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Category: estrip

01/25/15 04:31 - ID#59792

File Upload

When you upload files now, you can either drag/drop them to the media bar on you blog publisher interface or you can click the media bar and select the files off of your computer. I have gotten rid of the flash file upload.

I also made the thumbnails display instantly and larger so that you can see what you uploaded. When you upload an image, the code is auto added to the entry. If you want to re-add it to the entry, just click the thumbnail.

I also made it so that the restore backup button is more prominent and include titles and category along with entry when restoring.

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Category: estrip

11/05/13 03:15 - ID#58249

We Changed IP

It was a really terrible two days to the most awful customer service I have experienced in my life but we have switched up to a larger block of IPs at time warner. They wouldn't let me simply add new IPs, I had to relinquish the old ones in order to get the new ones.

Once they reset the modem I couldn't get into the server. I ran home but (e:terry) had taken my monitor to work and was not there so he couldn't bring it back. (e:joe) and I ended up carrying the television into the basement. There I was trying to setup bridged networking on the floor with a 50in TV and a mouse and keyboard which could not reach the group and dangled on a USB wire tether.

One thing after another, we finally got it up and then accidentally when removing the TV we pulled the plug on the server. Luckily after a while it came back up good. Apparently, the UPS is dead. Good to know.

Then the DNS service I am using only had 30 minute minimum TTL so we had to wait 30 minutes for that to update.

Everything is back to normal, please continue to enjoy. Our new IP is

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Category: estrip

12/18/12 09:16 - ID#57007

Site Outage

The site will be down for the first time that I can remember in 5 years as the electricity at my house is being turned off to replace the circuit breaker today. It will come back on when the electricity is back.

Due to the sudden nature of the situation I didn't have time to move it somewhere offsite.
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Category: estrip

06/01/12 06:41 - ID#56508

Drag/drop upload Firefox

Fixed the issue with the drag and drop upload on firefox. I didn't realize it was happening or I would have fixed it earlier.
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04/29/12 12:50 - ID#56394

Estrip Now Virtual On The New Server

If you are seeing this entry you are visiting estrip on its new centos 6, kvm based virtual guest on the new server. It probably doesn't mean much to most people but it is an exciting step forward in technology for me. I was up till around 5am getting everything moved. I still have a few finishing touches but most functionality works as expected.

The way virtual technology works I shouldn't have to spend much time moving estrip in the future and migrating it to a new host should be trivial.
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Category: estrip

02/27/12 04:02 - ID#56143

Sorry about the outage

Someone plugged a high power dehumidifier into the same ups that the server was on and drained all the power. Should be okay now.
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02/24/12 02:50 - ID#56117

Fixed Signup Bug

I fixed the signup bug. It was caused by a change to the USPS site that I was using to validate the zip codes. They changed the site and the validation wasn't working any more. Thanks for reporting it (e:heidi) and Jolene.
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Category: estrip

07/13/11 02:20 - ID#54692

Multi File Upload Flash Button Fix

It works again. You are welcome IE and Safari users losers.
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Category: estrip

04/24/11 12:51 - ID#54143

Some Updates

  1. Logins last 1 year from the same IP unless you explicitly log out or empty your cookies.
  2. You can share blog entries with facebook, twitter, or email with links at the bottom of each journal.
  3. If you scroll the front page in the latest firefox or chrome beta you see more comments and chat.
  4. Clicking on pictures in blogs loads full size, if it exists.
  5. Clicking use as title in topic idea box, transfers topic to title of new journal.
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12/31/10 03:24 - ID#53365




Will make a bulleted list
  • apple
  • banana
  • strawberry



Will make a numbered list
  1. apple
  2. banana
  3. strawberry

There is no nesting with list types
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