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06/30/05 03:33 - 72ºF - ID#30119

Quick Overview Of Updates

I am going to be leaving for camping in tomorrow and just wanted to go over the updatees real quick before I go to bed.

1. The news journal is no longer a group journal. No one else was using it, and it just took longer for stuff to load, deciding if it was a group journal or not each time.

2. The user stats have been moved up the the red stripe at the top of the browser window. When you are on the home page it shows the site stats, when you are on a users journal, it shows the users stats. It is currently not compatible with fast mode. Fast mode still works, but the stats are not updated with each click. I wil fix that when I get back. In the meantime choose stats or fast mode.

3. The site web mail link is now in the link bar.

4. The site dynamically written site search poetry is now in the link bar.

5. The homepage has changed and will continue to change when I get back. Right now it is about positions we are looking to fill.

6. You can read a users profile or edit your own profile by clicking on your userpic. You can use you profile to updat your userpic and usersound.

7. I reduced the size of the contact icons under the userpics to the smaller size ones. The email envelope is now mailbox instead.

I know there were more things but I can't remember them now!
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06/28/05 05:25 - 76ºF - ID#30118

Caching for speed2

I am sure there is probably a bug in this somewhere, but as a spur of the moment thing I created a caching system from scratch that caches the journals until they are updated or commented on. This should make the site way faster, even without fast mode. But if you combine it with fast mode, it should be exponentially faster. In order to write on your journal, you must click on the typewriter in your control panel.

The calendar caches until someone adds an event as well. It should be quite spiffy. Tell all your friends. Lets get some new peeps.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 06/28/05 05:27
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Category: estrip

06/27/05 11:16 - 84ºF - ID#30117

Temperature Added to journals

When you write a journal, the local temperature is appended to the entry. You can see the temperature in the date string at the top of any new entry that you write.

>>Posted By: paul
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06/27/05 10:51 - ID#30116

New chat command update

I updated the chat commands so they should be faster, if you type help into the Chat box it lists the commands. I will add more soon. Right now the weathermon also reports weather everyday at noon to the chat, so that throughout the year we can see how it was everyday at noon on the site.

>>Posted By: paul
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Category: events

06/26/05 12:35 - ID#30115

Artvoice Street Festival

Today is the Artvoice Street festival. LAts year we handed out lots of flyers. This year I forgot about it till today. Below is the linup and info from the artvoice web site. You can also download it in PDF format here Whoever, did the graphic design for this, I love it.


>>Posted By: paul
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06/26/05 12:28 - ID#30114

Whisper Feature and Journal Forwarding

[size=m]whisper tag[/size]
There is a new journal tag called whisper, it is written like this
[whisper]Here is something to whisper, you could include images or anything [/whisper]

[whisper]He is a live example that only members can see[/whisper]

Whenever you put anything is whisper tags, only logged in members of the site can see it. This provides a secure way to say things that you only want members to see. It compliments the
[hide]hide this text[/hide]
tag which allows you to hide text from anyone accept your self. This allows you to publish noptes about your journal, that only you want to see.

[size=m]Journal Forwarding[/size]
Since june 19th 1625 people clicked on the little envelope at the bottom of a journal entry to forward a journal entry to someone else via email but only two people actually sent one. I wonder why. Is it too tricky, does nobody understand it, or is it not a worthwhile feature?

>>Posted By: paul
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Category: debt

06/24/05 01:59 - ID#30113

Student Loans Hits $766,768

The site student loan total has hit $766,768 and could soon reach $1 million. If you are a site memeber and haven't filled this out, be sure to include your student loans in the total by clicking on the (loans) link in your control panel.


>>Posted By: paul
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06/23/05 01:54 - ID#30112

One year of estrip chat

I "dried out" one year of estrip chat and turned it into an html file of the whole year. I might break it into installments later but for now it is on one page


Also, student loan reports are almost up to $700,000. If anyone is not included, don't forget to add your total to the list by clicking on the (loan) link in your control panel. We are aiming for at least $1 million.

>>Posted By: paul
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06/21/05 11:20 - ID#30111

Estrip needs a new home and server admin

Well, now that we found a topic journalist, the next most important thing is a server admin and/or a reliable local hosting facility. Here is the link to the official request for a new home/help.

We are desperately seeking a server techie to look at the sites server and tweak it so that it runs better/faster. The site code base has been optimized considerably and it can be optimized a bit more, but I think perhaps I have the server settings wrong as I have no idea what i am doing with the server when it comes to scalability, memory management, etc.


We are really desperate here for server help, because there are a lot of new features that are waiting to be released for the site, but server optimization needs to be dealt with first.

We could also just move the site to a local location where (e:paul) is not in charge of serevr amdininstration. Right now it is housed in Vancouver and I would prefer to have it in Buffalo. We currently pay about $40.00 month, so we would be willing to match that on a local entrepreneur who can match or beat the speed we are at.

To make it a little easier, we also own a nice dual 2.6Ghz xeon server that we could use if anyone has a colocation facility in Buffalo.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 06/21/05 23:21 >>Updated By: paul 06/21/05 23:21
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06/21/05 04:47 - ID#30110

Fast Mode Option Beta

Everyone should try out fast mode, if you are using firefox or IE 6.0 - you can enable it in your prefs. It allows the journals to load really fast from the top twelve list using xmlHTTP so that it does not have to load the entire page each time. There is no guarantee it will work for you, so if it doesn't just go ahead and set it back to disabled in your preferences.

If you are in fast mode, you will see a little yellow and red lightning bold in your top twelve list.

I also added another little xmlHTTP fucntion to load the user names into a a little box when you click on the (?) next to the number of epeeps. This lets the number and names update more frequently, yet conserves bandwidth.

--update -> this has been changed slightly. Fast mode can now be toggled using the lighting bolt/turtle switch in the top twelve list.
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