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04/22/08 06:01 - 74ºF - ID#44104

Estrip short outage possible


Just a heads up, one of our two T1 circuits is totally out, so we're essentially running at half speed. Just in case you noticed any slowdowns, that'd be why... I just discovered there isn't so much as link lights from the telco on the circuit card so not good news...

I'm working with Level3 to see what's up - they did warn they might have to do "intrusive troubleshooting" - i.e. take the circuit offline and test it in loopback mode. Last time we had a problem like this, they insisted on testing the good circuit as well as the trouble one, leaving us totally disconnected... so if they go that route again there might be a brief (few minutes) of total outage. Here's to hoping not... that's all I know so far though, but figured I'd pass it on.

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