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09/30/03 01:20 - ID#29683

Wilson Farms Response

Dear Mr. Visco:

Thank you for taking the time to write us regarding your dissatisfaction with the manager of our Elmwood Avenue store on Auburn (e:new,29677) . It is through the efforts of concerned customers such as yourself that we are able to correct some of our shortcomings. We do appreciate your comments.

I sincerely apologize that you were subjected to an incredibly poor display of concern from our associate, Ken, during your visit to our store. We certainly do not condone the impolite and disrespectful behavior our associate demonstrated and regret that you were subjected to it. At WILSON FARMS, it is our goal to provide our customers with a pleasant shopping environment, as well as friendly and efficient customer service. We will notify the store management team of your concerns so they may work to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Again, thank you for writing. If we can be of any assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us. We value your business and look forward to continuing to serve your shopping needs.


Deborah L. Stover
Consumer Affairs/Community Relations Manager

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Category: estrip

09/26/03 12:35 - ID#29677


I experienced a tragic racist situation at Wilson Farms today. Below is my letter to Wilson Farms recounting the situation. You can respond in the forum on our site, as well as, send your thoughts to them - here is the contact information.

Phone : 1-800-522-2522

Web Form:

Snail Mail: Wilson Farms
6363 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221

To Who It May Concern,
Today, I went to Wilson Farms on Elmwood Ave at Auburn to buy a gallon of water as I have almost everyday for about 2 years. I wish I never left the house. Outside the store was a black homeless guy. He apparently was told by the Wilson Farms Manager Ken Kensek (or something close to that) that he could not wait outside because he was "bad for business." Then the manager dragged him inside by the shoulder in a very, I'm gonna lynch you kind of way, and said he was going to have him arrested for trespassing. Although, I feel this is kind of harsh, that is not even the situation that really offended me as a customer.

At that point, the black homeless man pleaded with Wilson Farm's Ken Kensek? not to be arrested for trespassing outside and then Ken told him, "here's the situation . . if I ever see you again I AM GOING TO CRACK YOUR HEAD OPEN WITH A BASEBALL BAT." Then the black man said, "ok, ok, just don't call the police." Followed by the manager saying,


I find this to be disgusting and totally unprofessional.

I was shopping at the moment and ran out to tell my friend who was out of earshot. I came back a couple minutes later, not sure what to do.

I decided to return what I bought in protest of the unfair racist treatment and corporal threats against this man. Ken was not immediately visable to I returned the products to the cashier and loudly stated why.

The people behind me also left their goods. I am going to start an all out boycott until there is some sort of formal repercussion for Ken. Lastly, I would like to point out that I am the webmaster of the new a community forum that is just starting this week in order to report on neighborhood news in the Elmwood Strip Community of Buffalo, NY. I expect a formal report as to what repercussions Ken suffered for his unprofessional and downright illegal behavior in your store.

Paul Visco
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09/12/03 03:45 - ID#29675

Elmwood Update

This week I am releasing the long awaited Elmwood strip 1.2. I has many new features, most of which you can already check out. First of all you can now add links and images to your journal entires via HTML tags. You can also change you banner, even to an animated swf one. You can change you background color, and not just when you first create the blog but over and over as your heart desires. even better is that you are not limited to the color choices I selected. you can add you own hex value colors oif you would like.

The rest of the weeknend I will be producing new graphics.
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09/21/03 03:07 - ID#29674

More Updates

I spent a lot of time working on the code this weekend. There are lots more features. You can now upload images to our server. The page then gives you the address of the image and the code you would need to display an image in your journal entry. It also gives you a thumbnail and a way to delete the images stored in your directory.

Now you can also stay logged in thanks to cookies when you are updating your journal and you switch to view your journal. There will be many more features in the next month. Hope you enjoy.
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09/18/03 02:20 - ID#29673


I am trying to add more feature requests as they come in. One problem I am having is that as soon as many people sign up we are going to need some sort of way to categorize them in order to have them easily searchable. I am thinking of dividing it into zip code clans. That seems liek the easiest way. Do you guys have a better idea. If so please post your idea in the forum.
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