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03/26/06 03:22 - 32ºF - ID#30232

Loudfeeder - Make your own Podcast

I have created another application like picfeeder This one is called loudfeeder and allows you to make your own podcasts for sharing music and sound with programs on programs that can handle podcasts (WIKIPEDIA - podcast) such as itunes.

I am going to ask that you please do not share copyrighted music witht his technology. If you do I will ban you form loudfeeder and estrip. However, you can feel free to share music you created, or the music of any band you have the permisison to share.

You can also use it to cast your own podcast radio shows. If anyone starts their own show please tell me so that we can syndicate it on elmwood radio.

Here is the login window

Here is the podcast creator interface, you can see it looks a lot like picfeeder and behaves exactly the same way makign it easy to use both.

Here is how you subscribe to your podcast on itunes You can give the address of your podcast to any of your friednds that you want to subscribe. When they subscribe they will recieved automatic updates of whatever is in your feed right into their player. There are many other podcast player out there. Just search on google. They even have them for phones and PPCs.

I started my own podcast using loudfeeder with the first song being one I created with a software drum machine You can subscribe to it by putting this addr

I will probably be using it to start a mobile podcast from my phone which has an mp3 recorder and works with loudfeeder.

I also bought loudfeeder and so maybe if it works out I will extend subscriptions to other people.

This program can download podcasts on windows, mac and linux if you don't have itunes

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03/25/06 10:48 - 32ºF - ID#30231

pic feeder is ready to go

Okay now I added instructions and a bunch of other features and checks. Anyone who wants a photo sharing RSS feed should check it out. You get a free account by being an epeep. Just log in with your estrip ID after clicking ont he picfeeder tag to the right of the latest entries list. RIght now images are limited to 400k.

I would suggest sage as an RSS reader for firefox or sharpreader for windows.




Here is an example of the feed in sage

I will make an mp3 veriosn of this process to let peeps have their own podcasts if someone donates.
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03/25/06 07:55 - 38ºF - ID#30230

Updated picfeeder

I updated picfeeder to optimize it for smaller screens. I also fixed a couple bugs and added new features, like the ability to delete individual items from the feed.


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03/25/06 02:02 - 38ºF - ID#30229

e:pic feeder app

You can already beta test picfeeder.

Just log in with your estrip id. Each user has there own rss feed that they can populate by adding a title, description and attaching a picture. It gives you the address of your feed at the top of the screen. You can get tthere using the picfeeder tag at the top right of this screen.


Lots of new features and help will be coming soon.
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03/25/06 12:42 - 32ºF - ID#30228

New Photo Commentary RSS app on the way

I will be releasing a new photo commentary RSS app this weekend. Each estrip user can have their own photo commentary photo feed. You guys will love them I promise.

On another note there are like 10 new people that signed up but never started writing., What is up with that? If you need help email me.
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03/24/06 01:55 - 32ºF - ID#30227

Map Chat Update

I was chatting with (e:zobar) today when he linked to a google map. I realized that he had to look it up and then paste the link which got truncated. It made me realize the chat should be smart enough to do it for you, so now it can.

If you want to link to a buffalo address type it in the chat like this:
"map 567 lafayette avenue"

This will auto link the address to google maps. If the address can be found on more than one street it gives you the choice. There is no way to map to another city and I think that is fine seeing as we are a local site. If you want to link to an out of Buffalo map simply use your journal. The map button can accept addresses that are even out of state.

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03/22/06 11:59 - 32ºF - ID#30226

Some site updates

API page got a new look. I think it makes more sense.

I moved the browser war under the hangman and userpics. I moved the epoetry link above the hangman, new icon for remember buffalo.

Added an interview link where epoetry used to be below the banner. The interview are freakin' old. Please someone come forth and offer to be our new street reporter. I can get you whatever hardware/software you need. I ever have a 25ft corded pro microphone so that you can look like an official reporter.


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03/21/06 02:12 - 21ºF - ID#30225

New Updates

I got rid of the plabs link under the banner. I will be moving the ocntents to other place. In it's place you will find a new "tutorial" link. It will eventually be the link to the offical newbie guide with video tutorial and all but until then there is at least a little getting started info. Don't forget there are always the help files.

I also added the (e:strip) API and Student loans link under the link tags above hangman when you are logged in. If you haven't added your student loans to the site total, don't forget to do so. Let's aim for $2 million. So far we are at $1 million and only aroudn 20 peeps have entered their info.

The API allows you to mirror your sites content and media on your own website with your own design. You can see an example here

Using the API you can also conglomerate the cotents fo more than one journal on another site. So if you would liek to form your own journal group, you can update you content here and have all the journals from all the members in your group show up on your own website.
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03/18/06 02:14 - 31ºF - ID#30224

Update on Usersounds

(e:jenks) I took your advice and made it so that your journal sound preference determines if you hear everyone else's music instead of determining if yours is played automatically when other people visit. It makes more sense, that way no one has to hear music if they don't want to and can leave the other sounds enabled. Plus if you want to everyone else's and are on a fast connection - you can.
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03/17/06 02:14 - 30ºF - ID#30223

Couple Updates

important e and inlink changes
The major update is that I got rid of inlinks. Yes, that is right, I did what I should have done two years ago and just made it that you can use the elinks to make a link to a specific journal. Hopefully this will fix the problem with no one using the inlink. I t is really annoying a year later when you go back and somebody referecned someones jorunal with just and elink. You have no idea what journal they were talking about. So now to make it easy you just put a comma and then the number after the elink to reference a particular journal.

I will convert all the old inlinks to this format sometime this weekend. Here is an example.

(e:paul) links to pauls jorunal but nor specific entry while (e:paul,145) linsk to journal # 145 by paul. You can find any journals ID# right next to it's title. Please use this new format when refereing to other peoples specific journals.

publish box changes
I changed the edit box to use a whole new backend. Most of it should be familiar.

(GOOGLE - panos) [search]panos[/search] (WIKIPEDIA - flower) [dict]flower[/dict]

The box no longer returns you to the top of your form when you click on an edit button. You can highlight text and clock the link, color, or size buttons to add links, color or size to a text string.

I renamed quick correct as typofix . The new system tell you how to use each tag when you role over it. This should make it more obvious what the buttons are used for and help new people to use all the tags. I will be adding some other new styles shortly.

Your media lib is just called lib. Sketch was renamed draw.

There is a minor bug in the firefox version when you highlight an dtag any text that starts at the beginning of the text box. It simply puts the tag before the string instead of around it. I will try and work in out when I get a chance.

You now have a lot more control over font color and size. Using the color and size button.

Hope everyone is coming to the party this weekend (MAP TO: 444%20LINWOOD%20AVENUE)
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