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03/29/05 07:43 - ID#30069

Dreamweaver Time Error

Some of you may have experienced the following when using Dreamweaver.

"Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote servers date and time. The sychronize feature is not available"

Here is how to fix it

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 03/29/05 18:43 >>Updated By: paul 03/29/05 18:44
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03/28/05 06:50 - ID#30068

Quicktime and Firefox

If you are having trouble getting quicktime to play you media files such as midi or mp3, or 3gp cell phone videos you need to follow these instructions.

Quicktime 6.5.2 Firefox Setup

Download Quicktime
Close all instances of Firefox
Launch Quicktime
Go to Edit > Preferences > Quicktime Preferences
Select "Browser Plug-in" from the Drop-down Menu
Click "Mime Settings"
Under audio check the .wav, .aif, .midi boxes
Under mp3 check both boxes
Click "OK"
Under MPEG check the .3gpp and .3gpp2 boxes

>>Posted By: paul
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03/24/05 11:11 - ID#30067

Major Site Breakdown

I apologize for anyone that freaked out during the major site mess up that happened today. Our lame hosting company moved the server to some other location without proper warning and assumed that it was sufficient to back the site up with the backup from last night. Well we don't have a static site and that really messed everything up, so I spent the rest of the evening try to figure out everything and get it back in order. It should all be back now. Although (e:robins) and (e:lilho) 's post are at the wrong time, sorry.

>>Posted By: paul
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03/23/05 01:22 - ID#30066

Booky Update

Booky now jumps in front when you use click on it after highlighting text. It used to get stuck behind other windows. Once the text is loaded it will pop to the front.

>>Posted By: paul
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03/21/05 07:02 - ID#30065

Flickr Bought by Yahoo

Yahoo! just recently declared their much-awaited entry into the blogging world with the announcement of a service called Yahoo! 360. Now they are showing that they are serious towards their efforts with their acquisition of the online photo-sharing site Flickr.

Flickr. . . which allows users to upload, share, and discuss images on the Internet. The images can be given labels and comments by the visitors and can be shared in the blogosphere by incorporating them in Blogs.

Pretty soon blogs are going to be completely corporate as Google owns blogger, livejournal was just bought out by Six Apart, MSN opened tehir blog site at MSN spaces, and yahoo starts Yahoo! 360.

Somehow I am managing to keep up with features on my own, imagine having a budget. I can't decide if I hate flickr for selling out or love them for making it to that point!

Counting LiveJournal, Movable Type, and TypePad, Six Apart will power over six and a half million blogs.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 03/21/05 18:06
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03/21/05 02:33 - ID#30064

Call For Artists

The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation is seeking submissions of original painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media with themes addressing Buffalo Central Terminal, trains, or the City of Buffalo. Applications can be found here

LeighAnne Bennett,
Exhibit Curator
(716) - 435 - 7878


>>Posted By: paul
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03/19/05 06:16 - ID#30063

Touring the Ruins of Buffalo

I just posted a bunch of photos on my site, check it out if you are so inclined.


>>Posted By: jafafahots
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03/17/05 04:51 - ID#30062

Help Updated

In a valiant attempt to keep up with the ever-changing updates/improvements on the site - which seem to spread faster than an outbreak of (e:) gossip on (e:Pageseven) - the help files have also been updated to reflect most of the new changes. If you don't find what you're looking for in [c]help[/c] contact the help admin via the contact links that will magically appear if no results are found for your search query.

>>Posted By: twisted
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03/17/05 01:26 - ID#30061

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

The start up sound today is "Molly Malone." There are lots of other irish midi files available here

>>Posted By: paul
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03/28/05 10:23 - ID#30060

Redid the inlinks

I redid the inlink system to eventually leave for intersite links and tracking. Right now they just have an upgraded icon and a new format. The new format is at the bottom of any journal. Also when you click on the inlink icon, it now copies to your epad without all that extra time stamp data, so that it is more convenient.

Don't forget to check out my quicktime plugin for firefox instructions

>>Posted By: paul
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