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Category: estrip

12/30/05 01:25 - 32ºF - ID#30195

Media Upload Bug Fixed

Good news, I fixed the image upload bug from yesterday, you can now upload images again. It was due to a switch in the mobile media upload code. Unfortunately, I didn't upload the changes after making them as I still am not used to the new IDE I am using. Thanks for reporting it Carrey.
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Category: estrip

12/22/05 10:07 - 34ºF - ID#30194

Hangmamn Updates

The last winner now links to the last winner's journal. It also keeps track of score. You can see your current score at the top of your journal in the stats bar after views. It only shows up if you have more than zero. I think (e:kara) has 5!
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Category: estrip

12/21/05 09:43 - 25ºF - ID#30193

Email Server Hijack

Sorry, someone had hijacked our email server and the hosting company shut us down for spam. I think I have it all fixed now. You can no longer email peeps as guest. I appologize for any inconvenience this caused anyone.

The site should be faster now too!

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Category: mac

12/19/05 06:32 - 24ºF - ID#30192

Microsoft IE for Mac is Dead

Microsoft Corp. Monday told Mac users of its Internet Explorer that they should switch to a rival browser such as Apple's Safari before IE support ends.

Although the Redmond, Wash.-based developer stopped work on the Mac edition of IE more than two years ago, its previously published lifecycle for the browser set Dec. 31, 2005 as the end-of-support date. No security or performance updates will be issued after the end of this month, Microsoft said in a bulletin on its Mactopia site.
Quoted from Information Week

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Category: games

12/16/05 08:54 - 29ºF - ID#30191

Hangman moves

Hangman only plays when you are logged in. The bots were playing to much. I also fixed the problem with guess accumulating between word sets.
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Category: bug fix

12/14/05 01:03 - 9ºF - ID#30190

Upgrades and Linux Users

1. Thanks (e:uncutsaniflush), he helped me discover what everyone thought was the apostrophe eating bug in the chat. It actually had nothing to do with apostrophes, and everything to do with a few spelling errors in the spell check module (does anyone else see irony in that.) It was incorrectly trying to fix the word I'm (contraction: I am) and couldn't without the apostrophe.

In the future when anyone has a bug with the chat and/or any estrip feature I would like more information about the error, such as a copy of the text you are trying to send. I also need to know the operating system, the browser, if any errors showed up and what media plugins you have installed. Oh how I dream of the days when I had (e:twisted) on QA. She was the best bug squasher ever.

I am no longer dealing with bug reports that start out with it just doesn't work. I need more feedback or it's not getting worked out. This is not a commercial site where anyone has paid for service. I provide the site and thousands of dollars/hours of my personal time and require only a few things when people report bugs so that I don't have to spend hundred of hours hunting down the problems.

This issue could have been over months ago if anyone had given me an example of what they were typing when the chat "ate" their line of text. It is a lot easier than me having to try and type every possible word variant. I was not just any apostrophe as was obvious by the fact that I could type don't and won't and wouldn't, it ws very specific.

[size=m]Linux Users[/size]
2. On another note, if you are an (e:strip) user and are running linux. Do you find that it crashes firefox? I am using firefox and konquerer on Suse 9.3 with no prob on a sony viao laptop. I have also used centOS with no problem on a server workstation. I have previously tried Fedora with no problem, but not recently. However, (e:uncutsaniflush) is using some debian based linux flavors that are having a problem with crashing firefox? Anyone else have linux experience to report about. Good or bad, I want to hear. You can just respond as comments on this journal entry. I would really like to figure out what is wrong for (e:uncutsaniflush) and (e:leetee). My thoughts are that it is a media plugin related issue and I am going to test their linux on my laptop. It certainly does look pretty.

update -wow it downloaded in 45 minutes using my adelphia connection.
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Category: estrip

12/13/05 09:56 - 12ºF - ID#30189

Hangman and Chat Update

I updated the chat and the hangman game. Hangman now works for IE in addition to firefox. I also squashed some minor chat bugs that may have caused problem on some comps. Seems snappier in explorer. Apparently, surebert didn't like the empty xml files it got sometimes. I can't blame the surebert people because that was also my code, lol.
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Category: radio

12/13/05 06:49 - 18ºF - ID#30188

Dr Chlorine is Retiring as DJ

The radio is retiring with him. Shortly, we will bring you a new music station. Until then it was fun and thanks Dr. Chlorine!!
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Category: estrip

12/05/05 06:47 - 25ºF - ID#30187

IE Download Page Drama

I saw the problem at work today where the site tries to be forced to download on IE 6 for windows XP. I am writing this in IE now but on this computer it doesn't do it. At work, there are lots of security restrictions on IE because of some javascript bug that makes the computers vulnerable - so maybe it is that setting that is tampering with it. Anyone have any idea, I wil try and look into it tommorow.
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Category: estrip

12/02/05 02:29 - 31ºF - ID#30186

Major File Load Update

You can now upload image files up to 1024k (1MB). They will be resized automatically making it easier if you do not have image editing software. I may make it higher in the future.

After we move the server to the artvoice network, I will most likely increase the size of files that can be stored.
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