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02/28/04 02:37 - ID#29775

February Feedback

I would like to ask a favor of you'll. Could you please designate one journal to feedback on site design and features. As soon as I am free from the 10,000 other projects I am working on, I will begin a new v2.0.

It will probably be very different. So before I begin I would like to hear from you'll. An easy way to do this is if you all write a journal with the same title. Name it "February Feedback" then I will just search for all the journals with that title.

Thanks for your time,

>>Posted By: paul
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02/25/04 02:08 - ID#29774

Tune into AM 1270 at 10:AM

10:00 AM
WHLD 1270 AM

Tune into tomorrow's show to hear Theresa, Paul and Terry talk about the issues surrounding the proposed constitutional ammendment to restict civil freedoms. Tune in, call in, post you thoughts here on elmwoodstrip - we want to here from you.

We will be playing the Bush speech juxtposed to 1950's anti-gay propangda and accepting calls to have an open debate about the issues at hand.
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02/24/04 02:07 - ID#29773

Interesting statistics

We have so many weird statistics with t his site. Who would guess that most visitors come to the site between 3 and 4 PM. I will post more of them when I get them into some nice table for you'll to see.
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02/24/04 01:25 - ID#29772

New Feature

Zack requested a way to be able to link to his journal from the outside world.

That should work for anyone, just change the username at the end to the one for your journal. If you want to link to a specific journal add the journal id to the end of the url. An example would be

Hope this helps anyone who needed it.

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02/23/04 01:56 - ID#29771

Anyone Interested in This

Multimedia Art Exhibition: Submission Deadline May 3, 2004

DIGITAL BOUNDARIES: Multiculturalism, Identity, and Awareness

Curatorial Committee Mark Tribe, Director of Art & Technology, Columbia University School of the Arts Christina Yang, Curator of Visual Art and New Media, The Kitchen Pamela Jennings, Alejandro Jaimes

"Digital Boundaries: Multiculturalism, Identity, and Awareness". We seek art works that, using multimedia, explore issues of cultural identity,cultural awareness, and the boundaries created or enforced through the use of multimedia technology. The emphasis for the exhibition is on interactive art works that realize powerful artistic concepts using multimedia content
and technologies.

At no time in history has technology had the prospect of making a stronger cross-border impact on culture. Technology can be used to create or reinforce boundaries (being fingerprinted and photographed at an airport-- a multimedia experience), as well as to dissolve them (we are bombarded by images and sounds from all over the world). Many of us are being empowered with the ability to easily create digital content, document and share our own experiences and those of others, challenging the roles of art (passive vs. interactive) and revolutionizing the way we see and hear the world. At the same time, only a small percentage of people have access to technology(boundaries of the haves and the have-nots).

Multimedia content and technology are of special consideration because they appeal directly to our senses, elevating the age old dilemma of the distinction between reality and representations of reality. Does this new proliferation and imbalance of multimedia technology help reinforce
boundaries and cultural differences? Does it contribute to define cultural identity in a new age in which everyone talks about multiculturalism? Does it raise cultural awareness or simply numb our senses making us take deep cultural differences for granted because what we "see" or "hear" is
commonplace in this "new" multicultural world? Does it create new boundaries in art or help unify multiple art forms? How can art, in its many roles, make use of the same technology that raises these issues to address them?

For this exhibition, we seek multimedia artworks that challenge the participants to consider these questions through the innovative use of new multimedia technologies and the combination of multiple media (photography, video, sound, etc.). All formats are welcome (narrative, performance, interaction, immersion, etc.).

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02/22/04 09:04 - ID#29770

Camping Excitement

Well, if you read my journal you would know that I missed the big camping trip for a last minute job. Luckily, Southern Yankee [inlink]userName=southernyankee&blogID=4,[/inlink], was able to take a million pictures and post them. Check out the Southern Yankee journal [inlink]userName=southernyankee&blogID=4,[/inlink] to see the pics. There are a lot of them and by the titles name, I think there may be more.

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02/21/04 03:01 - ID#29769

Listening to the Radio

WHyd oesn't anyone listen to the radio. ANy feedback is appreciated. By the way I am playing the 50s propaganda playlist again. It is really funny. You should tune in if you get the chance. Simply click on the Elmwood Online Radio under the userPic and open it in your favorite streaming audio player (e.g. iTunes, winamp, etc.) If you don't have a player that is capable I suggest you use iTunes. It is free and its really a good player/music organizer. You can download it here
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02/17/04 07:45 - ID#29768


On WEDNESDAY the 18th, ALL DAY! elmwoodRADIO will be broadcasting VINTAGE PROPOGANDA. Listen to the 50's era "educational" films and find the answers to questions such as "what do i do when i see 'the flash'?", "Why do i have hair growing down there?", "what did Molly mean when she said 'the curse', Mommy?", and "Why should little johnny stay away from the 'homosexual'?". Tune in!



[/i]see info and actual film fotage in Terry's journal[/i]
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02/17/04 05:21 - ID#29767

Journal Statistcs

If you click on this or on the Check Journal Status link in the side bar, you will be presented with data about you how many times your individual journal has been looked at since Dec 23rd. It is amazing how many time they get looked at. It is only counted when someone selects your name formt he drop down menu form. So these are not random viewings, they are directed viewings of you journal. Just thought some of you might not have realized that.

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02/20/04 11:01 - ID#29766

The Model Sons

A couple weeks ago we played the Model Sons in a tribute to their show in buffalo.

They found out about it via google and sent this letter. I think its great, I hope to see them again when they come back.

You've received email from "Bryn" via

Hey Elmwood,
Hey. I was just doing a google search to see if any new things have popped up about us, and it brought me to Thanks for playing our stuff! Hopefully we'll make it back to Buffalo soon... Keep in touch! Bryn


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