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11/05/13 03:15 - ID#58249

We Changed IP

It was a really terrible two days to the most awful customer service I have experienced in my life but we have switched up to a larger block of IPs at time warner. They wouldn't let me simply add new IPs, I had to relinquish the old ones in order to get the new ones.

Once they reset the modem I couldn't get into the server. I ran home but (e:terry) had taken my monitor to work and was not there so he couldn't bring it back. (e:joe) and I ended up carrying the television into the basement. There I was trying to setup bridged networking on the floor with a 50in TV and a mouse and keyboard which could not reach the group and dangled on a USB wire tether.

One thing after another, we finally got it up and then accidentally when removing the TV we pulled the plug on the server. Luckily after a while it came back up good. Apparently, the UPS is dead. Good to know.

Then the DNS service I am using only had 30 minute minimum TTL so we had to wait 30 minutes for that to update.

Everything is back to normal, please continue to enjoy. Our new IP is

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