some sort of entertainment, any takers? I have a video screen, does anyone have a projector? If so we have lots of options. Or does anyone play an instrument, do some crazy dance, make a special recipe, spin music, or do circus tricks.
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07/20/05 12:52 - ID#30127

Buffalo Infringement Festival

[size=m] What Is The Infringement Festival?[/size]

Various members of Buffalo, New York's arts community have come together to organize the first annual Buffalo infringement Festival -- An eleven-day event designed to promote eclectic, independent, experimental, and politically charged productions of a wide array of artistic projects including theater, performance art, live installations, street theater, and multi-media presentations.


The "buffalo infringement festival" is the result of six months of planning by an ad hoc collection of volunteers from the local theater and arts community and is a part of the international infringement festival circuit which holds similar events in cities throughout North America including Halifax (June 2-12), Montreal (June 16-26), Ottawa (June 30-July 10, Toronto (July 14-24), and New York City (August 25-September 4). Further information on the international component of the infringement festival can be found at

We are excited to announce that this event will be held at various venues in the Allentown area.

Thursday, July 28 to Sunday, August 7, 2005

Local writers, directors, and performers – as well as artists from New York City and Montreal – have answered an open call to present their work as part of this new festival. The resulting assortment of activities includes world premieres of one-person shows, gender-reversed productions of classical theatrical pieces, street theatre, political cabaret, puppetry, experimental work, virtual reality simulation, hip-hop, slam poetry, interpretive dance, outdoor screenings of family-oriented films, presentations of poetry readings by area high school students, and much more. No single style or aesthetic predominates; some events

Here is a list of performances

  1. 1. Rust Belt Books (202 Allen St)
  2. 2. Nietzsche's Bar (248 Allen Street)
  3. 3. Allen/College Promenade (Parking Lot at Allen & College)
  4. 4. Day's Park
  5. 5. Allen Street Dance Studio (85 Allen Street)
  6. 6. Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center (175 Elmwood)
  7. 7. Coit House (414 Virginia Street)
  8. 8. New Phoenix Theatre on the Park (95 North Johnson Park)
  9. 9. Hallwalls (700 Main Street)
  10. 10. SoundLab (110 Pearl Street)

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06/26/05 12:35 - ID#30115

Artvoice Street Festival

Today is the Artvoice Street festival. LAts year we handed out lots of flyers. This year I forgot about it till today. Below is the linup and info from the artvoice web site. You can also download it in PDF format here Whoever, did the graphic design for this, I love it.


>>Posted By: paul
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