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12/23/13 06:45 - ID#58484

New Years Party 2014 - 24 Linwood

We are all pretty sick, so we are going to have to cancel the party ;( So sorry about the short notice but trust me you'd rather be out of a party and not get this horrible cold we all got.

24 Linwood - Annual New Years party is on Tues, Dec 31st at 9pm. Ball drop at midnight. Bring all your friends it's open invite.

Sorry about the lame flyer, I had to draw it with the S-pen on my phone.

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11/05/13 03:15 - ID#58249

We Changed IP

It was a really terrible two days to the most awful customer service I have experienced in my life but we have switched up to a larger block of IPs at time warner. They wouldn't let me simply add new IPs, I had to relinquish the old ones in order to get the new ones.

Once they reset the modem I couldn't get into the server. I ran home but (e:terry) had taken my monitor to work and was not there so he couldn't bring it back. (e:joe) and I ended up carrying the television into the basement. There I was trying to setup bridged networking on the floor with a 50in TV and a mouse and keyboard which could not reach the group and dangled on a USB wire tether.

One thing after another, we finally got it up and then accidentally when removing the TV we pulled the plug on the server. Luckily after a while it came back up good. Apparently, the UPS is dead. Good to know.

Then the DNS service I am using only had 30 minute minimum TTL so we had to wait 30 minutes for that to update.

Everything is back to normal, please continue to enjoy. Our new IP is

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Category: party

12/31/12 02:13 - ID#57106

Party Tonight - 24 Linwood 14209

Just a reminder the New Years Party is tonight. 24 Linwood ave. Feel free to bring friends. Bring some drinks or food if you want. Ball drop at midnight, hopefully with a new ball this year.

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12/18/12 09:16 - ID#57007

Site Outage

The site will be down for the first time that I can remember in 5 years as the electricity at my house is being turned off to replace the circuit breaker today. It will come back on when the electricity is back.

Due to the sudden nature of the situation I didn't have time to move it somewhere offsite.
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Category: holidays

12/17/12 12:22 - ID#57005

New Years Eve Party 2013

We would like to invite you guys to our annual New Years Eve Party. Its 12/31/2012 which this year is a Monday Night ;( Starts around 9PM @ 24 Linwood Ave. Hope to see you all there. Bring drinks, bring all your friends, the more the merrier.


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Category: android

12/12/12 11:14 - ID#56989

Estrip Android App Update

I updated the estrip mobile app for android. It now counts the attachments for you and removes them when done posting. It also uses a whole new way of posting using an async task. You should be able to update from Google Play.
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Category: privacy

12/12/12 08:15 - ID#56987

Privacy URL

This is a message saying that the android app collects no information when publishing blogs.
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Category: holidays

10/28/12 07:58 - ID#56860 pmobl

Halloween Party 2012

We are having our annual halloween party next friday, Nov 2nd at 24 Linwood. You don't have to dress up, but its probably more fun that way. The party starts around 9Pm and goes till whenever. Feel free to bring friends.

When zooey saw this demon baby the other day she flipped out. I had to hide it in a closet and she wouldn't even go on that side of The house.

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Category: estrip

06/01/12 06:41 - ID#56508

Drag/drop upload Firefox

Fixed the issue with the drag and drop upload on firefox. I didn't realize it was happening or I would have fixed it earlier.
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Category: ssl

05/04/12 07:53 - ID#56423

Estrip SSL

You can now use the SSL version of if you are somewhere sketchy or don't want people snooping on your activity. Godaddy had a good deal on SSL certs so I bought 5 years worth for for $65. This doesn't mean that I don't want to fulfilll my dream for making a buffalo based free and local SSL provider. But for the prices of $12.99/year I could not beat it. It also helped that vimeo and youtube both now have https services. Previously that was always an issue with SSL and blogging.
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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...